Shark VACMOP Vs VACMOP Pro: What Are The Major Differences?

If you are looking for a comparison between the Shark VACMOP and its PRO version, you have come to the right place. We scoured the web for information on these vacuum cleaners and share their unique features in this post.

Aside from price, the Shark VACMOP Pro model has an auto-mechanism feature, which gives it an edge over the standard Shark VACMOP. To further analyze both devices, in this post, we will compare them based on the following:

  • Appearance
  • Cleaning mechanism
  • Price
  • Accessories and tools

Keep reading to get the details on both models from Shark if you’re shopping for a new vacuum cleaner or replacing an old one. We will also discuss the accessories and tools that complement this cleaning equipment and how to use them.


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Light and cordless, these vacuum cleaners are easy to use and feature a powerful combination of suction and wet spray to clean your hard floors. However, the VACMOP cannot clean carpets.


The Shark VACMOP and VACMOP Pro look similar but come in different colors. The standard VACMOP is white, and the Pro version is charcoal gray. 

Cleaning Mechanism

Both the standard VACMOP and the Pro version weigh less than five pounds. They are both cordless, battery-powered, and rechargeable. 

As a floor cleaning system, both the standard and Pro versions feature powerful suction and spray mop combinations. They use disposable pads. The mechanism locks away dry debris and dirt, and then the spray mop absorbs and scrubs wet areas such as mud. 

The no-touch feature allows for the disposal of an old pad while attaching a new one. There is no need for a filter since all the dirt and debris will go to the disposable pad.

Because they are cordless, both Shark models can go from one room to the next without your having to exert effort.

The Pro version has an automatic LED headlight that shows hidden dirt or waste in difficult-to-access areas like corners, crevices, and under furniture. The Pro version shuts off automatically when not in use.


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Young woman uses cordless vacuum cleaner to clean home carpet. Modern easy cleaning, Shark VACMOP Vs VACMOP Pro What Are The Major Differences

The Shark VACMOP Pro version sells for $99.99 from the manufacturer’s official website, while a Starter Kit version sells for $127.99. The Advanced Starter Kit sells at $146.94, while a Pro Deluxe Starter Kit is worth $184.90

The Shark VACMOP standard version sells for $59.95

Accessories and Tools

The standard version comes with 12 VACMOP disposable pads and a plug-in charger. The Pro version comes with four VACMOP disposable pads and a magnetic charger.

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The magnetic plug-in looks like a little round disk. It plugs into the wall and magnetically attaches to the vacuum. The process is induction charging where no ends are exposed to live electricity, making it safe for children. Even if you forget to unplug it, the magnetic disk pulls off automatically.

The LED in front of the vacuum will flash to alert you if the charge is low and needs to recharge again. 

Overall, the Pro version has an edge over the standard model in terms of auto mechanism and a headlight feature capable of reaching hard-to-reach areas. 

Can I Use Any Cleaner With The Shark VACMOP?

Young woman uses cordless vacuum cleaner to clean home carpet. Modern easy cleaning.

You can use various floor cleaners with a Shark VACMOP (although Shark recommends using their products). We’ve listed some quality cleaners below.

Shark Multi-Surface Cleaner

Shark Multi-Purpose Cleaner can be used on tile, hardwood, vinyl, linoleum, and laminated floorings. It comes in a “spring clean” scent and has low chemical emissions.

Click here to see this cleaner on Amazon.

Better Life Naturally Dirt-Destroying Floor Cleaner

This Better Life floor cleaner is plant-based and contains biodegradable ingredients. It leave all kinds of hard flooring looking shiny and contains no harsh chemicals like sodium lauryl, parabens, or alcohol.

Click here to see Better Life floor cleaner on Amazon

Aunt Fannie’s Floor Cleaner

Aunt Fannie’s Floor Cleaner is an all-natural product that is safe for your family. To use it, dilute a 1/2 cup solution per 2 gallons of water. This floor cleaner easily breaks down grime and grease.

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How To Use A Shark VACMOP 

Close-up of wireless modern vacuum cleaner in light interior. House cleaning.

 To operate a Shark VACMOP properly, follow these recommendations:

  1. The vacuum trigger may show a blinking red light, which means you need to recharge it.
  2. If the blinking light is green, then it’s good to go.
  3. Attach a new pad to the base of the cleaner, with the dirt chamber facing up, and push forward.
  4. Pull the trigger underneath the handle to start cleaning.
  5. Clean dry dirt and debris first, then use the spray for wet messes.
  6. The spray button is located on the top of the handle if you are cleaning wet surfaces
  7. You should not try to vacuum large areas of liquid.
  8. Make sure that the pad can absorb the liquid in the area you want to clean.
  9. To dispose of a dirty pad, hold the vacuum over a trashcan and pinch the button at the top (left side).

Watch the video below for more details.

What Other Shark Vacuum Cleaners Are Available?

Shark Navigator Lift-Away Vacuum: This model is an upright, hand-held vacuum cleaner with swivel steering, a HEPA filter, a pet power brush, and a dusting brush for pet hair. It also features a 30-foot cord.

The lift-away pod handle can clean under furniture. If the nozzle is detached, it becomes a hand-held device to clean upholstery, cabinets, and stairs.

It easily slides into floor cleaning mode from carpets with a brush roll that shuts off automatically. The dust cup has a 2.2-quart capacity that enables cleaning longer than standard models.

Shark HydroVac: There are two models of this vacuum cleaner: corded and cordless. The Shark HydroVac is a 3-in-1 vacuum mop with a cleaning system and brush roll with an antimicrobial solution. Corded or not, its lightweight feature makes cleaning easy.

The odor neutralizer helps prevent bacterial growth on the brush roll and makes deep cleaning on carpets easy. The Hydrovac has a two-tank system that separates clean and dirty water. It also has an LED display for easy indication.

HydroVac targets hard floors, including hardwood, tile, marble, and laminate. It removes dirt and odors from carpets.

Shark AI Ultra 2-In-1 Robot Vacuum: This powerful robot vacuum has a mopping feature. It is convenient for both hard surfaces and carpets. This model has a dustbin that auto-cleans and collects dirt and debris. It also uses HEPA filtration and traps dust and allergens without using a bag.

The robot AI uses advanced technology in navigating and has object avoidance capability. It cleans pet hair from its self-cleaning brush roll.

Steam and Scrub: The Shark Steam and Scrub is a sanitizing steam mop that scrubs. A combination of steam and rotating pads allows the device to clean up to two times better than traditional steam mops.

It cleans hardwood, marble flooring, tiles, and stones. It removes dust, residue, grease, and bacteria without harmful chemicals. It has two steam modes for light, quick cleaning, and daily use. It has a 22-foot power cord, yet it can easily be maneuvered and carried from room to room.

Unique Shark Vacuum Cleaner Terminology

Modern vacuum cordless vacuum cleaner with water nozzle for cleaning floors. Close-up of vacuum cleaner and damp footprint on floor. House cleaning.

Shark vacuum cleaners make use of special technology to maintain their durability and ease of navigation. Here are unique Shark terms that are often used with their cleaning products:

DuoClean: This refers to Shark’s brush rolls. A vacuum cleaner with a DuoClean feature can navigate from hard floors to carpets automatically. You don’t need to switch or click on any settings.

Flexology: The vacuum wand can be straight or angled depending on where you use it. The model features a hinge that can bend to reach around corners when you’re cleaning

WandVac: This type of vacuum cleaner has three settings. You can choose from the above floor, wand mode, and stick vacuum settings. The above-floor stick can reach cabinets or drawers. The wand mode allows for flexibility, while the stick vacuum mode is for the floor.

Anti-Hair Wrap:  This Shark feature is a self-cleaning brush roll that picks up pet hair. 

Powered Lift-Away: Users can lift off the pad to clean furniture. The nozzle can also be used to clean above the floors.

In Closing

While the Shark VACMOP and VACMOP Pro offer innovative features, the Pro version has an edge over the standard model due to its auto-mechanism features. The Pro version shuts off automatically and has LED headlights so you can see and clean hard-to-reach areas.

The price of the VACMOP Pro ($99.99) is almost double the standard model, with additional features that go up to $185. These cleaning tools are light and cordless.

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