Should Curtains Cover A Window Frame?

Curtains may sometimes go unnoticed, but they can become an integral decoration in any room. True, many people will only use curtains for purely practical reasons. And yet, curtains can also influence the entire mood of your home. Window frames can also be very ornate. You may not want to stifle attractive window frames with simple curtains. Windows are essential, so we have thoroughly researched how to balance window frames and curtains in your home successfully.

It is generally advised that curtains should completely cover your window frames. The main purpose of your curtains is to control the amount of light that penetrates the room. Curtains can also play a crucial role in styling and be quite large to attract a lot of attention. However, if you prefer not to cover a decorative window frame, you can simply use an inside mount to hang curtains.

Windows and curtains are so commonplace, and they might even seem mundane. However, they can actually make all the difference when you’re putting a room together! Curtains can even change how large your windows look. Keep reading to learn about the best way to blend curtains and window frames with your room.

A beautiful rustic themed living room with a huge window with white drapes and cream colored curtains, Should Curtains Cover Window Frame?

How long should curtains hang below window sill?

Traditionally, curtains should be long enough to touch the floor altogether. This is generally accepted as the modern approach. Shorter curtains are widely considered to be old-fashioned. However, shorter curtains can also make your entire room appear smaller than it really is. This would be a serious problem in rooms that are actually small, to begin with.

Curtains can create an optical illusion because of their relationship with your ceiling. Hanging your curtains all the way to the floor will make your ceiling appear taller. This is achieved by attracting your eyes upward. You can check out this post to read even more about how long curtains should be.

However, if you have children, you may want to consider using short curtains. This way, the curtains will be out of reach, ensuring more safety. Shorter curtains can also be useful if you need to avoid obstacles sticking out from walls, like heaters and radiators. There are two different approaches to small curtains.

Firstly, you can hang short curtains about half an inch above the window sill. This will show off a decorative window sill, and it always looks tidy. Secondly, it’s possible to let the curtains hang around one inch below the “apron.” The window “apron” is simply a technical term for a wooden panel that sits just below the sill. Hanging your curtains down to the apron will help cover any plain-looking window sill.

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How do you hang curtains to make a window look bigger?

Curtains are consistently used to make your windows appear wider or taller. This is accomplished by installing the curtain rod as desired.

Your curtain rod is typically installed about four to six inches above the window. This will always make your window seem taller than it actually is. However, you can also install curtains that will hang from the ceiling to the floor. In this case, your curtains must brush against the floor. Otherwise, you will be left with an uncomfortable break in the desired illusion.

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How much curtain rod should extend past the window?

Curtain rods generally extend around two to three inches beyond the width of the window. This way, you will let in enough light when you spread your curtains. When you open the curtains, they will still slightly cover the window. This is the standard look for most curtains.

However, it’s possible to extend your curtain rods as far as fifteen inches beyond the window’s “trim.” The “trim” is simply the frame surrounding the window. If you install such a lengthy curtain rod, the entire window can be revealed when you slide the curtains open. The curtains will bundle at the sides, which is ideal for showing off appealing windows. The curtains could then be tied up for a classy look.

How do you hang curtains inside a window frame?

Hanging curtains inside a window frame can create a very picturesque look. The frame becomes a canvas for your decorative curtains. Ultimately, this will offer more charm instead of spectacle. This is useful for minimalist homes that want to emphasize simplicity and space.

Luckily, curtain rods are specifically designed to help you mount curtains inside a window frame. Some of these rods are carefully shaped to make the installation easier. However, tension rods are probably the most common tool for an inside mount.

Tension rods are built with one rod inside of another, like a telescope. Tension rods use a spring to generate force. Therefore, a tension rod must be installed between two flat surfaces. Naturally, this may not work for every home. And tension rods aren’t as secure as the traditional designs. However, tension rods are still a very handy way to install your curtains without the need for countless tools.

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What is the best fabric for curtains?

When choosing the best fabric for your curtains, it is best to consider function before style. This is particularly true if you are going to hang your curtains all the way to the floor. Larger curtains will collect a lot of dust, particularly when curtains touch the floor. Some people even pool their curtains onto the floor for aesthetic purposes.

There will always be a tug between luxury and durability. For example, silk and linen are elegant and gorgeous. However, both materials are also susceptible to sunlight. Silk will take heavy damage from natural lighting, and linen won’t even block sunlight. Likewise, lace curtains are basically just for show, and they will not provide ample cover. Even worse, some of these extravagant choices are also very difficult to clean. You can check out this post about how to iron your curtains.

Ultimately, the best fabric for a traditional curtain is polyester. It’s a common material so it will be inexpensive. Polyester curtains also have a reputation for durability, and they are easy to clean. This means that you can hang polyester curtains as low as you want. Even if you pool polyester curtains onto the floor, the cleanup won’t be a hassle.

Fortunately, polyester curtains also come in a variety of different styles. Polyester curtains are definitely the best balance of function and personality. However, it would be best if you also kept safety in mind. Polyester curtains are flammable, and therefore ill-advised for the kitchen.

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What is the best material for window frames?

Wooden window frames are common and easy to install. However, like anything else made of wood, they are also quite vulnerable to the elements. The wrong climate, like strong humidity, can result in serious problems for wooden window frames. Even insects can cause noticeable damage.

Composite window frames are probably the best balance of efficiency, cost, and style. They are reliable and won’t really suffer wear and tear. Further, composite frames aren’t expensive compared to natural counterparts. In fact, composite window frames withstand weather especially well.


Although curtains may seem like an ordinary piece of your room, they can drastically change your home. This is particularly true when you consider how your curtains will decorate the window frames. Now, you know just how to balance your curtains and window frames. You are free to control the natural lighting in your room, or even adjust the height of your ceiling!

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