Should A Garage Have Windows?

Being a homeowner presents many opportunities for home improvement; therefore, many questions when starting on a project. Installing a garage window can have the potential to increase the value of your home and add increased function. Before you install a window in your garage, ask, should a garage have windows? We've searched for the best answer to this question to help you decide. 

Yes, windows are a great addition to a garage. Windows in a garage can increase the curb appeal, adding to the value of your home. Installing a window in your garage also adds natural light. Ultimately, however, it comes down to homeowner preference and what works best for your garage use, style, and budget.

There are both advantages and disadvantages to having windows in your garage.  How do those influence your choice? Keep reading to find out whether adding windows to the garage could be the right move for your home.

A two wooden garage door with small window and a two storey house, Should A Garage Have Windows?

Do Garage Windows Appeal to You?


There are advantages to installing a garage window. Understanding the best practice for your home and lifestyle is key. By being intentional with the placement, style, and glass type, you can increase your curb appeal and, by extension, your home’s value.

A blue colored wooden garage with white painted doors and small windows

There are many options available, so it's good to consider the following:

  • Placement: Where are you looking to install a window in your garage? The placement of your window will inform the design and cost of the project. Pay attention to the placement of the windows and doors already designed into the house. 
  • Style: The style of your window and finishing will also provide advantages. You may choose to keep it simple and install a standard size and type of window, or you may choose a style that compliments the design of your home. 
  • Glass Type: When looking at your options for your windows, keep in mind the differences between double or triple-pane glass, glazing, and air or gas-filled glass. Some options, such as single pane glass, are obsolete. Instead, there are several energy-efficient choices available.

Adding natural light into the garage is also an advantage and has the potential for energy savings. Although LED lights are also an energy-efficient option, they do not have the benefits that natural sunlight from a well-placed window can give your garage.  


Security is the primary disadvantage of installing a window in your garage. Regardless of your neighborhood, home security is always a concern. Windows may expose you to a security risk as they can be easily seen through and broken. Evaluating the risk is always important. There are many ways to ensure an increased measure of safety and still have the aesthetically pleasing addition of a garage window. 

Increasing your privacy and security can be accomplished in several different ways. One of the more simple steps is to add a window covering to ensure privacy. This can be a curtain, blinds, or film.

What Size Are Garage Windows?

Single storey modern country home with white painted walls and an extended garage

Before you move forward, look at the placement and the window size relative to the house's design to ensure the window increases the curb appeal. Creating balance in the design that is aesthetically pleasing is crucial to be successful. The standard wall window is four-foot by four-foot. If a larger window is near where you will be installing the garage window, it may be necessary to increase the size to keep the design of the house in balance.

Can You Install Windows In A Garage?

An opened garage door with a small bay window and a granite type flooring

Yes, you can install windows in a garage. As with any DIY project, your budget, skill level, and willingness to learn may decide if installing a window yourself for you. Keep in mind the structural integrity of the garage and stay in compliance with your city. Other considerations include stucco, drywall, and possible electrical knowledge. Installing a wall window requires cutting into siding or stucco and patching when complete. Using a prefabricated window will make the job easier. 

DIY Window Installation Considerations

Once you have decided to install a window in your garage, assess the project; what needs to be done to ensure that the project will be done well and have your desired result? 

  • What skill sets are needed to complete the project? For example, if you have a finished garage with drywall, then drywall knowledge would be essential.  
  • Evaluate the equipment and tools that are needed to complete the project. Do you already own them? Maybe you will need to rent or purchase them. 
  • In your assessment, research how to obtain a city permit to stay compliant with the building code. In addition, you will need to consider the structural integrity of the garage. 

Once the assessment is complete, develop a budget. The budget for any home improvement project will keep the project on track.

How Much Do Garage Windows Cost To Install?

You may choose to install the garage window yourself or decide to hire a contractor. So now you may ask, how much do garage windows cost to install? The answer to that involves various factors to consider. 

If you chose to install the garage window yourself, the cost for the project could be $1,200 to $1,500 with two or more weeks to complete. This is assuming you will need to rent your tools. Without the cost of renting your tools, the cost could be closer to $700 to $1,000. A prefabricated window has an estimated cost of $300 to $400. That also depends on the quality of the window. 

If a DIY project is not your choice and you prefer to hire a licensed contractor, you will look to pay $1,500 to $2,000 with three to four days to complete. The cost of the project may vary depending on where you want to install the window, stucco, drywall, and the finished results you would like to have. 

Keep in mind the cost of the city permit to install the window will be determined by the city that you live in, and expect to have your work inspected. Once you understand the cost and time difference to complete your garage window project, you can decide to install the window in your garage. You then will have a better idea if you will do the project yourself or hire a contractor. 

In closing

A two wooden garage door with small window and a two storey house, Should A Garage Have Windows?

Garage windows are advantageous to your home's curb appeal and the interior environment of your garage. Be mindful of safety when selecting window style and glass type, and also try to coordinate the garage window size and style to that of your home's exterior for a cohesive look.

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