Should The Doorbell Be On The Left Or Right?

Deciding where you should install a doorbell can be difficult without some help. Are you building a home and can’t figure out whether your doorbell needs to be on the left or right? We’ve dug into this topic to find you an answer. 

A doorbell should be on the right-hand side of your front door. Although this is not a set rule, most people are right-handed, so having your doorbell on the right is a more accessible option. That said, if you are left-handed and prefer your doorbell to be on your dominant side, that is completely fine too.

As we begin, we will cover all things doorbells and discuss where one should be. Whether you are left or right-handed, choosing a placement that works for you is important. With that said, let’s get right into this topic!

A girl rings the doorbell, Should The Doorbell Be On The Left Or Right?

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Where Is The Best Place To Put A Doorbell?

When it comes to the best place for a doorbell, we recommend installing it on the wall next to your front door, on the same side as your door handle. Like we mentioned, having your doorbell be on the right side is the more popular choice, but this will ultimately come down to what makes you the most comfortable.

Especially for those with a video doorbell, you want to ensure it is high enough to capture activity while also being easy to use.

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How High Should A Doorbell Be?

Height-wise, we recommend having your doorbell be around 48 inches from the ground. Keeping your doorbell close to four feet from ground level is a great way to ensure guests of all heights can use it easily.

That said, you want to keep your doorbell around elbow level, meaning it shouldn’t require people to lift more than their forearm to ring it.

How Do I Raise The Height Of My Doorbell?

For those wanting to raise their doorbell’s height, this should be pretty easy to do. First, make sure to check your doorbell’s existing wires and see which direction they are coming from.

Next, you want to drill a hole for your doorbell’s new location while keeping it on the same side as it was initially. Once you have a new hole and mount secured, you can move your doorbell to its new spot and fill in/paint over its old one.

Do You Need An Electrician To Install A Doorbell?

Although we love the idea of a DIY doorbell install, this can be very tedious and should be left up to the professionals. If you install a doorbell with wireless capabilities and decide to do it yourself, you could void your product’s warranty, so that is something to consider.

Of course, if you know a lot about wires and the mechanics of installing a doorbell, we don’t see why you can’t try to do it yourself.

How Do You Wire A New Doorbell?

Close up of a hand and two fingers on a doorbell

If you have a new doorbell you want to wire, this is pretty simple.

To start:

  1. Find a power source for your doorbell, like a transformer.
  2. Turn off your transformer’s power before connecting your doorbell’s wires.
  3. Choose where you want to install your new doorbell.
  4. Mount your doorbell receiver somewhere in your home where everyone can hear it.
  5. Connect your doorbell’s wiring to its power source and test it to see if everything works.
  6. Install your new doorbell into its new spot, and you’re ready for company!

Do I Have To Wire In My Doorbell?

When it comes to having to wire a doorbell, this is true unless your product is wireless. If your doorbell has a standard design, you will probably need to have it wired into an electric unit so that you can use it.

Although this does seem old school, many people choose to have a wired-in doorbell over a battery or solar-powered option because they require less upkeep. That said, there are some pretty impressive wireless doorbells available that rarely need charging and aren’t hard to install.

Mini Waterpoof Wireless Doorbell

This wireless doorbell is FCC-approved, waterproof, weatherproof, includes a plug-in receiver, uses a CR2032 lithium battery, and comes in black or white.

Follow this link to see it on Amazon here.

How High Should A Camera Doorbell Be?

For those with a camera doorbell, we would recommend installing it at around chest level. Unlike a typical doorbell, you want to have your camera be high enough to sense movement and capture people at your door.

With that said, you also want to make sure your camera doorbell isn’t too high from the ground so that people can still use it.

Is A Camera Doorbell Better Than A Regular Doorbell?

When it comes to whether a camera doorbell is better than a regular option, we would say it is. Especially for anyone living alone or somewhere with high amounts of traffic, knowing exactly who is at your door can save your life.

Although camera doorbells can be somewhat pricey, we would say having that sense of security minimizes the initial cost. On that note, there are also great affordable video/camera doorbells that don’t need wiring or complicated installation available, so you don’t have to break the bank for a new doorbell.

Video Doorbell Camera

This camera doorbell is wireless, captures HD photos/videos, connects through wifi, has a motion sensor, and comes with a one-year warranty.

View this camera doorbell on Amazon here.

What Color Should A Doorbell Be?

A close-up image of a doorbell on a residential home

Color-wise, we would say stick to either black, white, silver, or copper for your doorbell. In general, you want your doorbell to blend into your home but still be easy for people to find and ring.

For those wanting a modern look, we think that silver and black are sleek doorbell colors to try. If you prefer something more traditional-looking, white and copper are the way to go.

GE Wireless Silver Doorbell Kit

This silver doorbell kit comes with a wireless door chime and compatible push button, has a 150-foot wireless range, features eight sound options, and requires three C-batteries.

Check out this doorbell on Amazon here.

Heath Zenith Antique Copper Doorbell Button

This doorbell button is hardwired, has a recessed design, works with low voltage wired systems, and has an antique copper finish.

See it on Amazon here.

How Loud Should A Doorbell Be?

Typically, you want your doorbell to be loud enough to hear throughout the main rooms in your home. Your doorbell should be around 70 dB, but some options reach 80 to 90 dB if you are hard of hearing.

With that said, most doorbells will come with a receiver you can plug into a wall somewhere you will hear it, so try to watch out for those options.

Wireless Doorbell Chimes Kit

This doorbell kit is wireless, comes with two plug-in chime receivers, a waterproof doorbell, five-volume levels, and a wireless range of 1,300 feet.

Click here to view this doorbell on Amazon.

How Much Does A Doorbell Installation Cost?

Most times, you can expect to pay between $200 and $400 for a doorbell installation. The national average for having a professional install your doorbell is between $228 and $354, but this depends on how complex of a job it is and where you live.

That said, your doorbell accounts for about $75 to $100 of your overall installation cost, while labor is around $200.

Do Video Doorbells Cost More To Install?

For those wanting to have their video doorbells installed professionally, pricing can vary. Typically, installing a video doorbell will cost about the same as a standard option unless you choose to go wireless.

If you decide not to wire your video doorbell into your home, installation should only be between $100 and $250. With that said, most wireless doorbells don’t require a professional to install them and come with an at-home mounting kit that anyone can use.

Ring Video Doorbell

This video doorbell is wireless, captures 1080p HD video, has a built-in rechargeable battery, comes with a mounting kit, and comes in two colors.

Follow this link to see it on Amazon here.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you are building a home or want to replace your current doorbell, choosing the right spot for it is important. You should install your doorbell on the right side of your door or whichever side its handle is on.

When it comes to height, we found that a doorbell should be around four feet from ground level so everyone can reach it. Wiring-wise, we recommend having a professional install your doorbell unless you know enough about electrical hookups and feel confident you can do it. Regardless, make sure to keep your doorbell accessible, and don’t be afraid to have it be on the left side of your door if that makes you feel more comfortable.

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