Should Bathroom Countertops Match The Floor?

You might be wondering if your bathroom countertops should match your floor? Whether you're renovating or building or just curious, we've researched and found out the answer. Here's what we found.

Your bathroom countertops don't have to match your floor. However, you do want them to relate to one another. That might be material or color, but they must look good together. 

To go into more detail about countertop and floor relations will talk about how you might match countertops to the floor. We'll also talk about which countertop materials are best for the bathroom and how to choose the right color for your bathroom countertop. So please, keep reading.

Half Bath in Luxury Home with Sink and Faucet in bathroom countertop, Should Bathroom Countertops Match The Floor?

Should Bathroom Countertops Match Your Bathroom Floor?

When putting together a design palette for a bathroom, we typically think of flooring, tile for baths and showers, paint color, and countertop. If you choose something wildly different for each element, you're going to end up with a bathroom that feels busy or disconnected. Remember, our bathrooms are smaller, so cohesive design elements are essential.

A Fundamental Rule

One rule that is widely considered fundamental is to limit your choices to one pattern only. So, for instance, if you choose a loud wallpaper for the wall in the powder room, you're going to want the rest of the design options to be closely related.

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Profile of a cream colored bathroom, complete with sink, mirror, and toilet.

The wallpaper in this bathroom has a simple print in black and white. If you notice, the toilet, sink, and flooring are all calm, neutral soft white. The black is picked up in the baseboard and shelving, but overall the pattern is left to the walls.

Green is the theme in this beautiful bathroom with brass faucets and fixtures

In this bathroom, a vibrant green tile has been chosen for the shower wall, and the cabinet bases match. But if you notice, the flooring, walls, and countertop are all in shades of white and very light grey to leave the emphasis on the green.

Choosing Things That Relate Well Together

Master bathroom interior in new farmhouse style luxury home large mirror, shower, and bathtub

Of course, because bathroom countertop material is typically not the same as flooring material, you're not going to have an exact match. This is why we say they must relate to one another. For instance, in this farmhouse-style master bathroom, the floors are gorgeous hardwood. Most homeowners are not going to choose a wooden bathroom countertop, so what should you choose? In this case, the choice was a beautiful white quartz countertop that doesn't compete with the flooring. Instead, it seamlessly blends into the decor.

Luxurious bathroom with natural stone black and white tiles and hexagonal tiles. Long sink and big bath space. Candle lens flare. Oval and rounded mirror

In this bathroom, the countertop and flooring do not match, but they relate to the overall design scheme. Charcoal tile was used for the large walk-in shadow, and a coordinating countertop has been chosen for the sink. White hexagonal tiles line the shower floor, and a non-patterned light grey graces the walls and the floors. The look ties together nicely in this contemporary bathroom.

What Not To Do

Luxurious bathroom with two sinks

This bathroom is pretty much a designer's "don't." There are so many different colors and patterns going on that it gets a bit much for the eye. If the designer had chosen simple creme-colored quartz or granite to pick up the floor tile colors and main shower tiles, the overall look would be much more soothing. 

How Do I Match Countertops To My Floor?

Four foot vanity counter with sconce lights on each side of mirror

When matching countertops to floors, think about tones of color and style of decor. For instance, if you have hardwood floors in your bathroom, inevitably, it will have a bit of graining to the wood. Because wood floors are a real focal point, think about choosing a solid color countertop that matches the color of your wall paint and coordinates with your tile colors. Or a lovely, barely colored piece of marble-like in the above photo works well, too.

Simple gray and white colors bring the brightness and cleanliness to the forefront

If you have tile floors, choose a countertop that works with the colors in the tile. Here gorgeous medium grey quartz is perfect with white cabinets and Carrera marble tile on the floor and bath surround. The color choices are all perfectly suited for each other.

Many home design centers at the big stores like Lowes and Home Depot will have materials made by the same manufacturer. See what these manufacturers recommend for an overall cohesive design look.

What Countertop Is Best For The Bathroom?

The bathroom is a damp room. We have steamy showers and baths and sinks that we use and create splashes. Therefore, you want your countertop material to be watertight. 

Quartz is an excellent material for the bathroom because it's super low maintenance. It can be a bit costly, but it comes in a wide variety of colors and styles. Coming in second is granite or quartzite. These natural stones are also low-maintenance, easy to clean, and a bit less expensive than quartz. However, if you have a lot of minerals in your water, it can affect your granite. 

Tile is another good choice for a bathroom countertop, but keep in mind you'll need to keep your grout well-sealed and clean to prevent water damage. We have a post on this here: 4 Easy Ways To Clean Grout Without Scrubbing.

A less common bathroom countertop is butcher block. This gorgeous wood countertop requires a bit more maintenance and care to keep it from getting water damaged, but the work might be worth it to get this beautiful look.

How Do I Choose Bathroom Countertop Color?

Luxury Bathroom with lots of light

If you're working with an existing bathroom, but want to change the countertop, look at your floor tile and shower tile. If they are the same, then you have a bit more freedom to choose something different for the countertop. Just make sure it relates well color-wise and works with your wall color.

If you have a busy pattern on the floor, and a small tile in the shower, then consider choosing solid quartz for your countertop. The solid color should be something that matches either the tile on the floor, the wall paint color, or the tile in the shower. Remember, you want to keep things relating well to each other.

We recommend taking either tile samples or good photographs with you when you pick out countertop material. This will help you look at color and pattern to make sure you find something that relates and is not too busy.

Counters And Flooring Should Work Together

Remember as you start to put your bathroom together to think about things that relate well to each other. If you are worried about making a wrong decision, get help from the counter suppliers' design consultants. They are well-versed in choosing great companions for your bathroom palette.

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