Should Faucets Match Across The Bathroom?

Are you getting ready to remodel your bathroom, or maybe you're on a mission to replace those dingy old faucets? Does the finish on all the bathroom hardware need to match? Can you mix and match your bathroom finishes? Remodeling is stressful enough without having to navigate the subtle rules of hardware finishes, so we constructed a guide to help you along the way.

Yes, generally, bathroom faucets should all be the same finish. This also applies to your shower head, cabinet hardware, and even light fixtures. There are a few exceptions that can work together in close quarters.

There is some leeway with this rule, particularly when considering finishes that are very close in color. So what finishes can be swapped out? And how can you blend different finishes to achieve the perfect look? To learn all the exceptions on hardware finishes, keep reading.

Water pouring out of modern bathroom faucet, Should Faucets Match Across The Bathroom?


Iron is a neutral metal that can be carefully tied in with just about any other tone when incorporated subtly. It is a metal that is best used in small amounts, but it can have a large impact. An iron light fixture or a simple set of iron hinges on the sink cabinet can have a lasting overall impression.

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Oil Rubbed Bronze and Copper

Oil Rubbed Bronze and Copper finishes can complement each other very well when used correctly. In addition, they have similar undertones that create warmth and bring a room together. It is fairly common to pair oil rubbed bronze faucets with a copper sink.

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Black and Gold

Mixing black and gold fixtures in your bathroom can create a look of luxury. Iron or black steel can be used with brass or copper to create an extravagant scene that will leave you feeling like royalty. 

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Brushed Nickel and Chrome

Brushed nickel and chrome can be used successfully in the same bathroom. Chrome is a colder, more metallic color, while brushed nickel has warmer undertones. They need to be balanced meticulously to avoid overwhelming the room with either shade.

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Is Chrome Or Brushed Nickel More Modern?

Chrome is considered more modern because of its cool tones and its metallic sheen. Its clean and crisp appearance fits perfectly in modern style homes. Brushed nickel is often seen in more traditional style homes because it has hints of underlying warm tones and a matte finish. 

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Most Popular Bathroom Fixture Finishes 

There's nothing wrong with sticking to the tried and true; it can be nice to know that there is no room for error. Keeping your bathroom hardware the same finish throughout will guarantee uniformity and a beautiful, complete look. These are the most popular bathroom fixture finishes of the year:

1. Polished Chrome

Delta Windemere Faucet

This faucet from Delta has great reviews and comes in three different finishes, including this gorgeous polished chrome. This finish is a classic and has the potential to work with any style of home. Chrome is easy to clean; however, it should be dried after wiping it down because it will show water spots and fingerprints. Moreover, it's a durable finish with a timeless look.

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2. Brushed Nickel

Delta Haywood Faucet

The Haywood model is a timeless look, and the brushed nickel finish is divine. This finish is typically seen in traditional and coastal style homes. Because satin nickel is one of the most durable finishes on the market, it's a great choice for anyone seeking longevity. It is easy to clean and doesn't hold water stains or fingerprints.

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3. Matte Black

Delta Vesna Faucet

This chic, matte black faucet from Delta is sophisticated and elegant. This finish would be a great addition to rustic or modern homes. Matte black is another durable option that comes clean easily, and it repels stains and fingerprints, keeping it clean longer.

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4. Polished Brass

Kingston Brass Heritage

Polished brass is a reliable option for bathrooms, and the Heritage model by Kingston Brass is perfection for any Victorian style home. Because polished brass is common it's easy to match with other hardware in the bathroom. It is a durable finish, and it is easy to clean.

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5. Oil Rubbed Bronze

Delta Linden Faucet

Oil rubbed bronze is a great option for any traditional or rustic style home. The finish will make it appear slightly antiqued and creates warmth in the room. Oil rubbed bronze won't hold dirt, water stains, or fingerprints, making it easy to keep clean. This finish is meant to wear with use, exposing more bronze tones over time.

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6. Copper

GGStudy Widespread Bathroom Faucet

Copper faucets are traditionally seen in Victorian style homes but have been making a comeback in rustic, country, and farmhouse style homes lately. This finish will be moderately easy to find, and it naturally contains anti-bacterial properties, making your water a little cleaner. Copper is a softer metal, and this makes it a little less durable than most materials. Some faucets are made of solid brass and finished with a false copper coating, a more durable option. Over time real copper will patina causing a natural and beautiful discoloration, which can be difficult to match with other fixtures.

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Warm vs. Cool Metals

Warm and cool metals can be mixed; however, it will need to be done mindfully. For instance, you should choose one shade for the hardware and choose another as an accent color. Use your primary shade for light fixtures, faucets, and showerheads. The accent color can be used on the mirror borders, cabinet hardware and scattered throughout the room using decorations. Warm metals include oil rubbed bronze, brass, copper, black, and gold. Cool metals include nickel, chrome, silver, and stainless steel. 

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Should Your Bathroom Fixtures Match The Kitchen?

This depends on the style of your home. If the bathroom and kitchen are both traditional styles, it may be best to stick with the same finish on all the hardware to tie your home's look together and give it a good flow. If your kitchen is traditional and your bathroom is more coastal or beach-themed, it may be better to use a more suitable finish for the room's style.


Use textured metals to add a unique twist to your decor. Hammered, brushed, and patterned metals are a great start. Galvanized steel is another excellent option that has become increasingly popular for in-home use. Textures add depth and dimension to your finished look and create designer-quality detail. To avoid overwhelming the room with textures, consider using it in some of the accents, like a hammered soap dispenser.

Monarch Adobe Hammered Metal Accessory Set

This hammered accessory set would help complete the look. Try scattering them throughout the room to tie it all together.

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Fix Your Fixtures

Now that you know what metals you can mix and match, you're ready to pick out fixtures. You may want to consider the finishes you currently have in your kitchen and the rest of the house before finalizing your decision. Don't forget to play with textures to get a dimensional look to your bathroom and increase interest. Have fun creating your dream bathroom!

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Water pouring out of modern bathroom faucet, Should Faucets Match Across The Bathroom?

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