Should A Bed Be Against The Wall?

Think beyond placing your bed centered against the main bedroom wall and explore other possibilities. If you were curious if there are other visually pleasing and practical arrangements for a bed, you are in luck. We researched different positions to place your bed in a bedroom that will inspire you. Read on to learn how your bed’s placement can help you sleep easier, maximize your space, and make your bed the star of the room.

Think again if you thought a bed has to be situated against a wall. Check out our suggested list of ideas of where to place your bed in the bedroom:

  • Under a window
  • In the corner
  • On a diagonal from the door
  • Use a headboard between the bed and the wall
  • Floating bed
  • Against a bookshelf

No matter if you have a generously sized master bedroom or have modest sleeping quarters, learn where to place your bed for satisfying results.

White bookshelf behind the double bed with blanket and pillows, plants and paintings in a green bedroom interior, Should A Bed Be Against The Wall?

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Best Position For Bed

Most beds are often placed at the center of the wall, creating a commanding presence where you can see everything in the bedroom. However, you don’t always have to place a bed against a wall. As long as your bed placement allows for easy access to enter and exit your bed and has some breathing room, there are some more positions worth checking out.

According to Vastu Shastra, your bed should be positioned so your head is pointed to the south. Placing a bed with one side against a wall may be easier to enter or exit, but it may block your energy flow at night when sleeping.

Whether you have concerns about Feng Shui principles, need to free up space in a small bedroom, or want to change your bedroom’s look, check out our inspiring examples of bedrooms.

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Under A Window

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Modern style bedroom with pillows on bed and modern gray lamp on side table at home

Throw caution to the wind and choose to place a bed under the window. If noise or a less than desirable view is not an issue, placing a bed under a window looks cosmopolitan and focuses on any natural light streaming through.

Use the window to shine a light on your bed and create a more inviting space. Make sure to leave some room on either side of the bed for entering and exiting, and don’t forget to install elegant curtains, blinds, or decor for the window. If there are worries about a draft, choose a low headboard or place your bed perpendicular to the window.

In The Corner

Bed with bedside table under the window in attic bedroom

If you have a large bedroom, make a bold statement by placing your bed in the corner of a bedroom. Choose between having one side and the head of the bed touching the corner or having the head’s corners barely touch two walls if the bed is diagonal.

Consider placing a curtain, folding screen, or a tall plant behind the space for visual interest.  Use this position when you have other elements that make it challenging to place your bed and free up space.

On A Diagonal From The Door

Interior of the bedroom in a minimalist style with wooden furniture

Many people center their bed against a wall, so it is visible from the door. But, what about placing your bed so it is in a diagonal position from the doorway?  According to Feng Shui, it is advisable to avoid placing a bed to align perfectly with the door. But, the bed should still maintain a commanding position where you can still see the door.

Use A Headboard 

Warm and cozy bedroom interior design with nature view glass window

Go for a technicality, and give your bedroom a classic look by placing a headboard between the bed and the wall. The headboard protects the wall from being hit by the bed on entering or exiting and makes a bed look complete.

If your bed has a reasonable distance from the wall, the headboard is a prominent focal point that distracts the eye and hides the gap. Don’t forget to add tasteful nightstands to place on either side of the bed that complements the headboard.

Floating Bed

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Transform your bed into a work of art, break common design rules, and float your bed at the center of the room. Doing this, the bed instantly becomes the star of the room, and you leave plenty of space surrounding the furniture to move about the space.

Choose this look for a small or large bedroom. Consider placing a trunk or a custom shelf, desk, or headboard at one end of the bed for lighting or storage. Keep the bedroom minimalist and clean so it doesn’t feel cluttered or claustrophobic.

Against A Bookshelf

White bookshelf behind the double bed with blanket and pillows, plants and paintings in a green bedroom interior

Are you a bookworm, or do you love showing off a beloved book collection? Create the best of both worlds and keep your bed from being nestled against the wall and use a bookcase as a headboard instead. You can leave some staggered shelves empty of books to place decorative objects, plants, or a nightlight.

Depending on the bookcase style, you can allow more natural light to stream through and can section off a nook in your bedroom for other uses.

How Far From The Wall Should A Bed Be?

Most experts that a bed should be at least 24 inches away from a wall. Following this measurement creates breathing room, makes space for a headboard, and reduces the chances of the bed scuffing or running into the wall. If a bed is near a door, there should be an allowance of 36 inches, so the bed does not interfere with opening or closing the door.

Should A Bed Be Centered On The Wall?

It is common to see a bed placed at the center of the longest wall in a bedroom. Many people choose this position because it is a prominent place that makes the bed a signature piece and focal point in the room. There is nothing wrong with choosing to place your bed at the center of the wall. However, you can also place a bed under a window, in a corner, on a diagonal, or have it floating too.

How To Place Your Bed For Good Feng Shui?

If you follow Feng Shui’s principles to help you position your bed, focus on promoting positive energy flow for your health and home. It is okay to have a mirror near your bed because it can visually and energetically expand the room. Consider placing a mirror on the same wall your bed is near or aligned with so it reflects the door. At night, cover your mirror to protect against draining your energy. 

Another point is to avoid placing your bed against a wall that is shared with a bathroom, especially if the toilet is on the opposite side. If there is enough room on either side of your bed, maintain balanced energy by placing a nightstand on either side decorated with a candle or living plants. And one last note, if your bed has anything hanging over it like beams or a sloped ceiling, try to cover it up.

Is It OK To Put Your Bed Up Against A Window?

If you follow Feng Shui, you should avoid butting the head of your bed up against a window. According to these principles, the head of your bed should never be placed, so it is parallel or directly opposite of a window.

However, if you have a bed without a headboard, and beat to your own drum, feel free to place a bed against a window. Have one side of the bed against the window, or use your window and windowsill as a headboard where you can put books, art, glasses, plants, or a small lamp.

In Closing

Placing a bed at the center of the longest wall gives the bed a prominent and commanding position in the room. However, it is possible to achieve visually appealing and practical results when you place your bed elsewhere than against a wall. Transform how your bedroom looks when you place your bed under or perpendicular to a window.

Try and see how your room looks when your bed is placed in a corner with one side and the head near a wall, or position your bed on a diagonal from a corner. No matter the size of your bedroom, you can easily alter the flow and visual appeal of your most-used furniture for sleeping with confidence by changing the position.

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