Should Curtains Match The Wallpaper?

Deciding what curtains to get for your home can be tricky sometimes. And if you have wallpaper, the process can be even more challenging. Do you want to match them to your wallpaper but don't know if it will look right? To help you out, we brought you the answer. 

You don't necessarily need to match your curtains and wallpaper. Instead, we suggest finding a common color or shape and incorporating it into your curtain choice. There are no wrong answers here, but keeping things cohesive will help to give your space a well-designed final look.

As we begin, we will cover all things curtains and tag some helpful related products. Whether it's time for a complete renovation or simply a small living room project, choosing the right curtains for your space can make a world of difference. With that said, let's jump right into this topic!

Spacious and modern bedroom, with large, king size bedShould Curtains Match The Wallpaper?

How Do You Choose Wallpaper And Curtains?

When choosing your wallpaper and curtains, we recommend finding a color scheme you want to work with. Whether it be bright and bold colors or soft neutral tones, compiling a list or mood board for your project is always helpful.

In general, sticking with similar colors and patterns will make this process easier and give your space a better look.

What Curtains Go With Wallpaper?

Depending on how colorful your wallpaper is, simple, non-patterned curtains tend to fit nicely into any design. With that said, if your walls are plain, we think geometric shapes and floral patterns are a fun way to spice things up.

Even going with a sheer curtain for your space is a sure crowd pleaser and will be easy to decorate with.

These linen curtains are insulated, have a black-out design, measure 52 x 84 inches, and come in various color/size options.

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These bright floral patterned curtains are polyester, room darkening, 84 inches long, and come in a few different patterns.

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These sheer white curtains are lightweight polyester fabric, 54 x 84 inches long, and fit up to a one-inch thick rod.

View these sheer curtains on Amazon here.

Should Curtains Be Lighter Or Darker Than Walls?

Stylish lounge living room with sofa, curtains and ornaments

Depending on how light or dark your walls are, we think your curtains should be the opposite. Saying this, we mean if your walls are dark, your curtains should be a tad lighter and vice versa.

Curtains are supposed to be beautiful yet functional, so if you need blackouts, try choosing a shade lighter for dark walls and darker for lighter ones.

Do Dark Curtains Make A Room Look Small?

When it comes to super dark curtains, they can make your room feel smaller than it is. Like wall color, darker curtains will give the illusion that your room is smaller and more intimate rather than opening the space up.

Luckily, plenty of insulated and blackout curtains come in lighter colors, so we recommend using those in already dark rooms.

These 100% blackout curtains work to block sunlight and noise, have a thermal insulated lining, come in light colors, and measure 42 x 63 inches.

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Can Curtains Match Walls?

Spacious and modern bedroom, with large, king size bedShould Curtains Match The Wallpaper?

If you prefer a mono-color look, we think matching your walls and curtains is completely doable. In recent years, decorating with one color throughout a home has seen plenty of interest, so this is an on-trend option. 

With that said, if your wallpaper is patterned, we do not think patterned curtains as well are a good idea.

Should All Curtains In A House Match?

Following a similar theme, we do think your curtains should have a cohesive look throughout your home. Although your curtains don't have to match perfectly, we do believe the ones in your common spaces should.

For example, if your dining and living room have grey curtains, and your bedroom has blue, we think that is fine. Bedrooms are an exception to this suggestion and can be whatever color or pattern goes with your decor.

What Color Should Sheer Curtains Be?

Color-wise, we think sheer curtains should be lighter and more neutral. For the most part, sheer curtains are usually white or cream, which is a popular choice among home designers.

If you are after some color, we think you are safe to use sheer pastel curtains as long as they aren't super bright. Typically, sheer curtains should blend into a space rather than take away attention from it.

These semi-sheer curtains are polyester fabric, have a high-quality textured weave, measure 54 x 84 inches, and come in other colors as well.

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Do Sheer Curtains Block Light?

When it comes to sheer curtains, they essentially act as a light filter. Even though they won't block sunlight like blackout curtains, they will reduce glare and soften the natural light in a room.

If you have a bright space but don't want to buy regular curtains, we think darker sheer ones will work just fine.

This curtain panel is crushed sheer voile fabric, machine washable, filters out bright light, and comes in various colors and sizes.

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Does My Room Need Curtains?

Modern white living room minimal style

Although curtains aren't necessary for a home's design, we do think they add something to a space. If you want to filter out light but don't want to close your blinds, we believe curtains are the perfect solution.

Of course, if you have pets or young children, curtains might not be the best idea for you.

Do Curtains Make A Room Look Better?

When it comes to curtains making a room look better, we agreethat  the right ones will. As long as the curtains you have work well with your wall color and decor, we think they will certainly accentuate your space.

From what we found, sheer, long curtains tend to have the fanciest look, so that is something to consider. 

Do Curtains Help With Privacy?

Typically, curtains will help add a layer of privacy to your windows. Depending on what kind you get, curtains can completely block people from seeing inside your home.

Between the many curtain styles, blackout designs will provide the most privacy but do block out sunlight. 

These blackout curtains are thermal insulated, reduce noise, are polyester fabric, and come in various colors and sizes.

See these blackout curtains on Amazon here.

How Can I Make My Curtains More Private?

If your current curtains are too sheer or don't provide enough privacy, we suggest layering up. For sheer/lighter curtains, we recommend doubling your window treatments with another sheer set underneath.

Although this won't completely block the outdoors, it will help add a screen between you and whatever is outside. If you prefer total coverage, try adding a set of blackout panels under your current set and closing them at night.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you want to replace your current curtains or get some for the first time, keeping things cohesive is important. Your curtains don't have to match your wallpaper, but they should share a similar color or pattern.

Generally, we recommend having your curtains be a slightly different shade from your walls, depending on how light or dark they are. Style-wise, we think sheer curtains are a great alternative to blackout if you still want some light to shine through your room. Regardless, make sure to find a common theme between your walls and curtains, and don't be afraid to spice things up with a fun pattern.

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