Should I Rotate Or Flip My Sleep Number Mattress?

Most of us have been used to rotating or flipping our mattresses as we’re told it’ll make them last longer. But how about if you have a Sleep Number mattress? Can you also flip or rotate this smart bed as well? We researched this for you, and here is what we’ve learned.

You cannot flip or rotate Sleep Number mattresses. It is a one-sided mattress and each layer and part of the mattress has a specific function. Rotating or flipping it will affect how it works and you won’t achieve the comfort level that you desire when you sleep.

Keep on reading to learn more about these smart mattresses and why it isn’t advisable to flip or rotate them. We’ll also discuss the importance of rotating mattresses for some bed types, and we’ll give you some tips on the care and maintenance of your Sleep Number mattress. Let’s get this started! 

Should you rotate a Sleep Number mattress?

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A good mattress is an investment. You don’t just get a better quality of sleep but also enjoy the health benefits that come with it. It promotes good body form and posture so you don’t suffer from body aches when you wake up.

And since you always have a good night’s rest and adequate sleep, your mental and emotional well-being also improves tremendously. You’re better prepared in facing a brand-new day.

As such, it is important to know how to take good care of your mattress so that you can get the most out of your investment. Let’s face it, a good quality mattress isn’t cheap, so it would be nice to get more life out of it.

As mentioned earlier, many mattresses are flipped or rotated to lessen the wear and tear on their surfaces and hence, make them last longer.

However, a Sleep Number mattress isn’t an ordinary mattress. It is a smart bed that gives you control over the softness or firmness of your bed. It has a built-in air pump and air chamber that allow you to inflate or deflate the mattress according to your comfort level.

As expected, there are hoses and connectors attached to the mattress for this, which is why flipping or rotating it will present some challenges. It could even cause permanent damage to the mattress. Your warranty will be void if Sleep Number finds out that you did not use their product according to their instruction.  

The Case of Sleep Number Mattresses

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Sleep Number mattresses have become popular as people put a premium on great sleep. Sleep Number beds promise to give you just that. 

Their smart beds allow you to adjust the comfort level of your bed. If you share the bed with your spouse or child, you can customize the settings on each side of the bed – you don’t have to compromise your comfort for the sake of maintaining peace in the bedroom.

Its Responsive Air technology does this for you automatically as you move in your bed throughout the night. This way, your bed contours perfectly according to your body shape. 

Their mattresses also balance your temperature so that you’re not feeling too cold or too hot and can achieve a relaxing slumber. They have also been integrated with SleepIQ technology that measures your body’s biometrics as you sleep and provides you with a report in the morning so you can have a better understanding of the quality of your sleep.

Sleep Number mattresses also come with a foot-warming feature. It will automatically pre-warm the lower portion of the bed where you usually lay your feet to help you go to sleep faster.

It also uses Snore technology that allows you to adjust the head portion of the bed to alleviate mild snoring. All of these features work together so that you wake up feeling refreshed and ready for the new day ahead.

And what we’re getting at here is that each part of the mattress – from the head to the foot has a specific function.

Rotating it will affect those functions, that’s why it won’t work in this case. It also doesn’t make sense to flip it because the top and bottom layers don’t have the same design. This mattress is one-sided. It has carefully been layered to offer the utmost comfort to users and flipping it will defeat that purpose.

Sleep Number also doesn’t mention on its website and manuals that it recommends flipping or rotating its smart mattresses.

Care and Maintenance Of Your Sleep Number Mattress

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The main point of rotating and flipping most mattresses is to reduce sagging due to constant body impressions on the same side of the bed.

A Sleep Number Mattress has a built-in Firmness Control System. As mentioned earlier, you can inflate or deflate the mattress according to your desired comfort level, so this flipping is largely unnecessary.

But there are instances when the mattress may look misshapen having dips or impressions on the surface or it may seem like it is losing air. Here are some troubleshooting tips for you.

Dips or Impressions on Sleep Number Mattress

  • Make sure you’re using the right mattress support system to have a solid foundation for your Sleep Number smart bed. A box spring, especially one with slats that are spaced too far apart from each other, is not recommended to use together with this mattress.
  • If there are screws on the bed frame that you’re using, secure them in place tightly so that they’ll offer good support to the mattress.
  • Remove all bedding and the mattress cover so you can visually inspect the bed.
  • With no one lying on the bed, fill it with air until it reaches 100. See if it will hold its shape when you lie on it.
  • If the bed is still misshapen, contact Sleep Number customer support for assistance.

Sleep Number Mattress Losing Air

The cause of air loss in your Sleep Number mattress is a leak in any of these: air chamber, connection, or Firmness Control System. You can determine where the leak is coming from by performing hose swapping or air chamber capping.

Air Chamber Capping
  • Find the air chamber caps on the base of your bed.
  • Turn off the Responsive Air feature on the SleepIQ app.
  • Inflate both sides of the bed by up to 15 points higher than your usual setting.
  • Lift the bed and observe the air hose connections to see where the leak is coming from.
  • Once you identify the source, put on the air chamber cap on the affected side to prevent losing more air.
Hose Swapping
  • Remove all bedding.
  • Unzip the mattress cover to expose the air hoses.
  • Inspect the hoses for any sign of damage. The connectors should also have black O-rings at the tip.
  • Pull the hoses out and swap them to the opposite side.
  • Put back the mattress cover and bedding.
  • Observe the mattress if it will retain its firmness this time.

If the air chamber capping and hose swapping won’t work, contact Sleep Number for assistance.

Cleaning the Mattress

Use a mild detergent only for spot-cleaning your Sleep Number mattress. Other cleaning agents aren’t recommended as they can damage the material. Do not remove the cover, machine wash, or dry clean. Just gently rub the dirt off using a clean microfiber cloth and then air dry.  

Sleep Number mattresses have been incorporated with antibacterial properties to fight off germs, bacteria, mold, and mildew so that it stays clean with minimal maintenance.

What’s the point of rotating a mattress?

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There are some mattresses that are okay to rotate and even flip once in a while. But again, you have to check with the manufacturer or your owner’s manual to confirm if this is recommended for your particular mattress model.

Usually, innerspring, latex, and memory foam mattresses are rotated at least twice a year. If you’ve had your innerspring mattress for years, you can rotate it up to 5 times a year.

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The key is in doing so on a consistent schedule. For example, rotate it every 6 months. This will reduce wear and tear on the mattress surface or what we see as sagging on some portions of the bed. This is due to consistent pressure applied on the same points that the support system underneath tends to give in. 

Rotating the mattress will help extend its life. It protects the overall structure of the bed by preventing the reshaping of the mattress due to continuous use in the same local area. This is part of your mattress’ maintenance so that you can get more life out of it.

But of course, there will come a point when it won’t be enough to just rotate the mattress and you will have to replace it to provide you with good support as you sleep.

Final Thoughts

Your Sleep Number mattress is not an ordinary bed. It doesn’t require flipping or rotating, and doing so risks damaging your bed. Make adjustments to the Firmness Control System to prevent sagging and maintain your desired comfort level when using this smart bed.

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