How To Use Shabby Chic White Ruffled Curtains In Your Room Design

If you're a fan of shabby chic design, have you considered using ruffled white curtains as a design element? If you're wondering on how to do that, we have some tips, inspirational images and shopping links that might help you.

How to Use Shabby Chic White Ruffled Curtains in Your Room Design

Why are white ruffled curtains considered shabby chic?

The shabby chic design style is characterized by an eclectic collection of distressed furniture and frilly fabrics. Furniture and antique pieces make good shabby chic furniture. Antique pieces such as jelly cupboards and pie safes sit in well as shabby chic designs.

In terms of fabric, designs usually involve linens and cotton, with old French linens forming the center stage of this style. In terms of color fabric, with bleached-out colors form the poster image for this design.

While bleached color goes well with shabby chic design, white ranks as a close second when it comes to preferences within this design. Colors like white, sky blue and rose pink are also considered favorites for the shabby chic design.

The shabby chic design can be used to create a wholesome picture of aesthetics within your living room. You can position antique furniture items around the home, and wrap it up with a wonderful white ruffled curtain in your room. The white ruffled curtain should be focused on shabby chic imagery and should go well within the overall sober design principle.

How to use ruffled white curtains in shabby chic room design

They say a picture is worth a thousand words, so let's take a look at some visual examples.

1. Bedroom Glory

One reason why shabby chic white ruffled curtains are in good demand is that these go well with literally every interior setting possible - in this case, a mix of shabby chic and country.

As is visible within the picture above, you can use the design statement of shabby chic ruffled curtains to achieve glory within your bedroom. The room looks good with the curtains, and we think that the simple undertone of the walls, adds more prominence to the shabby chic style.

2. Elegance in the Bedroom

These curtains carry an off-white look to them, but one that sits well with the overall design aesthetics of the place. The lighting and the wood ceiling make the design even more interesting.

3. Your Dining Room Aesthetics

Note how well these ruffled curtains look when they're super long. The ruffles are low enough to brush the dark wooden floor. Not a style suitable for a home with young children, but certainly a very unique look.

Basking the Shabby Chic

The ruffled shape of the white curtains sits in well with the beige color of the accent chair. This armchair is in itself a great shabby chic item, with its aged studded look. A classic item to bring home from a flea market. The huge glass bottles work well with that too.

The curtains themselves are made of delicate white see-through fabric. The layered ruffles help make them a bit more substantial, keeping the room more private.

White ruffled curtains that can work for your design

You can choose from the following products to get the right shabby chic white ruffled curtains for your home. Go through this list and make that perfect choice.

1. Gypsy White Panel

The white color along with the ruffled design of the curtains helps them exude the vibes you want. The curtains are made of 100-percent polyester so they are easy to care for despite their delicate look.

Note that these are very long drapes. Get your measurements first and make sure you

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2. Allison Ruffle Curtains for Décor

These shabby chic white ruffled curtains are feminine in nature and come with multiple layers of ruffled material right at the bottom of each panel.

The heavy and elegant material used for the curtains is 100-percent polyester free and sets a heavy tone within your home. The panels come with grommets, which makes it easy for you to install them.

These curtains offer an amalgam of both elegance and feasibility. You will, however, have to dry clean them because of the delicate nature of this design. Dry cleaning will clear away all signs of dirt, and mark the curtains shiny again. Make sure that you follow the instructions on the label.

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3. Sheer Voile Ruffled Window Curtain White

Instead of horizontal ruffles, these sheer voile curtains offer vertical ones, with a gorgeous pattern. The spiraling cascades of ruffled material are quite elegant to look at and perfect for blocking sunlight. The imported material used for these curtains is 100 percent polyester and perfect for home use.

The rod pocket header, which comes with the panels, makes it extremely easy for you to install the curtains into place. The panels are available in two different sizes, so make sure you choose the one that meets your own needs.

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4. Sheer Cascading Panel White Ruffled Curtains

Perfect for shabby chic style, this sheer cascading panel with white ruffled curtains has a one-of-a-kind look. In fact, if you're considering this design, pay special attention to the overall look. These extra-fluffy curtains can be too overbearing when combined with too many other shabby-chic items.

The rod pocket header at the top makes installation easier for you and ensures that you can easily fit these curtains on a rod of up to 1.5-inch diameter.

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5.  Cascade Shabby Chic Ruffled Curtain

Another great example of vertical ruffles. You can add this design to any room and experience the best of shabby chic.

The shiny white texture of the curtains can be maintained at all times through machine wash and line dry. You should preferably ensure that the curtains are taken good care of, as they look their best form only when they are regularly maintained and washed.

The curtains come in a size of 50” by 84”. These are sold individually, so you don’t necessarily have to buy panels of two. The additional rod pocket that comes along with the curtains can make installation extremely easy.

Enjoy the amazing design of these curtains, and add to the aesthetics of your home by embracing the shabby chic lifestyle.

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6. Alison Ruffled Floral Lace 5-Piece Curtain

Here's an entirely different take on our topic. A 5-piece set of semi-sheer white ruffled curtains. The 5-piece kit includes 2 tiebacks, 1 valance top treatment, and 2 curtain panels, all put together for a brilliant final look.

The rod pocket design of the curtains makes it easy for you to hang them on a standard curtain rod.  Keep washing the curtains regularly to maintain the white glossy look, and to make sure that they look as aesthetically pleasing as they first looked, forever.

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7. Isabella Curtain Set in White

The ideal curtain for both farmhouse and shabby chic décor, this white curtain panel boasts of quality material and amazing aesthetics. The design is less frilly, compared to some of the other items on this list. This could be a good thing if you're trying to avoid a "shabby-chic overload".

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Final words

As always, keep your overall design balanced. If you're opting for extra-filly curtains, consider reducing the impact of other design elements in the room. Unless you're looking to achieve an extreme shabby chic look - in which case, follow your vision!

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