Should Curtain Rods Match Throughout House?

Different rods work for various window treatments. If you already know what curtains to get, the correct rods are easier to determine. Curtains should match or at least complement each other, but what about curtain rods? Will mixing different rods together be beneficial, or will it make the room visually chaotic? We have researched answers for you.

Curtain rods do not need to match throughout the house, as long as each set of curtain rods complements the space where they are placed. Although they are barely seen, some curtain rod finishes can clash with your window treatment, so you'll need to make sure your rods match your windows functionally and aesthetically. 

If you're planning to change your curtains, blending them with your interior is essential--but rods shouldn't be out of the picture either. There are many options to think about, and others may suit you better functionally too. If you want to learn more about matching curtain rods, keep reading below.

Curtains and gilt metal rod - Should Curtain Rods Match Throughout House

Should all the Curtain Rods Match in your Room?

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Although the curtains throughout the house don't necessarily need to match, the curtain rods in each room should at least match. This will make the room more cohesive, and you won't have trouble pairing the color with your window treatment. 

Adjoining rooms should also have complementary curtain rods to create a smooth transition between the rods and the curtains themselves. Sharply-contrasting rooms may be attractive to some, but complementing the colors in adjoining rooms will add more value to your house. 

Same Color, Different Ends

If you want to add a unique charm to a room, you can consider purchasing rods that have different ends. That way, the colors still look cohesive, but you'll notice the differences only when you look closely.

If your room has an opulent appeal, you can get curtain rods that have intricate details and moldings on their ends. For example, you can get a curtain rod with curved ends for one curtain panel, then another curtain rod with leaf ends on another end. 

Different Types of Curtain Rods

Curtain rods are a subtle element in your interior. They don't get too much attention, but they surprisingly do a lot for your window treatment.

Consider the following styles in choosing the right curtain rod for your home:

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Single Curtain Rods for a Neutral Style

Single curtains rods are those that fit a standard straight-paneled window. They come in metal poles that you can adjust in size to fit your window. Choose this curtain rod if you want a clean, practical, and neutral look in your area.

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French Curtain Rods for Functionality and Aesthetic

French curtain rods don't cut mid-air, unlike standard curtain rods. They are attached to the wall, blocking out the light completely from the room if you draw the curtains together. 

The curtains are attached through the rings, which are then hooked to the curtain rod. Consider these if you want a more cohesive look and if you want to utilize blackout curtains better. 

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Tension Rods for Smaller Windows

Tension rods, or spring rods, are best suited for small windows. Although they are small in size, they are capable of holding thick fabrics so your room can be dark and comfortable when you need to sleep.

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Double-panel Rods for Dimension

Double rods are an excellent choice to add depth and dimension to your interior. They create a layered effect that can make your curtains look more elegant. 

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Cable Rods for Uniquely-shaped Windows

Quaint spaces that have small, uniquely-shaped windows will be perfect for cable rods. You'll have more freedom styling your curtains with these rods, making your interior more unique. 

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How to Choose the Right Curtain Rod

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Curtain rods will create the foundation for your window treatment, regardless of how subtle it may be. A curtain rod that looks wrong will make your space feel unbalanced, and it will be difficult to pinpoint the problem when it's subtle. 

It's best to get the details right now than to ruin a cohesive design. Before choosing your curtain rod, you will need to consider the following factors.

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How heavy will the curtains be?

This is the most crucial consideration you'll have when choosing a curtain rod.

Functional curtains such as blackout curtains, drapes, and thermal curtains require stronger rods to hold them up, so you'll need to purchase a heavy curtain rod so the drapes don't fall on you later on.

To get a clear number on how heavy your rods should be, weigh the curtains, then divide them by the length of your rod. This will give you an idea of how much weight your curtain rod should support. 

Will the curtain's heading fit on the rod?

You'll need to observe the curtains you've purchased in the past and see if their headings can fit into your preferred rod.

The diameter of the curtain rod is crucial to the type of curtains you'll be purchasing from then on, so make sure you get one that can accommodate the usual style of curtains you go for.

What suits your style best?

Closeup of a designer curtain rod and drape in a furnishings store.Click below for more in this series, plus all of my furnishings and retail images

If you want your space to look classic and elegant, double curtain rods will suit you. If you want something practical but charming, french curtain rods will make your room more cozy and chic. 

These subtle fixtures should reflect your style, too, since they will be a part of your interior. However, if you are more into their practical use than their aesthetic, just choose one that will blend with your window treatment best.

What color of curtain rod is best?

Curtain rods often come in neutral colors, but you'll want to choose one that can either create a lovely contrast or let it blend with your curtains. Below are curtain rod colors that can go well with different types of curtains.

White or Neutral Curtain Rods

White curtain rods can pair well with a light-colored curtain. This will make your room look brighter and airier, which is ideal if you want to widen your space visually. 

Brown or Wooden Curtain Rods 

If your curtains have warm brown hues, go with brown or wooden curtain rods to make your space more rustic and intimate. These brown curtain rods often come in brass or brushed nickel metal, making your space look classic.

Gold Tones

If you want a more opulent feel to your space, gold-toned curtain rods will pair well with your draperies.

If you have dark-colored curtains, it will create a lovely contrast, but it will be more striking when paired with a curtain with yellow or brown undertones and white sheers. Brass has a gold-like finish, so you can choose this metal if you want a rod with a gold-toned surface.

How high should your curtain rod be?

Generally, the goal of curtains is to make your room's headroom look taller. This is especially the case when you don't want your space to look cramped. You should hang your curtain rod between 4-6 inches above the window frame to increase your room's height.

If you have arched windows, it can be difficult to install a rod a few inches higher from the window frame. You can work around this by installing cafe curtains and shades on the windows--that way, you create an illusion of height.

If you have a high ceiling, it is best to keep the curtain rods hanging within 8-inches from the window frame. 

Should all the curtains Match in Your Room?

Curtain swaying in the wind

You don't have to match the curtains exactly, but you'll need to follow a specific pattern and color palette so your room won't look visually chaotic.

However, it is still the safest choice to just match the curtains throughout the room to make it easier to work with. Designing your interior will also be easier if your curtains match since you'll already have a cohesive foundation. 

Final Thoughts

Curtain rods are a subtle fixture in an area, but making the colors complement each other will make your interior look more balanced and harmonious. 

As with all fixtures home fixtures, make sure it matches your personal style!

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