Sherwin-Williams Sea Spray Vs. Sea Salt: Which To Choose?

Painting a room can often be a challenging undertaking, especially when you are deciding between two very similar paint colors. Two beautiful—and quite similar—colors produced by Sherwin-Williams are Sea Salt and Sea Spray.

Although their names sound alike, there are a few differences in the way they look. If you are stuck deciding between Sea Salt and Sea Spray for your walls, don't worry because we can help! We have all of your color questions answered!

When choosing between Sherwin-Williams Sea Spray or Sea Salt, it's important to consider your entire room. If you want your room a little lighter and brighter, then Sea Salt is the one. However, if you like the idea of a paint color that's slightly more dramatic and less neutral, then Sea Spray might be the way to go. Either way, both are beautiful colors that will complement any room. 

Finding just the right paint color is so important. If you're facing a dilemma regarding these two Sherwin-Williams paint shades, keep on reading for some great ideas to help make this all-important design decision as simple as possible. 

Two types of sherwin williams paint sea salt and sea spray choose wisely, Sherwin-Williams Sea Spray Vs. Sea Salt: Which To Choose?

Sea Salt Vs. Sea Spray

The first thing to do when deciding between these two colors is to know exactly what they look like. Sea Salt is a gorgeous combination of gray and green but with bluish undertones. Sea Spray is basically the same color, but there is actually more green in it. It's also slightly darker.

When the two colors are placed next to each other, there's not too much difference, although Sea Spray is noticeably darker and greener. However, even the smallest difference in color can change the trajectory of the atmosphere of a room.

This is why it is always wise to choose paint colors carefully by considering the furnishings in the room, the natural light, the color of the floors, and just the overall vibe you are trying to achieve.

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Which Color Is The Most Popular?

Of the two colors, the most popular is Sea Salt. It's one of Sherwin Williams's top color choices. If you like to follow the crowd and the latest trends, Sea Salt would be the one to choose. It's quite recognizable, so you're bound to get a lot of compliments from guests who are paint enthusiasts.

That being said, if you want something similar to Sea Salt but that's not seen in quite as many homes, Sea Spray might be a better choice. Sometimes choosing a color that's not exceptionally popular can give your room a more creative and authentic atmosphere.

You can still follow the crowd while at the same time making your own style with a color that's just a little bit different. Both colors contain gray undertones, so Sea Salt and Sea Spray will give you that trendy, light-gray look everyone is trying to achieve these days. 

Which Color Will Make A Room Look Bigger And Brighter?

Obviously, a lighter tone will make a room look larger; therefore, Sea Salt would be the winner in that category. Still, Sea Spray is not a dark color, so it certainly wouldn't make a room appear dark and dreary.

However, in a room with a lot of natural light, Sea Salt can look a bit washed out, so in that case, you might want a slightly darker color on the walls to even things out. Sea Spray could be that color, as the darker green and gray tones in it will cause your walls to pop just slightly. 

Is Sherwin-Williams Sea Salt Warm Or Cool?

Because Sea Salt is grayish green, you might assume that it's a warm color. However, the blue undertones actually make it a cool-colored paint. Even though it's a color that changes based on the other colors in the room and the natural light available, you can always expect the color to be on the cooler side. 

What Colors Look Good With Sea Salt?

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Sea Salt is quite versatile because it's almost neutral. You can easily pair Sea Salt with many different shades of white. Gray, blue, and green also look fantastic too since these colors are all subtly interwoven in Sea Salt and give it its distinctive look.

Sea Salt is also one of those shades of paint that has the ability to adapt based on the colors it is paired with. If your room is filled with gray furnishings, then the gray undertones will be on display. Similarly, if your room is decorated in shades of green, the green in Sea Salt will really come alive.  

Is Sea Spray Warm Or Cool?

Sea Spray is a bit darker than Sea Salt and contains more green. That being said, the color is still on the cooler side. When it is paired with beiges and deeper greens, it does tend to warm up a bit in a very understated way. Even so, it still features an airiness that gives off tons of subtle charm.

What Colors Look Good With Sea Spray?

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Since Sea Spray is darker and contains more green, it will look fantastic with whites and off-white colors. Beiges and light browns also coordinate well with Sea Spray. Shades of darker green, black, and gray will also work nicely.

Don't forget to take your flooring into consideration. Sea Spray is an excellent choice for homes with dark wood floors since the green and dark wood are a perfect pair. If you like the look of lighter flooring, not to worry. Sea Spray coordinates nicely with white porcelain tile and even travertine. 

What Are The Best Rooms For Sea Spray And Sea Salt Paint?

Both of these shades of paint are on the mellow side even though they contain a bit of color and personality.

Design experts recommend using the paint in bathrooms, kitchens, and bedrooms. Of course, you can use either of them anywhere in your home including the living room and dining room. 

Sea Salt has the ability to shift colors based on the lighting in the room. In certain lights, it can appear more blue, green, or gray!

Sea Spray also takes on different colors in different lights. Depending on the lighting and decor in a room, Sea Spray can appear more green or gray. Keep that in mind when choosing which rooms to paint and in what colors.

Can Both Colors Be Used For Exterior Painting?

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Sea Salt and Sea Spray aren't just for painting walls inside; they can also be used for exterior painting! Which one to choose? Just like with interior painting, your decision will ultimately depend on your preference.

For a more neutral home exterior, Sea Salt will be the obvious choice. If you'd like the outside of your home to be a bit more colorful, then Sea Spray will work wonderfully.

If you have a homeowners association, remember to always check with them when it comes to exterior paint colors, as they will likely have rules regarding which shades you can paint your home.

In Closing

Sherwin-Williams is an excellent paint brand, and with so many color options, it's rather difficult to settle on just one.

However, if you take your entire room decor, your particular tastes, and the ambiance you are trying to achieve into consideration, you will be able to decide between the very subtle shade of Sea Salt or the slightly more colorful Sea Spray. Whichever you choose, your room will ultimately look inspired and original.

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