Should An Entryway Have A Mirror? [And How Big Should It Be]

Your entryway provides a first impression of your home. Therefore, you'll want the space to reflect your style, be welcoming, and remain functional. A tall order, certainly, but easier to achieve than you might expect. These goals are especially within reach when you add a mirror to your entryway.

Mirrors of all sizes heighten the decor and have a number of practical benefits. For example, having a mirror in your entryway will:

  • Transition from outside to inside, increasing the home's aesthetic
  • Make the small space seem larger
  • Give your home an open and bright appearance

Of course, it's not quite as simple as mounting a mirror on a wall and calling it a day. As always, there are tips, tricks, and considerations to account for before you pick the right mirror for your entryway, such as which size best suits your space. Read on to learn more about making the right choice for your entryway!

Contemporary home entry hall with polished concrete floors and round mirror on wall, Should An Entryway Have a Mirror (And How Big Should It Be)?

The Practical Benefits

In addition to being decorative, mirrors obviously have a lot of practicality to them.

Transition From Outside To Inside

Offering your guests a chance to fix up their appearance before fully entering your home makes you a courteous host. You will also make plenty of use of the mirror in your entryway, of course. It's always helpful to have a spot to check makeup, hair, or clothes before heading out the door.

Aside from serving their intended use, mirrors can also be used to direct attention to one part of the decor, guiding guests from the outdoors to the indoors. Take this entryway, for example.

The whimsical circular mirror with its simple frame perfectly complements the bold color and eye-catching accents of that table. Paired together, the pieces work as a single unit.

You don't need to be quite so quirky to achieve the desired effect, of course. This foyer uses a very similar mirror in a drastically different room style. Rather than being complementary, the table and the mirror match in tone.

If you enjoy this look and want to get it for your own home, whether you'll use it for contemporary whimsy or classic elegance, you should consider this piece.

As it's available in several different colors, you can easily find the model that best fits your decor.

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Of course, the mirror can be the main feature itself. A mirror can really serve as a focal point in the entryway based on its size, shape, or color. Take this entryway for example. The extravagant frame for this mirror catches much attention and serves as the main decoration in this space. Note how it's still mounted at eye-level to make it easy to use.

If you'd like something similarly ornate for your own home, consider picking up this piece.

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How Big Should A Mirror Be Over An Entryway Table?

Though the pairing of mirrors and entryway tables is tried and true, there are a couple of ways to turn the classic look sour. One being hanging your mirror so high above the table as to be useless to people trying to use it as a mirror.

The other—namely, getting a mirror that's too small or too big—offers a bit more of a challenge, since part of getting it right is about having an eye for interior design.

Too big presents less of a concern than too small. Simply making sure your mirror isn't wider than your table should save you from purchasing a piece that's too big. Playing with height can actually lead to a well-styled space, though. Feel free to go as tall as you want. This mirror, for example, utilizes its height very well.

As an added bonus, you can get this handsome, rustic look for yourself with the addition of this mirror:

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As for too small, remember that if it's a single mirror, you'll likely be centering it above your table. More than a couple inches on either side tend to be a bad look. Take this entryway for example:

The mirror gets lost for being too small, due in large part to all the attention-grabbing accent pieces adorning the table. Even though the decor is beautiful, the too-small mirror becomes distracting. Do your best to avoid a look like this one.

Using Mirrors To Make Your Space Larger

If you have a cramped entryway, adding a mirror is one of the best things you can do to open the space up. Full-length mirrors accomplish this trick best by fooling the eye into seeing double of the room. However, you can also use standard mirrors and accomplish the same effect.

Making a space seem larger with mirrors is one of the oldest tricks in the book. So, whether you have a small or grand entryway, you can never go wrong with incorporating a mirror into it. 

Bring the Sunshine Inside

Finally, one great reason to add a mirror to an entryway is to reflect light from the outside. Placing a mirror so it catches light from the doorway and infuses your space with sunshine leaves the decor with a fresh feeling and makes your foyer welcoming.

Bringing more bright sunshine into your home will boost your mood and cast a warm glow over the space. 

Where In The Entryway Should A Mirror Be Placed?

So, we've convinced you of all the benefits of getting a mirror for your entryway, but where should the piece go? This depends a lot on what you want to achieve with your mirror.

If it's purely decorative, you'll want to place the mirror on its own wall. Consider getting a piece with an ornate frame or a set of two or three mirrors that work in tandem.

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Full-length mirrors, too, should get their own walls. You don't even have to mount them! Leaning a full-length mirror against a wall is an aesthetic choice in itself. Just take this entryway as an example:

Speaking of floor mirrors, they look great throughout a home! Check out our 37 Floor Mirror Decorating Ideas.

As we discussed, if your goal is to highlight a table or bench, you'll obviously want to mount the mirror above that piece of furniture. Finally, if you're trying to catch as much light as possible, you'll want the mirror to be placed across the way from the door, if possible.

Should You Have More Than One Entryway Mirror?

It's absolutely possible to incorporate more than one mirror into your entryway decor, either as purely decorative or for practical purposes. To make it look as natural as possible, you'll just want to be sure the mirrors share visual cohesion. You can look to this entryway as your model:

The frames and shape of both mirrors match. You'll also note how the entryway is rather minimalist. Adding a second mirror into busy decor will create an overwhelming look. Simple is best if you want double mirrors in the foyer.

Should The Mirror Be Hung Horizontally Or Vertically?

The short answer to whether you should hang your entryway mirror horizontally or vertically is that it depends on where you're putting it.

For example, if you're hanging a mirror above a mounted shelf featuring coat hooks, the most natural look is going to be a horizontally oriented mirror. However, if you're placing the mirror above a table or using a full-length piece to help open up the room, you'll want it to be vertical.

Speaking of mounting mirrors, if you're opposed to using nails to do so, check out our article discussing How To Put Mirrors On Walls Without Nails.

In Closing

When it comes to decorating your entryway, you should definitely consider placing a mirror in the space. It opens the room, increases the room's aesthetic, and serves as an excellent transitional piece. As you shop for a new entryway mirror (or mirrors), have fun with it!

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