Should Gutter And Fascia Be The Same Color

When scouting for color themes for the facade, don’t forget the gutters and fascias. Are we saying that gutter and fascia should be the same color? We’ve asked experts, and they gave us answers that work wonderfully.

Gutters and fascia should seamlessly blend with the siding to create the perfect look. They don’t have to be the same color. However, to add color to the facade, you could match the gutter and fascia.

Color coordination helps unify all the elements of the house and the landscape of your property. Continue reading to understand the nuances to pay attention to when choosing colors.

New Residential House with architectureal ashpalt shingle roof design with gray ang light brown color design, Should Gutter And Fascia Be The Same Color

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Matching Gutter And Fascia Colors

Gutters and fascias tend to protrude from the facade. Because of this, you see them first before your eyes take in the rest of the house.

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a metal brown roof of a brick house with snow stoppers, snow guards, a rain gutter, a downspout, soffit and fascia board

When gutters and fascias are mismatched or have different bright colors, you are sure to remember them. To ease your house colors on the eye, pick subtle colors that blend the trims, gutters, and the siding.

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How To Choose A Gutter Color

According to design experts, gutters are the ones that dictate what color the trim should be. Therefore, pick a suitable color for the gutter system that complements the facade.

Keep these pointers in mind, and don’t forget your style preferences.

  1. Check what the HOA rules say on home improvements in your neighborhood.
  2. Assess the facade of your house and see what suits you.
  3. Your pocket will also have a lot of input in your choice.
  4. Look around your neighborhood to find out the popular tendencies.
  5. Work with your roof and siding colors too.

Take your time, and pick the right gutters when revamping your home or building a completely new home.

When Should You Match The Fascia To The Gutter

Worker Attaching Aluminum Rain Gutter to Fascia of House

First impressions matter. So, when you are walking toward a house with details in different colors, it could feel overwhelming.

The perfect moment to match the color of your gutter and trims or fascia should be when:

  • the same color is available or
  • the fascia is thick and visible.

It’s all about visual effects.

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Ideal Fascia And Gutter Colors

Subtle and bold colors can be used on gutters and fascias. Sometimes picking the right color can be frustrating.

If you are torn between personal style preferences and the right color combinations, here are some color ideas to choose from. These colors fit both the soffit and fascia.

White or Off-white

White and off-white give a clean look. They are like a plain canvas which allows you to use different colors for the facade.

Have a look at this paint on Amazon.

Cream Tan

Cream tan is a soft yet definitive color. It’s easy on the eyes and works well with brick and brick facades. 


Grey, black, or chocolate brown are bold but safe colors. Look at a color wheel to help coordinate the best shade with the facade.


Think outside the box and use bold orange, navy blue, or forest green. However, ensure that these fascia and gutter colors don’t conflict with the rest of the house. 

Should Gutters Match Soffit?

Soffits are low-key and don’t stick out. They could match the gutter, but it isn’t compulsory. Soffits are mostly wooden and could be painted in different colors.

It isn’t always easy to get the exact color of the gutter to fit a soffit or fascia. It’s because gutters come in different materials. To make things easier, you could choose colors using a color wheel.

Matching Your Gutters To The Roof

Roofing and gutter materials can be custom-made. You will find a broad color palette for roofing and gutter materials.

When choosing a roof color, designers advise choosing two or three shades darker than the gutter or fascia.

Double gable with dark stone veneer siding, with triangle shape peaks, on a pitched roof attic

Are Fascias Necessary?

Yes, they are. Fascias, also referred to as fascia boards, bridge the gap between the wall and the roof. It creates a horizontal band that goes around the house.

The boards are often different sizes depending on the roof construction. You’ll find 1×6, 1×8, 2×6, or 2×8 rafters.

Fascias also: 

  • Close access to the roof for critters and insects.
  • Elaborate fascias add appeal to your home.
  • Stabilize the gutter system.
  • Block water from getting to the house through the eaves.

Popular Fascia and Gutter Materials

In construction, different parts of the house are of different materials. That is why getting matching colors is sometimes next to impossible. Gutters and fascias are no exception. 


Traditionally, the fascia boards are made of wood. But there are other materials that constructors use. You will find fascias in wood, composite, aluminum, PVC, vinyl, and fiber cement.

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Gutters have evolved and can be found in an array of materials. Some are cheaper while others are more expensive. The most popular gutter materials are vinyl, wood, copper, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Check out these aluminum gutters on Amazon.

How Often Can You Replace Gutters & Fascias?

Replacement of gutters and fascias can be done simultaneously or when necessary. When gutters are taken care of, they can serve for 20 years. Repairs and replacement are necessary when:

  • Gutters are leaky and sagging.
  • Fascia boards are rotten.
  • Curling shingles due to moisture.
  • Chipping and peeling paint.
  • Pest infestation

However, you should replace gutters and fascias after replacing the roof.  Clean them out when preparing the roof.

How To Replace A Fascia

House with New Seamless Aluminum Rain Gutters

Upgrade the facade with a new coat of paint or replace some bits and pieces. Fascias are sometimes overlooked during this process. If you live in a locality with pests such as termites, keep a close eye on your fascias. 

Replacing a fascia board is relatively easy if you are an experienced builder or DIYer. Beginners could follow these steps to tackle a rotten or pest-infested fascia board.

  1. Start by ensuring that you have all the necessary tools for the job. Don’t for protective gear and safety precautions.
  2. Remove the boards or rafters that need to be replaced. All nails should also come off to avoid them damaging the roof shingles.
  3. Take measurements of the fascia boards and cut the new ones to size.
  4. Nail the fascia boards in carefully for excellent results.

Here’s a short video that demonstrates these steps.

You will be going up and down the ladder a lot. Therefore, be careful and request a friend’s help.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Fascias?

Fascias and soffits are often replaced at a go. The combined replacement could cost homeowners from $600 to $6,000. Ask your constructor for the exact quotation for your property.

How To Install A Gutter

Roof gutter repair with roof contractor repairing house rain gutter pipeline

Gutters are very important because they help drain the water away from the basement and foundation of the house. If you move into a home and find no gutters, have them installed as soon as possible.

When you know what to do, installing a gutter is an easy job. Follow these steps for easy installation of a new gutter. You could also use these steps to repair a damaged gutter with some alterations.

  1. Purchase the required length of the rain gutter. Ensure you have caps to close the ends. 
  2. Have the right tools for installation at hand.
  3. On the fascia, find the right placement for the gutter. Neither too high nor too low. Remember, one end has to be higher than the other to allow water to drain out.
  4. Fix the caps on the gutter. Cut a hole for the outlet and attach it before mounting it.
  5. Mount the gutter and add the hangers that hold it in place. Screw the gutter two inches lower than the chalk line to allow you to screw the brackets or hangers without damaging the roof shingles.
  6. Finally, connect a downspout to drain the rainwater. Moreover, you could collect the rainwater in a rain barrel.

If you aren’t sure of your capabilities, you could invite a professional to do the job.

Check out this tutorial to gain confidence or to understand what the professional will be doing on your roof.

How Much Does It Cost To Replace Gutters?

Gutters should be installed or replaced together with downspouts. The cost of replacing gutters will depend on how damaged they are.

Contractors can charge from $617 to $1663. The cost varies from state to state and the type of building materials used.

Gutter Styles

Worker Attaching Aluminum Rain Gutter and Down Spout to Fascia of House

Gutters have different styles to offset the beauty of your home. The main gutter styles are Box, Half- Round, and K-style. The most malleable materials to create the above gutter styles are Vinyl, Galvanized steel, Aluminum, or Copper.

Each of these styles has its pros and cons. Pick wisely to ensure that you get a gutter system with the most benefits for your home.

According to designers and constructors, the best gutters are K-style gutters. They are suitable for harsh weather conditions and have a seamless finish. They are also available in different materials.

Final Word

New Residential House with architectural asphalt shingle roof design with gray ang light brown color design

Increase your home’s ‘curb appeal’ with well-thought-out gutters and fascia colors. If you cannot find the exact colors for the gutters and fascias, use a color palette. 

Don’t forget to tie the roof to your color combinations. You could also use bold colors to make your home stand out!

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