Should All Lamps in a Room Match?

Should all lamps in a room match? It's a common question when designing a room, and we're here to provide the answer. We reached out to sources to see if there was a consensus, and this is what we found.

You don't have to match all the lamps in a room. More precisely, you don't have to have identical lamps. However, if you want a cohesive design, make sure they relate to one another in some way, either through shade color and shape, materials, or similar color schemes. 

Let's take a look at what this means and answer a few other questions you might want to know about lamps. Like how many you should have and what you should do if you don't have enough electrical outlets. So please, read on.

Modern living room with matching lighting equipment and modern sofa, Should All Lamps in a Room Match?

Should All Lamps In A Room Match?

When designing a room, you know you want lamps. But do they need to match? Most designers say they do not need to match. You might match your end table lamps and not your standing lamp, or you might have matching standing lamps and a different table lamp. Then again, all of your lamps might be different. There's no wrong choice.

Teal and brown theme family room with matching two side table lamp shades

In this room, lamps on the end tables are matching.

Classic gray bedroom interior with matching side table lamp shades and a standing lamp shade

Here is an example of matching table lamps and a different standing lamp. They are all uniform in shade color and overall design style.

[PIN id="128704501836524220" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

In this space, bedside lamps are related but not matching. This is a great solution when people of different heights are sharing a bed. The taller person might need a taller bedside lamp. 

How Many Lamps Should Be In A Room?

There's no right or wrong answer here. It's more about the type of lighting you want and need. Lamps provide ambient light and warm up a room. Use a standing lamp in a dark corner. Pair lamps for bedside tables, buffets, or end tables for an option to overheads if you want something warm. Any place you feel like you want a bit of extra luminescence is an excellent place for a lamp.

Do I Need Lamps In A Living Room?

You do not need lamps in a living room if you have a brightly lit space. Many contemporary areas, like the one below, opt for minimalism. And with huge windows providing gorgeous natural light in daylight hours and city twinkles at night, there's no need for lamps in this space.

Contemporary living room loft interior with two black hanging pendant lamps

Sometimes, however, you want luxurious, ambient lighting. One way to create warmth and coziness in a living room is to go all-in on the lamp coverage. This room, with only one window for natural lighting, utilizes lamps on every small table surface. There are also candles and electric candle sconces installed on the mantel. 

Living room interior in vintage French style with old chimney, wooden ceiling, chandelier, wall lamps and table lamp shades

A tall floor lamp is a great accent piece next to a couch. It allows for additional reading light and often provides a beautiful vertical element in your interior design.

Small cozy living room with a tall metal floor lamp beside the white couch

A lamp like this is perfect next to a couch for reading light.

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Should Floor Lamps Match The Table Lamps?

Your floor lamps don't need to match your table lamps. Nothing has to match if you have an eclectic style. However, it's often a good idea to choose similar shades or similar styles when picking out lamps. 

[PIN id="301811612531939969" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

In this space, the table lamp and floor lamp don't match, but the color and shape of the shades are similar. This choice provides cohesion for the design. The colors of the lamps' bases also pick up other color elements from the room, which ties things together.

Modern living room with a white empty poster and an off-white sofa with a metal floor lamp on both sides

Maybe you don't need table lamps at all. In this space, the floor lamps match on either end of the couch, and only a coffee table is in place.

Matching floor lamps like these would look industrial cool at the end of your couch.

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What Can I Put On End Tables Instead Of Lamps?

The reasons for not using lamps fall into two categories. First, you don't have appropriate electrical plugs. Or secondly, you don't want any lamps. Let's look at each of these options.

No Electrical Outlets For Lamps On End Tables.

You're in luck. Cordless battery-operated lamps are readily available. Many of them come with USB rechargeable batteries and have a relatively long life span. They're not as efficient as a corded lamp but will do the trick if you have no nearby plugs.

This contemporary lamp works for 16 hours when fully charged. It charges from a USB port so you can sit on your sofa with your laptop and charge your light while you work.

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These cute cordless lanterns get power from 3 AAA batteries. They feature an Edison style lightbulb, and the warm, ambient light shining through the cut-out pattern will cast lovely shadows on nearby surfaces.

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This cordless floor lamp runs on 4 D batteries and does come with an optional AC/DC converter. The LED bulbs provide a beautiful daylight type light for easy use when reading.

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No Lamps On End Tables, What Should I Put Instead?

There are so many beautiful options for end tables without lamps. Think about a variety of heights and choose objects you care about. Perhaps get a tall succulent in a charming pot and pair it with a framed travel photograph.

[PIN id="48061921123595723" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Natural items like flower arrangements are always beautiful on an end table. Pair with a sweet-smelling candle and an antique pitcher for a beautiful arrangement.

[PIN id="402157441721542964" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

A gorgeous tall clock or a collection of books or vases also works well on a lampless end table.

[PIN id="571605377707683825" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

This 11" tall mantel clock is an exciting and chic look for a bedside table instead of a lamp.

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A decorative set of vases is another attractive choice for an end table instead of a lamp. Change out a few flowers every few days or leave them empty. They'll look great either way.

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Awesome Table Lamps

Because we love lamps (see our post here: Where to Buy Lamps Online? [Top 35 Stores]), we thought we'd share a few favorites.

These handsome lamps have double lights, beneath the shade, and an Edison type bulb in the center. They also feature a USB port for charging small electronics.

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These cute ceramic lamps scream coastal or cottage style. The warm linen shades create a lovely sunny, ambient light. Click here for these on Amazon.

(For more of this style, check out this post: 15 Gorgeous Coastal Floor Lamps You Should Check Out)

If your style runs more to the elegant end of the spectrum, these beautiful glass candlestick style lamps should wow in your decor—a perfect choice for bold or monochromatic rooms.

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(For more of this style, we have a post for you here at 15 French-Style Bed Lamps That Will Light Up Your Bedroom With Chic)

Thank you so much for visiting our site. As you can see, choosing your lamps doesn't have to be complicated. You can match or not match, and your interior light will be gorgeous.

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