Should New Carpet Be Cleaned?

If you recently purchased or are contemplating a new carpet for your living space, you may be pondering the question of whether or not to have it deep cleaned. On the one hand, it might seem crazy to spend money to clean a brand new item. On the other hand, you might be concerned about a healthy home environment. But what does the research say? To help you make this decision with ease, we’ve done our homework and are sharing what we’ve learned with you.

Deep cleaning new carpet has undeniable benefits for your health and home. Particularly if you have small children or pets, there are compelling reasons to get that new carpet cleaned from the get-go.  

  • Deep cleaning helps protect your indoor air quality by ridding new carpet of toxins and that weird, new carpet smell.
  • Deep cleaning helps accelerate your new carpet’s shedding process, saving you time and energy that you won't spend vacuuming.

Furthermore, there is no need to fear that stain repellant will be washed off in the process or that a clean carpet will attract more dirt. If you are concerned about protecting your investment, deep cleaning is the right choice. 

Now you’ve got the basics to make an informed decision about cleaning those new carpets. Keep reading as we break down the benefits of cleaning new carpets even further.

A cleaning the new carpet with vacuum, Should New Carpet Be Cleaned?

Benefits to Cleaning New Carpets

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Naturally, a safe and healthy indoor environment is a top priority, especially when children and pets are involved in the equation. Small children and pets are significantly impacted by your flooring choices because they typically spend more time on or near the floor. Cleaning protects them from new carpet toxins and shedding fibers.

Improved Indoor Air Quality

New carpet is famous for that new carpet smell. But have you stopped to consider what exactly that smell comes from? The answer is VOCs or volatile organic compounds, which are chemicals used in the carpet manufacturing process. When carpet is installed, it begins releasing VOCs—and that infamous smell—into the air in a process called off-gassing. The bulk of off-gassing occurs in the initial 72 hours after carpet installation, but it can continue for years at much lower levels.

Before you freak out and change your mind about installing that new carpet, you should know that carpet emits lower levels of VOCs than other floor coverings. That being said, you can be proactive about reducing toxic VOCs in your freshly carpeted spaces. First of all, you can increase ventilation in your space while your new carpet is heavily off-gassing. Additionally, you can schedule a professional carpet cleaning right away to accelerate the process. 

Faster Shedding 

After a new carpet is installed, you can expect some shedding as loose fibers from the manufacturing process work themselves free. As these tiny fibers and pieces of fluff come loose, vigilant vacuuming will be required for as long as several months. Shedding can be particularly inconvenient and potentially unsafe for small children and pets who are prone to putting everything in their mouths. Initially deep cleaning your carpet can speed up the shedding process, eliminating the need to worry about little people and pets' safety and freeing you of the bother of excessive vacuuming.

Protected Investment

Purchasing carpet is an investment that you can protect through proper care and maintenance. Many people choose to invest in stain repellant treatments for their new carpet. A common misconception is that cleaning a new carpet will wash away stain repellents. This is simply not true as repellents are designed to withstand the cleaning process.

Another misconception is that freshly shampooed carpets attract more dirt, a myth that we will debunk later in this article. The truth is that one of the best ways to extend the life of your carpet is by regular deep cleanings. And the best time to begin is right away.   

How Often Should Carpet Be Vacuumed?

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To keep a new carpet fresh and clean for the long-term, commit to vacuuming twice a week. It is the easiest and most effective way to care for your carpet. While it may seem like a lot of vacuuming, keep in mind that the longer dust and soil are left to settle into carpet, the more likely they are to damage carpet fibers. The solution is frequent vacuuming.

In high-traffic areas, you may wish to increase your frequency of vacuuming. If you have pets, many experts recommend that you vacuum daily as pet hair and dander quickly become trapped in carpet fibers.

How Often Should Carpet Be Professionally Cleaned? 

Whether or not you choose to have your carpet cleaned upon installation, be sure that professional cleanings are part of your carpet care routine. The Carpet and Rug Institute recommends that carpets be professionally deep cleaned every 12-18 months at a minimum. Typically, carpet manufacturers require professional cleanings every 12-18 months to maintain warranty coverage. Be sure to check with your manufacturer to see what is required for your warranty.

How Long Does Carpet Last?

Home maintenance experts agree that carpet lasts anywhere from five to fifteen years. That’s quite a range! Many factors contribute to how long your carpet will last. The quality of the carpet plays a major role in its durability. Regular maintenance is the other contributing factor to the longevity of carpet. Sticking to a regular vacuuming and deep cleaning schedule, as well as tackling messes and stains as soon as possible, will maximize the life of your carpet, making that investment last as long as possible. 

Does A Shampooed Carpet Attract More Dirt?

Gone are the days when shampooed carpets attract more dirt. In the past, carpet cleaners were unable to thoroughly rinse the cleaning agents from carpet. The residue left behind did indeed leave carpets more susceptible to attracting dirt. With today’s quality modern carpet cleaning products and methods, however, this is simply a myth. You can rest assured that your freshly cleaned carpets will stay clean. Click here to see Bissell carpet cleaning machine on Amazon.

In Closing

As it turns out, it isn’t so crazy to clean a new carpet. In fact, we’ve shared that cleaning new carpets is an important part of creating a healthy home environment and making your investment last. Whether you grab the phone to schedule a carpet cleaning or reach for a vacuum, you can be confident as you create a carpet care routine for your home. 

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