Should Console Table Match Coffee Table?

Making the final decision of whether your coffee table and console table should match can be frustrating. Should you be sticking with a single color palette or mixing and matching your furniture? We have researched this very question in-depth and have a lot of great information to share with you.

When it comes down to coordinating your coffee table and console, we recommend sticking with a similar color palette. This does not mean you have to match your tables entirely, but do try to maintain similarity. By having that cohesiveness in your space, you have more opportunity to use vibrant colors when accessorizing. Having a statement piece of furniture can also look amazing, so we will be including some examples of that. 

To match, or not to match? That seems to be a poetic question. We have dived headfirst into the depths of matching furniture and color palettes for you to check out in this article. As you continue reading, we will give insight and photo examples of coffee and console tables we recommend checking out. Now let's get into it! 

Collage of console and coffee table with vases on top, Should Console Table Match Coffee Table?

Matching Your Tables

Keeping the overall design of your space cohesive is a must. You do not need to match colors and styles completely, but try to keep the similarity between the tables in your room. Coffee and console tables can usually be bought in sets or even from the same collection, making this a fairly simple goal to achieve. If you choose to have your coffee table be a light oak finish, make sure your console table incorporates that material and vice versa. Another middle ground technique is by using a glass accent table to tie the space completely together. 

Below we have found some examples of matching tables:

Modern living room in black theme with matching console and coffee table

In this first living room example, you can see how the designer opted for a matching set. The coffee and console table are the same material and color, which looks rather well in this space. Sometimes deciding to match your tables can still allow for individuality in the space. 

Modern living room in white and gray theme with matching console and coffee table

In this next example, we have a design that follows a similar color scheme but varies between table materials. You can see how the designer of this space stuck with a white and light wood theme but did decide to switch it up with the console table. The light wood complements the white console table very well and has a clean and modern feeling.

Are Coffee Tables Still Popular?

Coffee tables are certainly still very popular among homeowners and renters across the globe. Coffee tables have shifted from a place where you layout magazines to becoming many households' second dining table. The comfort and accessibility of these tables have definitely played a huge role in their success. With the current trend of modern and farmhouse style decor, coffee tables have become a must-have within your living room space and a staple in home design. 

We've found some great coffee table designs that you might easily incorporate into your room. This eMod Mid-Century Modern Coffee Table really puts a stylish twist on modern decor. It allows for some artistic components within your living space. A great idea for pairing a console table would be to stick with the same or similar wood material. This allows for that individuality in a space while also having everything work in harmony.

Follow this link to view this table on Amazon.

Another great find would be this Safavieh Home Kayley natural wood and glass coffee table we also found on Amazon. This table is another style that follows the current decor trends. The glass component of a table allows for more open space and is easy to clean and decorate. Finding a console table to match this coffee table style is pretty easy, and the final pairing will go well together.

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What Do You Put On A Console Table?

When decorating your console table, make sure to keep it organized and cohesive. Console tables work as both storage and display space in a home and are a great accessory. Keeping your decor and accessories in the same design style is super important in any space. Try showcasing an award or achievement you may have lying around on your console table. Another great genre of accessories would be sculpture or any art.

The most important thing to keep in mind is that you have complete creative control and can decorate with whatever makes you happy.

Bright hallway in art deco style with vases on a console table

This first example definitely wows the eye and showcases a great way to decorate a console table. Having flowers and art on full display creates a very elegant and welcoming atmosphere. This example also shows how adding a mirror over your console table to give it that tied-in look. 

White industrial lamp, photo in frame and plant in pot on wooden console table in elegant living room with white wall

This next example is a more boho-chic moment and is a great way to decorate a console table. A lamp has been utilized in this design and will light the space. Flowers seem to be a constant in these examples and definitely are a top pick. Neutral colors paired with a wooden console table also look effortless and clean. 

Beige console table with decorations for Halloween

This last example of how to utilize and decorate your console table above and below the tabletop. This table is being used as both a display and decorative item during what appears to be Halloween during the fall. Just because you may want to purchase an elegant style console table does not mean you are forbidden from having a lot of fun with it. This example really highlights the importance and functionality of having a console table in your home. 

What Is The Difference Between A Console Table And A Sofa Table?

The primary difference between a console and sofa table is their essential function. A console table is a taller, thinner display piece used for decoration, while a sofa table sits behind your couch and is shorter. Sofa tables' primary function is to fill space and allow for extra storage in your home. A console table works as more of a main piece of decor and is meant to hold more aesthetically pleasing items. Sofa tables definitely serve a purpose but are less important as display pieces.

Elegant living room with sofa table behind a sofa

Above, we have found this example of an elegant sofa table to give a visual. Usually, this table style resembles a shelf, but you can find some higher-end designs if you wish. 

This VASAGLE sofa table is a great example of a more contemporary design. Looking at this table, you can see how it looks less artsy than our other table styles. This table style serves more of a storage purpose rather than a decorative and display function. This table is great for filling space behind a sofa and acts as a wall within the space. You could also consider storing books and paperwork on the lower shelf.

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BON AUGURE designs this sofa table. It is a more decorative example and can be used primarily for storage. The difference between this style versus a console is somewhat similar in appearance but does differ in function. These specific table designs have a more industrial feel to them and would fit best in a casual space. If you are after more storage for your home, this may be the style of table you should check out.

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To Conclude

With so many table options to chose from, finding the perfect style for your needs can be difficult. Assessing the space you are working with is the first step to finding the perfect table design for your home. From coffee to console to sofa, you really have an endless number of storage and functionality options. Remember to choose a color scheme and stick with it when decorating your living space. You do not need to match everything exactly, but it is good to stay in a similar style.

Having a goal in mind can also really speed up this design process. Current trends fall in line with a more natural and modern aesthetic, so try looking for tables that reflect that design. 

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