Should Kitchen Appliances Be the Same Brand? (Including ILLUSTRATED examples)

Should Kitchen Appliances Be the Same Brand? (Including ILLUSTRATED examples)When updating or renovating a kitchen, one concern that pops up a lot for homeowner’s is which appliances will be the best choices. Besides the kitchen cabinets, the appliances take up the most real estate in the kitchen, and thus their form is nearly as important as their function.

Should kitchen appliances be the same brand? The answer to this question can be a little complicated because the best response is “it depends.” There are a lot of different factors to consider when choosing appliances, and not all brands offer the same functions. It isn’t always possible to get all of the features that you want in each appliance from the same brand which means you either sacrifice some function or you mix and match brands.

There are a few key elements that need to be considered when choosing whether or not you can use mismatched brands in your kitchen. In this article, we are going to break down the details so that you can make your final appliance decision in confidence.

Choose a Color Scheme

Mixing and matching brands can be just fine if you are sure to build a kitchen where all the appliances match in color. In general, appliances come in white, black, or stainless steel. There are some retro or custom color appliances floating around in colors like teal or avocado, but for the most part, it is just the big three.

When choosing appliances from different brands, it is a good idea to go to the showroom to look at them, even if you plan to make a purchase online. Black may be a pretty standard color, but there could be differences in the shade or the shine that will keep certain appliances from looking good when paired in the same kitchen.

Black Kitchen Appliances

Black kitchen appliances in an otherwise white kitchen

Black appliances are popular with homeowners that like a traditional style in their kitchens. They are also a good choice in smaller kitchens because they seem to take up less space than other colors. When choosing black appliances from different manufacturers, you will want to ensure that the sheen is the same as some can be more matte than others.

White kitchen appliances

White kitchen appliances

White appliances are a popular choice in the farmhouse style of the kitchen because they can often be purchased with a retro look. You will still want to compare sheens as you would with black appliances, but there are generally fewer variations in white.

Stainless Steel kitchen appliances

Stainless steel kitchen appliances

Stainless appliances are generally considered to be higher end, and they are often found in large chef-style kitchens. Mixing and matching brands becomes more difficult when you are choosing stainless appliances because there are a lot of variations to consider. The color of the metal can be slightly or even drastically different between brands, and many brands add areas of black, glass, or a different colored metal to the panels, display screens, or the knobs.

You will definitely want to look at stainless appliances in person, and it would probably be helpful to compare your preferred brands side-by-side to compare the colors and sheens in close proximity to each other.

Black Stainless Steel kitchen appliances

Black stainless steel fridge

Another color option to consider is black stainless steel. This style of an appliance is popping up more and more frequently on decor blogs and Pinterest feeds. If choosing different brands in black stainless, you will want to pay particular attention to the sheen because some of them are very matte while others have a bit more shine.

Logos, Knobs, and Perfectionism

If you are a homeowner that strives for perfectionism, you will likely want to purchase appliances from the same manufacturer. Those homeowners that can’t stand for anything to be slightly mismatched will have a hard time dealing with the differences between the logos, knobs, and handles of mismatched appliances.

While it is possible to find brands that have a very similar aesthetic, the variations in the shape and colors will probably be too much for a perfectionist. If you are the type of person that keeps all of your canned food items lined up and can’t abide towels that aren’t folded just so, mismatched appliance brands are not for you.

Matching Appliances Packages

Perfectionists can take comfort knowing that there are complete appliance packages available. These ensure that every single facet of the stove, dishwasher, refrigerator, and microwave is a perfect match. Many retailers offer this type of bundle or package which can make shopping for matching appliances much easier because it keeps you from choosing the ideal stove only to find that there is not matching dishwasher.

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Appliances Behind Cabinets

If you have the style of the kitchen where one or more of your appliances will be behind cabinet doors, you can be less concerned with choosing the same brands. Sticking to the same color is probably still a good idea because it may seem jarring when the cabinet door is open, but the sheen and the shade of the color will be less important since very little will be seen.

This opens you up to really focusing on function, and you can shop for your appliances based solely on what features you are interested in.

Matching Appliance Styles

Another thing to consider when choosing kitchen appliances from different brands is the style and shape. Some appliances have a sleek or minimalist look, while others may be sturdier and bulkier. It is also important to look at the details and trim to ensure the colors are the same to avoid choosing one appliance with gold accents on the knobs while everything else is silver.

This unique range is a perfect example. It has a lot of interesting design elements that might not be for everyone or fit in with the design of every kitchen.


The rounded retro look is also popular, and there are many stoves and refrigerators that have that shape. Matching a rounded refrigerator with a very angular stove may not be visually appealing in your kitchen.


Purchasing Matching Appliances: Pros and Cons

Anytime you are trying to solve a problem, it is always a good idea to look at the pros and the cons of each method.

Pros of Matching Appliances

● All of the colors and sheens are guaranteed to match. ● You may be able to get a good deal on a kitchen package. ● You get a uniform look to your kitchen. ● You will not have to worry about different logos catching the eye.

Cons of Matching Appliances

● It may be difficult to find a brand that carries all of the needed appliances in the style that you prefer. ● You may have to give up some of your desired functions when narrowing the search down to a single manufacturer. ● You may not be able to get as good a deal on your appliances.

At the End of the Day

When it is all said and done, the opinion that matters the most is your own. It is your kitchen after all! Whether you choose to go with appliances that are all purchased from the same brand or not, you will be happiest if you get the function that you need from your appliances. It doesn’t do anyone any good if they have a visually stunning kitchen, but they cannot use it to keep themselves or their family well-fed.

Consider the colors and the styles that you like, and then set out to get the closest match possible in the appliances that function in the way you need. Having mismatched appliances isn’t a major faux pas, and it won’t make your house unsellable when it comes time to upgrade.

Still not sure which items you need to worry about when it comes to your kitchen? Make sure you also read our post about the types of basic kitchen appliances that every kitchen needs.

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