Should A Backsplash Match The Wall Color?

Much like an accent wall in a living room, a backsplash ties your space together while standing out as an interesting focal point. That seems a bit like a paradox. It may leave you wondering, if a backsplash is supposed to blend in and stand out simultaneously, should it match the color of the walls? We have done some research to find you this answer. 

Your backsplash should coordinate with your wall color, but it should not be an exact match. Instead, your walls and backsplash should complement one another. An easy way to accomplish this is by creating a coordinated contrast. 

With so many elements and combinations to work with, it can be challenging to choose the design that best first your style. So, we’ve gathered some inspiration for you. Keep reading to get some ideas and learn more about all of the factors you’ll need to consider before creating your own perfect backsplash. 

modern kitchain detail with silver colored backsplash, whit cabinets, stainless steel sink. Should A Backsplash Match The Wall Color

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Backsplash And Wall Combination Ideas 

You can contrast your wall and backsplash by choosing one design element, such as color or texture, and making sure that the selected element in your backsplash and the wall color is different or opposite. However, there is a difference between contrast and clashing. Each component of your backsplash and wall should coordinate, or work well, with one another. 

Black And White Contrast 

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modern kitchen interior background with black and white contrasting tiles

If you prefer a classic design, pairing white with black can have a powerful effect. Remember that you can be as creative or conservative as you wish with a black and white pairing. Keep it simple with a single color that contrasts with your counters and walls, or get creative with patterned tiles. 

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Grey And White 

Kitchen in new luxury home with gray and white backsplash

You can also experiment with different grey and white shades to create a similar contrast, but not as sharp as the black and white contrast. 

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Patterned Backsplash 

Beautiful luxury home kitchen with white cabinets and patterned backsplash

Choosing a patterned backsplash and a solid color for your walls is another way to help your backsplash stand out while coordinating with the rest of your space. Be sure that your walls and the colors in your pattern don’t clash by using a solid neutral color. You can also choose a color from the backsplash’s pattern to use as your solid color. 

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Play With Texture 

wood design kitchen with quartz countertop and textured wood backsplash

You don’t have to limit yourself to tile when you are creating a backsplash. Wallpaper, wood, and metal are all potential materials that can make your backsplash unique. Create contrast by choosing a different material than your kitchen walls, such as the wooden backsplash in the tiled kitchen above. While this image shows the backsplash extending into an accent wall, you can create a similar looking without creating an accent wall. 

Because different materials also come in different colors, you still need to take care that your backsplash and kitchen coordinate with one another. Woods and metallics operate as neutral colors, so if you are wary about coordinating different materials, they are safe choices. 

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Bold Color 

Modern designed kitchen with white cabinets, red backsplash, stainless steel range oven and hood.

We’ve discussed neutral options quite a bit so far, but that doesn’t mean you have to stay away from color. Choose a color for your walls or backsplash, then choose a neutral color to pair with it. If you decide to use a color for your backsplash and another color for your walls, proceed with caution. If you are using two bold colors, your space can quickly become overwhelming. 

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Multiple Colors

luxury modern kitchen with multiple colored tile backsplash

If you have your heart set on using multiple colors in your kitchen, consider creating a colorful backsplash rather than using bold colors for both your walls and backsplash. This allows you some room to be creative while keeping the backsplash as the focal point. 

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How Do You Choose A Backsplash Color? 

Some design experts will encourage you to choose your backsplash color before choosing your wall colors. Others will suggest doing the opposite. Either way, you want to make sure that your backsplash coordinates well with your wall color without blending in too much or clashing. 

Which Backsplash Is Easiest To Clean? 

Any nonporous surface with stain-resistant properties will be the easiest type of backsplash to keep clean. Tile made of ceramic or porcelain is a popular choice. Stainless steel is also relatively easy to clean. While tile won’t require any special cleaning products, a stainless steel backsplash will look its best when cleaned with a specialty stainless steel cleaner. 

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Are Kitchen Backsplashes Out Of Style? 

The kitchen backsplash trend isn’t as popular as it used it be, but it hasn’t gone out of style quite yet. Instead of the once trendy smaller backsplashes that were installed purely for style, designers favor larger, more practical backsplashes that can protect from splatters and spills. This does not mean that style isn’t important, however. Designers are still using backsplashes that coordinate with the latest kitchen design trends. 

What Is The Most Popular Kitchen Backsplash? 

Scandinavian style kitchen with geometric backsplash and blue and white cupboards

Tile continues to be the most popular material for kitchen backsplashes. However, tiles in standard shapes and sizes are being replaced with more creative designs. If you want to create a backsplash in your kitchen inspired by the most popular trends, choose tiles in unique shapes and unusual sizes. Don’t be afraid to get creative with bold patterns and colors! 


As you’ve probably begun to notice, there are endless possibilities for creating coordinated backsplashes that are a perfect fit for your new or existing space. If simple and stunning is your preferred style, a classic black and white look is always a great option. Or, you can take that simple style and elevate it by pairing a single color with a neutral color. 

If you’re bolder in your design preferences, choose a patterned or multicolored backsplash that is coordinated with the color of your kitchen. Again, you can play it safe with a subtle pattern or go all-in with a backsplash made up of many colors. 

While you are experimenting with all of your design ideas, keep in mind that your goal is to make your backsplash the star of the show. This doesn’t mean that the rest of your kitchen needs to be more, but be careful to stay away from adding too many competing visual elements. You don’t want your backsplash to get lost in everything else that is going on in your kitchen. 

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