Sherwin Williams Alabaster Vs Pure White: Which To Choose?

Finding the best colors to use throughout your home can sometimes feel endless. Are you thinking of painting your walls white using one of Sherwin-Williams products but don't know which shade is better: Alabaster or Pure White? Are these colors the same?

We will dive into these colors and answer all your questions throughout this article. Let's discuss!

For those torn between Sherwin-Williams Alabaster and Pure White, you want to consider their undertones. First, Alabaster has a warmer, creamier color, so if you want to add some warmth to your house, this is the one.

In contrast, Sherwin-Williams Pure White has a cooler undertone but is still technically a softer white than some of their other options.

Moreover, Pure White does have a bit of yellow in it, so it isn't super bright or sterile either.

As we begin, we will cover all things Sherwin-Williams paint and discuss the differences between their shades, Alabaster and Pure White. Whether you're new to this brand, have one of these colors, or need inspiration, we're here to help. That said, let's get right into this topic below!

A professional interior construction worker pouring white color paint to tray, Sherwin Williams Alabaster Vs Pure White: Which To Choose?

What Is The Difference Between Sherwin-Williams Alabaster And Pure White Paint?

These colors aren't dramatically different for anyone stuck on whether to use Alabaster from Sherwin-Williams or Pure White. As we said, Alabaster has a warm, creamy hue, while Pure White is a bit cooler and more modern.

However, these two paints share a softer white theme. So, whichever you choose won't give your home a "sterile" feeling. If you aren't familiar with paint shades/formulas, it's not uncommon to mistake these popular colors for each other.

Sherwin-Williams offers endless white paints, so these two colors are just a few of many.

In addition, both Alabaster and Pure White have a softer, warmer tone versus colors from the brand like 'High Reflective White' or even 'Extra White.'

Many customers consider Pure White and Alabaster more of white/beige paint, with Alabaster being the closest to that hue.

Again, you can always check out the Sherwin-Williams website and view their neutrals and whites, so your choices are endless.

Open tin of white paint for decorating and home improvements

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What Is Sherwin-Williams Most Popular White Paint?

When it comes to Sherwin-Williams' most popular white paint, the crown goes to Alabaster. Considering this paint color has been a fan favorite for over ten years, it's hard to beat.

One of the reasons behind Alabaster's success is that it works in warm and cool designs. Although it has a warmer beige look, it can also feel modern with the proper styling.

Therefore, this fits more people's aesthetics and can be used for more than one type of home.

On top of that, many homeowners use Alabaster for their cabinetry and trim, so it doesn't always need to stay on the walls and ceilings.

Again, that's an example of this color being versatile, which is what every paint shade should aim for.

Sherwin-Williams is such a successful company that even its lower-selling paints still seem to be in many people's houses.

Does Sherwin-Williams Alabaster Paint Look Yellow?

No. Sherwin-Williams Alabaster white paint should not appear yellow on your walls. Generally, this paint has a soft, warm appearance or even a beige feel in certain lighting.

This specific paint shade has a neutral base, meaning it won't lean too far in either direction.

Therefore, you won't see Alabaster look yellow even in warmer spaces. Of course, if you have other yellowish furniture or decor, that can trick your eyes, but your paint won't do this on its own.

As we mentioned before, Sherwin-Williams' Pure White can sometimes have a slightly yellow undertone, but this won't be noticeable or distracting even with that hue.

Many experts even give Alabaster an "off-white" title, so yellow isn't a word to describe it.

What Colors Go Best With Sherwin-Williams Alabaster?

Choosing the right furniture/decor colors is essential if you decide on using Alabaster from Sherwin-Williams. As we said above, this color can pull yellow undertones if you use the wrong colors beside it.

So, you want to stick with shades of grey, beige, white, and even blush tones. Remember, Alabaster paint has a warmer feeling, so you don't want to make that even warmer with yellowish colors.

If you want your design to feel more modern, we recommend light shades of grey with your paint.

On the other hand, if you want something more traditional, we recommend using beige/light neutral hues alongside Alabaster.

Even for modern/traditional spaces, you can paint the trim white around your Alabaster paint to give it a brighter, cleaner appearance.

Sherwin-Williams recommends creating a yin and yang with your other colors if you're using Alabaster.

The brand recommends their paint color Urbane Bronze (SW 7048) and Gray Area (SW 7052), to achieve a "spa-like" bathroom or other space.

Is Sherwin-Williams Pure White Too White?

Brush dipped in white paint over a protective sheet

Moving to the brand's other popular color 'Pure White,' it's always good to know how bright a shade of paint will look on your walls.

Luckily, Pure White doesn't tend to have a super cool tone, so it won't be overpowering in your space. This hue has a tiny bit of yellow, making it feel warmer on your walls.

Compared to some of Sherwin-Williams' other bright whites, Pure White is undeniably warmer.

You can also test different white paints from this brand in-store or purchase one of their booklets with sample cards of each white shade they offer.

That said, if you compare Pure White to Alabaster, it might have a similar off-white tone, but again, this shade is the lighter, cooler option of the two.

Sherwin Williams Colors Collection Deck

This is Sherwin-Williams' official color collection booklet that features all their current paint shades. You can use this booklet to find the perfect white shade for your walls and then head over to their website or a verified reseller to get your paint.

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What Other Colors Go With Sherwin-Williams Pure White?

For those set on using Pure White, it's always good to know what other colors to pair with it. First, you want to remember this color has a slightly warmer undertone.

So, if you're going for a modern house design, we recommend greys, whites, bright hues like blue or green, and even beige.

Since the current trends point toward a minimalistic white and neutral interior, you might even want to keep your other decor and furniture in shades of beige and white.

Unlike Alabaster, Pure White paint won't have a super warm/yellowish feeling but a soft, muted white. That makes it great for contemporary designs and even model homes and apartments.

So, if you're a landlord and want to spruce things up for your next tenant, this is the perfect color to consider using.

According to experts, a paint color to use alongside Pure White is Sherwin-Williams 'Agreeable Gray', so that's another good idea to try at home.

Which Is Better For Trim: Sherwin-Williams Alabaster Or Pure White?

Painting window molding trim

When choosing the best option for your home's trim, we recommend Sherwin-Williams Pure White shade. Pure White will still be warmer, but not so warm it can appear yellow, which makes it ideal for trim.

On the other hand, although not yellow, Alabaster can appear that way in some lighting/decorating styles, so we don't think it is best for your trim.

In general, you want to use cooler tones for trim. So, even though Pure White isn't blinding white, it still gets the job done and feels modern/clean.

A good idea here is to use Alabaster for your walls and Pure White for the trim.

Then, you have a mix of modern and cozy hues throughout your space, making it feel warm and inviting. Again, you don't always have to go 100% in one direction with your colors, hence why Alabaster and Pure White are so popular.

What Other Sherwin-Williams White Paints Are Popular?

Top view on white paint brush on the opened can on the wooden table

Now that you know the ins and outs of Alabaster and Pure White, it's always nice to know your other choices. Sherwin-Williams offers endless white hues, some of which are more popular than others.

Notably, here are some top competitors for Alabaster and Pure White:

  • Pearly White
  • Eider White
  • Snowbound
  • Greek Villa
  • Origami White
  • Creamy

Again, these all have unique undertones and base colors, so no two Sherwin-Williams paints will be the same.

Of this group, Snowbound is a massively popular option for white interiors and also has a warmer undertone, often confused with Pure White.

On top of that, Pearly White by Sherwin-Williams is another more muted white option and has a slightly warm undertone as well.

You can see how the higher-end brand chooses to incorporate warmth into its white paint, as this tends to fall into an ever-evolving trend for home buyers/designers.

Many people think that super bright white paint is tacky or too industrial, so if you're wondering why brands like Sherwin-Williams have taken a much warmer, muted approach, that's why.

To Wrap Up

A Sherwin-Williams paint store

Whether you want to paint your entire house white or need to renovate a certain area, it's always good to know what Sherwin-Williams offers.

We found that the paint brand has two majorly popular white paints: Alabaster and Pure White. Although these hues have a warmer, more muted coloring, they are perfect for a softer look.

Of these, Alabaster has more of a warm undertone versus Pure White, but not so warm it feels yellow. In contrast, Pure White uses a tiny bit of yellow for its base, although this comes out to more of a soft beige.

Between the two, we recommend Pure White for modern homes and Alabaster for anyone after a traditional aesthetic.

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