Should the Dining Table Match the Kitchen Cabinets?

Is it time to get new kitchen cabinets? Maybe they've been the same tired shade for years, and you really want to update, but a new dining table isn't in the cards. Now you're wondering how important it is to match your new cabinets to the dining table. Does it affect your overall aesthetic? We've done some searching and have some information to guide you!

Ensuring your dining table matches the kitchen cabinets does create an overall pleasing visual effect, but it is not necessary. If you don't wish to match the table and cabinets in color exactly, they should not clash in style. 

Now that we've answered whether or not the dining table should match the kitchen cabinets, let's look at this more deeply. How "mismatched" can we get before things get hard to look at? Read on to find out all the considerations when making your kitchen visually appealing!

Interior design or bright white modern kitchen, Should the Dining Table Match the Kitchen Cabinets?


When choosing the color for your cabinets and dining room table, consider what colors flow well together and which do not. For example, it could be disastrous if you attempt to match the colors but are only a few shades off. If you are attempting to maintain the same color across your table and cabinets, it would do well to bring one of your final stained or painted cabinet doors when you go shopping for a table. Additionally, avoid any other color matching faux pas, such as a black table and brown cabinets.

If you'd prefer to have a table that is not the same color as your cabinets, consider a two-toned table. If you have cherry cabinets, perhaps get a dining table with a cherry tabletop and a different base or vise-versa. You can always paint your dining table to match whatever your heart desires, especially if DIY is your passion.

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If your dining table has an intricate wood pattern atop it or embellishments around the legs, ensure they do not clash with your cabinets. If you attempt to match this pattern to increase the aesthetic, try not to go overboard. Too many ornamentations could become overwhelming or busy, so avoid getting too into the matching craze. Additionally, avoid conflicting patterns or shapes.

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For example, you wouldn't want to pair the example above with these horizontal grain cabinets pictured below. The pattern and the colors absolutely clash.

Interior of a modern kitchen with a TV on the wall


Your own sense of style and the vision you have for your kitchen is also essential! If you're decorating in farmhouse decor and your cabinets are chalk-painted, you don't want to buy an ultra-modern, sleek dining table. Perhaps this consideration matters the most. More than colors or ornamentation, furniture cabinets that don't even look like they were made in the same century stick out like a sore thumb.

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Do the cabinets and the dining table need to be made of the same material? The answer is no. In fact, some dark cabinets would be lovely paired with a metal table with a glass top. Think outside the box and mix materials that will be aesthetically pleasing and spark conversation. 

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Wondering how you'll keep all that glass clean? Read our post, "How to Clean a Glass Dining Table (And Keep It Clean Too)."

What Color of Dining Table Matches Everything?

If you're looking for a dining table that will match anything and everything, the best color to choose is white. As with clothes, the color white will match with everything. Additionally, if you wish, you can add a runner of any color to your table, and it will always look great. No matter the table setting, it will not clash. Change your cabinets as much as you want; the table still looks great! If a constant in your life (and paint colors!) is change, pick a white, unadorned table. 

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Additionally, white is classic. It reminds people of purity and cleanliness. A spotless, white table will increase anyone's appetite!

What is the Best Finish to Use On Kitchen Cabinets?

The best finish for kitchen cabinets is a semi-gloss, gloss, or satin finish. A reflective, easy to wipe surface is imperative for durability in the kitchen. Perhaps even more important is priming and cleaning the cabinet in between coats of paint. These cabinets will have to remain steadfast in direct and indirect light, as well as frequent cleanings if they are around the oven or kitchen sink. A matte finish is difficult to maintain in a kitchen. The color dulls faster with frequent cleaning and tend to absorb mess moreso than a glossy finish. 

Luxury pine wood beautiful custom kitchen interior design with island and granite.

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What Color Kitchen Cabinets are Timeless?

cozy well designed modern kitchen interior with appliances and dining table

The most timeless color for kitchen cabinets is white, or another extremely light color. Light colors have always been popular in kitchens because the colors on this end of the spectrum have a way of opening up a room. They make the kitchen appear larger, airier, and overall more inviting. 

People also associate white with cleanliness. Although more grime will show on white, when it's clean it reminds someone of a sterile environment -- think hospitals or operating rooms. Clean and germ-free is the way we want our kitchens to appear. 

White kitchens are easy to decorate, as well! White matches everything, so embellishments can change at your heart's desire without having to break out more paint or stain.

The go-to color for everything was white since white was the most inexpensive and readily-available paint to buy and use. The color scheme has stuck when it comes to modern kitchens as well.

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Should Your Kitchen and Dining Area Match?

Interior design or bright white modern kitchen

Thinking along the same vein as we've discussed for your kitchen and dining table, your dining area should somewhat match your kitchen. Choose a style and stick to it, even if your dining area is separate from your kitchen. Think of the dining area/room as an extension of your kitchen, and ensure the overall aesthetic is maintained in both areas. For example, if you have a lovely 19th-century hutch in walnut located in your dining room, don't have modern, espresso colored cabinets.

Are you wondering if your kitchen table should match the chairs as well? We have a post about that!

In Closing

Ultimately, if not exactly matching your kitchen cabinets to the dining table, they should at least be cohesive. Even if you have a hodgepodge of kitchen furniture, ensure that the colors complement each other, and they are from the same timeframe and style. Above all, have tons of fun creating the kitchen aesthetic of your dreams!

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Dining table and kitchen interior in new luxury home, Should the Dining Table Match the Kitchen Cabinets?

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