Should Door Handles and Knobs Match The Hinges?

Homeowners often wonder whether door handles and knobs should match their accompanying hinges. Anyone who's done interior design has spent a lot of thinking about it. So we've decided to do some research to provide a straightforward answer. 

Door handles and knobs don't have to match a door's hinges. However, there are several notable advantages to matching them: 

  • Provides a sense of continuity 
  • Easier to sell
  • More cost-effective
  • Helps put your imprint on the home

Of course, each of these benefits requires more detail and explanation. We dive further into them in the following discussions and answer a few other questions. You'll soon know everything about matching door handles, knobs, and hinges in a home.

A picture of door knob, handles and door hinges, Should Door Handles and Knobs Match The Hinges?

Why Your Door Handles and Knobs Should Match the Hinges

Matching door handles and knobs to hinges is a simple way of improving your home's decor. It has various benefits ranging from improving the overall aesthetic to being more affordable. 

But again, matching them isn't necessary, as some homeowners love going against the grain. So let's look further into the benefits of matching. It'll help determine what side of the argument appeals to your preferences more.

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Stainless door hinges on wooden swing door

Provides a Sense of Continuity

Matching a knob or handle to the hinges promotes continuity inside a home. In other words, your house will have a clean, well-put-together aesthetic. It won't look like a person randomly picked out knobs and handles. 

Even if the knob or handle only matches the hinge, it still provides a sense of consistency within your home. It doesn't need to coordinate with the rest of your door's hardware.

Easier to Sell 

Anyone looking to sell their homes should consider matching hinges, doorknobs, and handles. Most buyers are often apprehensive and attentive to the minor details when checking out a house. Therefore, mismatched knobs and hinges could make your home seem unappealing to them.

Of course, some buyers will be willing to make them match after buying the house. But it's best to avoid this issue altogether by having matching door hardware before putting it up for sale. It's an easy way to prevent a common problem when selling a house, especially in the current market. 

More Cost-Effective 

It won't be cheap to upgrade door hinges, handles, and knobs. It becomes even more expensive when deciding to change them all around your home. As a result, it makes sense to think about managing costs. 

One of the more accessible options is bulk buying door hardware with matching finishes. For instance, it's a lot more cost-effective to buy 25 of the same doorknob than several different options. Finding these bulk deals becomes a lot easier when you intend on matching every piece of hardware.

So it's essential to sit down and construct a budget about what this renovation will cost. You'll then need to decide whether buying door hardware in bulk is the right move. If you go this route, sites like eBay and Amazon will be a lot cheaper than a local home improvement store.

Helps Put Your Imprint on the Home

An easy way to put your personality into a home is by selecting a preferred matching knob/handle and door hinge set. It can then become a signature staple inside the house that evokes your particular style. 

From there, the home will start to feel a lot like yours. It'll have a small piece of your identity even though it's only matching door hardware. But these little things matter a lot when renovating a house. 

You can even place this matching set on every door inside the home. After all, your house's interior design is all up to you, and it doesn't hurt to have a little fun. So select a matching door handle or knob with an accompanying hinge that brings a smile to your face. 

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Can you mix door handles and knobs?

There's no one stopping you from doing anything with your home's decor. It's no different when it comes to mixing door handles and knobs throughout the house. But we do suggest considering their proximity and your home's interior design before mixing them. 

You don't want knobs or handles that conflict with each other. For instance, it wouldn't make sense to put fancy jet-black door handles in an old farmhouse. Another odd-looking idea would be paring different knobs or handles within the same area, such as a hallway. 

Lastly, mixing too many handles and knobs together will reduce your home's continuity. It might become too unique and make your home feel chaotic. Plus, it'll usually end up being more expensive than using the same knob or handle on multiple doors.

If you're wondering about where to install the handles or knobs on your door, take a look at this article: How High Should Door Handles And Knobs Be? It'll ensure you're more than capable of selecting the perfect placement for your door handles and knobs.

Should door handles match light fixtures?

A luxurious gold plated door handle installed in a white door

Matching door handles to light fixtures isn't out of style or a fashion faux-pas. If you feel it would liven up the room, there's no reason to avoid doing it. But you can create a more exciting look inside certain areas by mixing finishes on door handles and light fixtures. 

Many homeowners have found mixing the finishes within bathrooms brings forth a more layered and exciting decor. However, it would be best to consider whether they complement each other. It still needs to have some cohesiveness. 

You can learn more about matching light fixtures in this guide: Should Light Fixtures Match Throughout House?

What should door handles and knobs match?

Collage of a door handle and door knob

Each door handle or knob within a home needs to coordinate well with the interior design. The knob or handle needs to work well with the room, door, and house around it. It might not need to match them, but there needs to be some consistency. 

Otherwise, your home will look like a mishmash of random style choices. So it's always best to have a plan beforehand when changing anything about your home's decor. 

If you're looking for info about matching handles and knobs throughout a house, our article Should Door Handles And Knobs Match Throughout The House? has got you covered. It goes through everything a person would need to know. 

How do you pick a door hinge color?

Metal chrome hinged hinges on a white interior door

Color is one of the most significant considerations when choosing new door hinges. In some cases, we choose certain hinge styles for their ability to blend into the door. We want them to disappear into the decor rather than stick out like a sore thumb. 

So if you want the door to be more of the focus, choose a blendable door hinge color. It should be almost invisible when looking at the door from outside. 

However, some homeowners look for door hinges that can draw attention. These choices will have finishes and colors with more style and add something to your door's lock. For instance, putting a hinge with a brightly colored gold finish on a basic door can make it more striking.

You can even go a little further by spending extra on decorative hinges. It's important to choose one capable of bringing a little charm into your interior decor. But it'll still need to blend into the home's overall aesthetic for a seamless fit.

However, you'll find most door hinges fall between these options. These choices will be visible, but don't call too much attention. You won't notice them unless you're focusing on them or there's an issue with the door.  

Most homeowners choose the in-between option, as they're often the most affordable. They also offer a little more practicality than more extravagant or blendable options. If you're still undecided, stick with a door hinge that coordinates well with your door knob's finish. It might be a boring pick, but it'll get the job done.

In Closing

Matching door handles and knobs ends up being a matter of preference. It's easy to know why some people are drawn toward doing it with its ability to provide a consistent aesthetic. However, other homeowners want a little more uniqueness to their home's door hardware, which is another understandable choice.

Overall, we hope our discussions about matching door knobs or handles with hinges have answered your questions. But if you still have one or two, please feel free to leave a post in our comment section. We'd love to help out in any way possible. Thanks for reading!

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  1. I want to use black knobs on the exterior of the bathroom door, and brass on the interior. What color should the hinges be?

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