Should Kitchen Faucet Match Sink?

There are various factors to consider when designing your kitchen. Choosing your kitchen faucet and deciding how it should match your sink are among these factors. We have researched this topic thoroughly and have some helpful tips to share with you.

In general, it is better to have your kitchen faucet and sink match in style. It is not necessary for your faucet and sink to match exactly, but the overall style of the finishes should be similar. If you prefer to have mixed finishes, they will look best if you maintain a similar tone.

In this article, we'll take a closer look at why matching faucets and sinks work so well. We'll also advise you on which finishes would complement one another and which styles of kitchen faucets would work best with different types of sinks. Without further ado, let's get started!

Details of modern kitchen sink with tap faucet., Should Kitchen Faucet Match Sink?

Matching kitchen faucet with sink

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It is best to have similar styles for your kitchen faucet and sink. While they don't need to be the same as one another, the color and type of the finishes should be similar for visual harmony. The style of the kitchen faucet and sink should also be in line with the overall style of your kitchen, whether you are aiming for a modern setup or more of a retro feel.

What style of kitchen faucet is best?

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There are mainly two points to consider in choosing the best kitchen faucet style for you: namely, its function and aesthetics. The best style of kitchen faucet for your kitchen would depend on if it can fulfill all your functional requirements while at the same time fitting the design of your kitchen.

How can you select the best kitchen faucet for your needs?

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Kitchen faucets come with different types of handles, reach, mounting style, design, and finish. Generally, the available holes for mounting your sink configuration would help narrow down the types of kitchen faucets that would be suitable for you.

Kitchen faucet handles can be divided into single, double, or touchless types. Single handle faucets are easier to install but are not as accurate in adjusting water temperature compared to their double handle counterpart. Touchless faucets are cleaner and more convenient due to their motion sensor operability but are also the most expensive of the three.

The design of kitchen faucets can either be straight or of a gooseneck curve. Straight spouts are compact and inexpensive, yet there is less clearance for filling large pots. Gooseneck spouts allow for more clearance, but they are more expensive compared to straight spout models.

Lastly, there are various available finishes for your kitchen faucet. The most common finishes are stainless steel, chrome, brass, and black, although you can find others. The kind of finish affects the faucet’s appearance, cleanability, and price. Shinier finishes would allow for fingerprints and water spots to show, while brushed finishes are more likely to hide such traces.

Choosing the best style of faucet for your kitchen would depend on your preferences, needs, and budget. Following the tips mentioned earlier would help you decide on the most suited faucet for your kitchen.

Can you mix metal finishes in the kitchen?

Yes! Mixing metal finishes can be done to show harmony in the design of your kitchen. The overall color of your kitchen will be the basis of what metals could be used. The colors of the metal finishes should be of a similar tone, creating a visual balance in your kitchen.

How to mix metal finishes in the kitchen

Metal finishes and accents can reflect your kitchen design as well as help guide other design choices.

Stainless steel or chrome are common for metal finishes, while the accents are usually black or gold. We recommend searching by the finish first. It is easier to peruse faucets of different designs in a single finish than the other way around. Otherwise, you may become attached to a design only to be disappointed when it doesn't come in your desired finish.

The appliances, cabinet hardware, and lighting fixtures should also go with the style and color of your kitchen. The colors of the metals could either highlight or clash with the colors of other decorative items in your kitchen, such as glassware, paint, and porcelain. Having metal finishes or fixtures in your kitchen with similar colors or styles would help in creating an appealing and unified look.

Are black faucets too trendy?

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Other colors are always vying to become the new black, and for good reason. Black has a reputation for being timeless and elegant. This color holds character and will always feel and look valuable.

When it comes to bathroom and kitchen fixtures, black matte faucets have become more popular recently. Interior design bloggers at Lusso found that in 2019, twelve times as many black faucets were sold as their classic chrome counterparts.

Black fixtures are more than a momentary trend, they will probably be popular still in years to come. While white interiors have long since been considered aesthetically neutral, adding darker tones would still keep its neutrality but also be able to add depth and character.

Black is also a versatile color and can easily adapt to any space that it will be applied in. Also, it is simply because black looks good, especially when in contrast with lighter colors. Too much black can be heavy on the eye, but black details, such as a black faucet that contrasts with a silver-white sink, can make for classy accents.

In Closing

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For future kitchen renovations, matching the styles of your fixtures is important. From the colors to the style of the finishes, it is a great idea for them to be similar to each other. According to our findings, matching the style of your kitchen faucet with your sink is preferable, though not necessary. The remaining fixtures and metal finishes should also complement the faucet and sink combination, creating a unified look in your kitchen.

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