Should Kitchen And Bathroom Cabinets Match?

Whether you're buying a new home or remodeling your existing home, you will encounter endless amounts of choices when it comes to kitchen and bathroom cabinets. There are so many styles and colors to choose from that it might seem overwhelming. But one burning question for consumers is whether your kitchen and bathroom cabinets should match? We have done the research for you and have the answer.
Kitchen and bathroom cabinets do not need to match. Homebuilders regularly design homes with completely different cabinets in the kitchen and the bathrooms. Many homeowners who remodel likewise decide to go with cabinet styles in the kitchen and baths that don't match. However, experts agree that if your cabinets do not match, you will want to keep things somewhat similar in terms of style and color scheme.

There are advantages and disadvantages to having matching kitchen and bathroom cabinets, but ultimately, it comes down to personal preference. If you are planning to update the cabinets in your home and are questioning whether or not the kitchen and baths should match, don't fret! We have all of the information you need, so let's get started!

A master bath with windowed shower and cabinets, Should Kitchen And Bathroom Cabinets Match?

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Should Cabinets Match?

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Kitchen in remodeled home

Deciding on the right cabinets for your home is a time-consuming process, and it can be nerve-racking when you are confronted with so many options. If you are still on the fence regarding kitchen and bathroom cabinets, there are some things you can take into consideration to help you make your design decisions. 

Matching Cabinets: Pros And Cons

If you do decide to match the cabinets in the kitchen and bathrooms, it will probably save you time and money since buying the same materials is cheaper and easier. Not only will it cost less, but it's also much simpler picking out one cabinet style and color instead of several.  In addition, matching the cabinets in your kitchen and bathrooms will ensure that you don't stray away from the color scheme or design style of your home. 

One disadvantage of matching cabinets is a lack of originality in your house. Everything will be the same, and that might cause your home to look a bit dull. Again, it's about personal taste, and if you like all of your cabinets the same, then that's all that matters.

Different Cabinets: Pros And Cons

Everyone has different tastes and styles, and that's one advantage of choosing kitchen and bathroom cabinets that aren't the same. You can customize your home to satisfy the different members of the household. If you have children, you might want white or light-colored cabinets in their bathrooms for a brighter look, while the master bathroom can be designed with a more sophisticated feel to it. 

On the flip side, choosing different cabinets will take a lot more time since you will need to make design decisions for each bathroom and the kitchen. Doing this will likely cost more money, too, since you will be dealing with different suppliers and materials.

Resale Considerations

Homebuyers typically prefer uniformity in a house, so if you are remodeling your home to sell it in the near future, you might consider a cohesive look throughout the entire house, including matching cabinets in the kitchen, bathrooms, and even the laundry room. Homes that are too personalized can be more difficult to sell. If you are reselling in the next few years, then it might be wiser to keep it simple and similar.  

Location In Your Home

If your kitchen and bathroom are located right next to each other, it could make more sense that they have the same cabinets. Consistency in a home is important, and you don't want to have a modern-looking kitchen adjacent to a bathroom decorated with a Mediterranean theme. If the bathroom is located across the house from the kitchen or on a different floor, it will be less important for them to look alike.

Keep the Same Style

Even if you use different colors and cabinets in your home, you should consider keeping the style the same. You shouldn't have a rustic kitchen in style and bathrooms that feature traditional cabinets and accents. It is important to have a certain evenness throughout, and too many different styles can take away from the beauty of your home.

If you do decide to use different cabinets, one way to keep a similar look is to choose the same pulls and knobs for them. Choosing the same counters for the kitchen and the bathrooms is another idea to achieve conformity. 

Modern kitchen with sitting and dining area

Should All Cabinets In The House Be The Same Color?

Much like having the same style cabinets throughout the house, cabinets don't need to be the same color. You might prefer instead to have different colors throughout the house to match the various rooms. For example, if your master bedroom is decorated and painted in grey tones, your master bathroom should probably match. If you have children, you might design their bathroom or bathrooms with the decor of their bedrooms in mind.
The colors you choose are important as well. You will want to consider opting for colors in the same family so that you don't have a lot of different color schemes going on throughout your home. Plus, you'll likely have the same flooring in most rooms of your home, so your cabinets should also compliment your floors. 

Master bath with windowed shower

Should Bathroom Vanities Match Throughout The House?

Many newer homes will have matching vanities in all of the bathrooms because it's easier and less expensive for the builder to use the same materials and it creates a nice cohesiveness in the home. Homeowners who remodel might also like the idea of one style of bathroom vanity as it saves time trying to figure out a different design and color scheme for each bathroom.

If different vanities appeal to you but you want some harmony in your bathrooms, you can opt to use the same cabinet door style on your vanities or you could choose different vanities with the same color. There is definitely no rule that says bathroom vanities must match. 

Beautiful custom shelves and cabinet built-in interior

Should Living Room Cabinets Match Kitchen Cabinets?

If your living room and kitchen are adjoining, it's probably a good idea that they match since both sets of cabinets will be visible. However, it's really a matter of choice, and it's not absolutely necessary that the living room and kitchen cabinets match. Typically, living room cabinets will be built in, and like other cabinets, they should complement the floors and the paint in the room and they shouldn't differ from the design style in your house.

Cabinets Don't Need To Match!

Overall, we have established that the cabinets in your bathroom and kitchen do not need to match. It always comes down to your personal preference and whether you want to take the time to decide on different cabinet styles and colors for the rooms of your house individually. Whether you want to be creative with your cabinets or take a more conservative approach, in the end, it's your house, so do what makes you happy! 

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