Should Pillows On Sofa And Loveseat Match?

When you're out shopping and find an amazing throw pillow, but it doesn't match the rest of your pillows, you might be a little disappointed. The style and color are gorgeous, and you might even consider just replacing the old pillows. But interior decorators all agree that coordinating throw pillows doesn't require a room re-do. There is a simple answer as to whether or not all the pillows on a sofa and loveseat should match, and we've found it!

Throw pillows do not have to all match. Select pillows that coordinate with a color scheme of one, two, or three colors. Pick at least one color already present in your room. As long as your pillows coordinate with each other on a pre-arranged color scheme, they will look as though they belong together.

Keep reading for ideas on selecting the right color scheme, how to mix and match pillows, what size pillows to use, and how to arrange them. We've got you covered on throw pillows to keep your sofa and loveseat stylishly coordinated.

Living room interior with open glass windows, wooden floor, matching loveseat and pillows, Should Pillows On Sofa And Loveseat Match?

How Do You Match A Pillow To A Couch?

The simplest way to decorate with throw pillows is to start by looking around the room. Pick a favorite color already present in the room. Use this color as inspiration, and pick pillows that incorporate it. You can include another color or two as an accent. Avoid any more colors than that; typically, more than three colors start looking too busy to be appealing.

You don't have to choose a color that comes from the couch. Any color in your decor is a good starting point. Sometimes, picking a color in direct contrast to your couch can have eye-catching results. While your pillow won't match your couch, it will coordinate with other elements in the room. You can read further here: Do Throw Pillows Need to Match?

Alternate between solid-colored pillows and patterns. Consider also alternating textured pillows with plain ones. This adds contrast and interest to your design. The textured pillow covers featured below come in 16 colors and multiple sizes.

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Try these throw pillow covers for a little variety, to include bold color and intriguing texture; available in 4 colors:

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Throw Pillow Decor Ideas

One color

Modern interior of living room with gray sofa, home plant and floor lamp against blue stucco wall

For a basic and simple look, stick to one color. If the room is crowded or contains a lot of patterns to begin, this simplicity works well. It can be an effective way to dress up the sofa without any risk of being over the top. It's also a good choice when you don't want the sofa to draw too much attention from another focal point.

Two Colors

Interior of the living room in white and blue color

This design sticks with only two colors, even though there are five unmatched pillows. The strong coordination of just a few colors in a color scheme gives a unified and polished look overall.

Three Colors

Vintage tv standing on a wooden cabinet next to a comfy couch in a stylish day room interior

In this setup, we see three pillows in three colors, all inspired by other elements in the room. It looks attractive and appealing, but three colors are generally the maximum. Any more than that and the appearance becomes busy and overwhelming.

Matching The Sofa

Black table next to sofa with green blanket in cozy apartment interior with gallery of posters

This decor chooses to match pillows to the sofa, which isn't always necessary. However, you can see here that it can have a pleasing and calming effect. This pillow set also strikes a good balance, using one solid pillow and one with a pattern. This keeps the overall look from being too busy or cluttered.

Contrast The Sofa

Copper lamp and table in a green living room interior

These pillows draw their inspiration from the rest of the room. They offer a contrast to the sofa, without matching. This is a valid design choice that creates an interesting focal point.

Opposite Sides

Modern interior of living room with white sofa, knitted pouf, vase and bulbs

Here, the color scheme is consistent, offering a sense of balance. However, the pattern is different on each end of the couch. This generates a little conflict and interest.

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What Size Pillows For Sofa?

The standard size of throw pillows is about 20-inches. This is the perfect size for an ordinary-sized sofa. Use pillows that are a bit smaller for a small sofa or one with a low back.

Oversized pillows coordinate well with a larger sofa. They also give a more casual, relaxed appearance. Mixed pillow shapes and sizes also create an air of informality.

What Size Pillows For Loveseat?

For a loveseat, 18-inch pillows are ideal. Loveseats are already a bit smaller, and smaller pillows fit well. Twenty-inch throw pillows can work, but you may want to stick to only a few pillows in that case. Eighteen-inch pillows leave a bit more room and flexibility for your pillow arrangement.

How Do You Arrange Pillows On A Couch And Loveseat?

First, decide if you'll be mixing pillow shapes and sizes or if all your pillows will be the same size. If you have mixed sizes, begin by placing the largest pillows on the ends. Then, add the rest of your pillows. Work in from largest to smallest. The smallest pillow goes in the middle.

Modern interior of living room with grey sofa, ottoman and floor lamp

For larger pieces of furniture, such as a sectional couch, you can mentally divide the couch into areas. In this case, you'll still put your pillows larger to smaller yet again. However, you will not focus on just the ends of the couch but on each sectional area.

For example, you may break the couch into three or four sections. Each could have one large pillow, and two medium-sized pillows. Then, tie it all together with one small accent pillow in the middle. Read more here: How to Arrange Throw Pillows on a Corner Sofa or Sectional Couch?

How Many Pillows On A Loveseat?

Whether decorating a sofa or loveseat, it's important to keep in mind that first and foremost, it is a seat. That means you shouldn't use so many pillows that there's nowhere left to sit. While you can remove pillows when you need extra room, that can get messy and cumbersome quickly. It's best not to overload the furniture with pillows to begin. 

With that said, exactly how many pillows you use is ultimately a personal choice. Some people like lots of plush, fluffy pillows.  Others prefer a more sparse and orderly appearance. Neither one is wrong, as long as you keep it reasonable. In other words, don't bury the furniture with pillows!

For a loveseat, a reasonable amount of pillows is between one and four. For a sofa, use at least two pillows because just one will seem lonely and out of place. Five pillows is a good stopping point for a regular-sized sofa. Any more than that will seem overwhelming. A larger sectional can generally hold as many as seven pillows.

To read further, see: How Many Throw Pillows Should There Be on a Sofa?

How To Clean Throw Pillows

If you're shopping to replace your old throw pillows, they might just need a good cleaning. There's a chance that you can get them as good as new with a little care. Some methods include:

To Conclude

Throw pillows do not all have to match. As long as you pick a color scheme that ties your pillows together in a sensible and organized way, they will look great! For best results, don't combine more than three colors in your pillow assortment. Arrange pillows with the largest pillows on the ends, and the smallest in the middle of your sofa. Have fun decorating!

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