Should Kitchen Windows Have Curtains Or Blinds?

Blinds and curtains are the top two de rigeuer choices for covering a window. But when it comes to dressing kitchen windows, what choice is best? We did some research to figure out whether blinds or curtains are necessary, stylish, and in what scenarios ideal for a kitchen window. Read on to learn more about these two popular window coverings and which is right for your kitchen.

Ultimately, deciding to install blinds or curtains in a kitchen is a matter of personal preference. Both blinds and curtains are acceptable window treatments in kitchens and beyond. However, you may consider a more optimal choice to have blinds versus curtains in the kitchen. Kitchens are places with exposure to food spills, moisture, and also where privacy and lighting may be concerns. So, it is essential to choose your window covering wisely.

You will want to continue reading this article to understand when it is better to have curtains or blinds in your kitchen window. We made sure to cover style points, trends, and common sense regarding window coverings and maintenance.

White kitchen with wooden countertop, kitchen window with blinds, Should Kitchen Windows Have Curtains Or Blinds?

Choosing Window Coverings For Your Kitchen

Curtains and blinds are both suitable covers for your window. However, it would be best if you considered your personal needs and preferences to make a final decision. Blinds are excellent for filtering light, allow for greater privacy control without nullifying natural light, and are easy to clean. Curtains are a traditional form of window covering that can add a dramatic flair when floor-length or shorter, valence length can be used to accent and emphasize a window.

Not to worry, we have selected a few examples of kitchen windows that have either curtains or blinds installed to illustrate our points. Albeit, some people eschew blinds and curtains altogether in favor of bare windows. However, modern and contemporary curtains or blinds enhance your kitchen window and don't look drab or outdated.

When To Choose Blinds

Blinds are a good choice for people who don't want to routinely take down curtains for cleaning. Instead, when you have blinds, you can wipe them clean without removing them. Depending on your needs for filtering light and privacy, you can readily adjust a set of blinds to suit your needs. Also, if you have pets or small children, you can install cordless blinds to reduce accidents or damage to the window covering.

Faux wood blinds, rolling blinds, or vinyl blinds are ideal choices for windows over the kitchen stove, sink, or in an area that may be exposed to spills or steam.

Modern bright kitchen interior with white horizontal window blinds, wooden cabinets with white countertop and household appliances

Many kitchens are outfitted with blinds that are in a crisp, bright white color for optimal light reflection within a space. Blinds are either outfitted with a cord or cordless to raise or lower them, allowing a view of the outside world. You can easily adjust the blinds so that you can allow light to enter without letting outsiders peer inside your home. Typical, white blinds look good in industrial, contemporary, modern, and country-style homes without breaking the decor.

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Black glossy modern kitchen countertop with sink and blinds

When you need to block out more light and provide a sense of privacy, choosing a double-layered blind is a great idea. Choose this type of blind in a dense, urban area or for a modern or traditional home with wide, open windows and open surrounding spaces. You can still allow ample light to shine through and adjust as needed for your comfort.

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White kitchen with wooden countertop, silver sink and big window with blinds

Bamboo is a sustainable and attractive material that looks wonderful as a set of blinds in the kitchen. Care should be taken not to allow the blinds to become too moist, but this versatile type of window covering is visually appealing and easy to clean. The look of natural colored to darker brown blinds made from plant materials or wood is attractive and works well in different styles of kitchens.

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What Kind Of Blinds Are Best For Kitchens?

The best types of blinds for a kitchen should be durable, beautiful, and easy to wipe clean with a damp cloth. Many kitchens are outfitted with blinds that are vinyl, faux wood, or even bamboo for their maintenance and design value. Opt for a set of blinds that roll or are cordless for convenience and with slats that are flat or concave to filter light.

When To Choose Curtains

It is better to place curtains in a kitchen window if the window is very long, has an open design, or is an odd shape that would not work with blinds. Curtains present the opportunity to use patterns, color, or opacity to frame a window eloquently. Be mindful to choose a curtain style that works best for your window, whether it is floor-length, valence, panels, or pleated with grommets.

State of the art domestic kitchen with hi gloss grey cupboards and oak cabinets and induction hob, set in a stone resin worktop.

A valence that hangs at the top of the window offers minimal coverage. It is ideal for a window where privacy is not a concern, and you want to let a lot of light shine through. Additionally, a traditional valence adds a burst of color, pattern, and drapery to emphasize a window and makes it a focal point of interest.

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Luxury modern black and white kitchen interior with curtains

Curtains that sweep at the floor are best for a kitchen window that doesn't sit over a stove or kitchen sink, but it is optimal if the window is off to the side. When a kitchen window has an odd shape or dramatic, grand windows, a set of curtains highlights this space's best visual points. A set of sheer curtains looks beautiful when paired with vintage molding around a window, or if the window has a picturesque view.

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Modern kitchen interior with balloon style valence

A balloon-style valence offers a bit more privacy, a touch of flair, and a traditional aesthetic appeal for a window over a kitchen sink. You can readily adjust how the valence hangs and drapes at the bottom, allowing space for potted plants in a windowsill, a view of the outside world, and natural light to stream through.

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Can You Put Curtains Over Blinds?

If you were curious about installing curtains over a set of blinds, it is okay to do so. Adding curtains over blinds helps create an extra layer of light filtering, privacy, and visual interest to a window. When layering window coverings, it is best to hang curtains that are sheer to allow the blinds and natural light to show through, unless you wish to block out light and prying eyes. A window with a combination of curtains and blinds adds a unique profile and sense of depth to the window that looks sophisticated and not dated when done well.

Are Curtains Outdated?

Do you think that curtains are no longer in fashion? Think again! Curtains still have their place as window coverings in homes, but the trending style of curtains definitely changes over the years. When installing curtains, consider installing rolling Roman shades, Japanese or Scandinavian style curtains, or classic pleated drapery. Avoid hanging a curtain set that perfectly matches the trim or wall borders, which can give a more outdated appearance. Choose wide, sheer, or dramatic curtains that create a sense of visual interest and encourage eye movement to enhance a window.


If you are curious whether you should install curtains or blinds in a kitchen, both are acceptable forms of window coverings. Neither blinds nor curtains are an outdated way to dress a window, especially if you opt for a more modern rolling shade, trending patterned curtains, or classic, white blinds. Choose blinds or curtains based on your window's shape, style, and position for the best results. Make sure to consider light filtering, aesthetic value, privacy, and how blinds or curtains will enhance your kitchen and accomplish your decor goals.

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