Should The Range Hood Match Appliances?

If you are in the process of refinishing your kitchen, you might be wondering if your range hood should match the other appliances in the room. We have researched this topic for you, and here is the answer we found:

Matching the range hood to the other appliances in your kitchen will depend on your preference. If you are trying to create a theme, you can match the range hood with the existing appliances. However, you can opt to give it a different look by dressing it up with a different style or color than the rest of the things in your kitchen. 

We will delve deeper into this topic by presenting different designs which may inspire you. Also, we will talk about how you can use paint to have a new, fresh, and styled range hood. Keep reading for all of this information and more to help you make up your mind on what to do with your appliances. 

A contemporary kitchen renovation remodeling featuring a center island, hardwood floor and quartz counter - Should The Range Hood Match Appliances

Should You Match Your Range Hood To The Appliances?

Interior of modern luxury kitchen in North American private residence.

You are not the only one who's confused about whether your range hood should match your existing appliances. Due to the never-ending evolution of trends and the newly released colors of appliances, you may be wondering what to do.

The answer is not in a classic or a trending style. It is in what you want and how you want your kitchen to look. 

After all, you are the one who will use the kitchen. So the uniformity of the things you'll put there will depend on what is satisfying and comfortable to your tastes. But for the sake of the doubt, let's look at the pros and cons of matching these elements.

Pros Of Matching Kitchen Appliances

Here are the advantages you can get from matching all your kitchen appliances. 

  1. They bring cohesiveness to the kitchen. Having your kitchen tools in the same color can give a uniform, clean look. 
  2. Provides unity. Since they have the same design, even if the appliances are placed in different spots away from each other, they still look balanced.
  3. It saves you money. Buying things in a set or group can save you more money than if you are purchasing from a single brand. 
  4. It saves you time. Since you are already buying the same design collection, you do not need to look for more options. 

Cons Of Matching Kitchen Appliances

There are some disadvantage to having your appliances look the same. Since you only buy the same collection from a brand, many people probably do the same.

This makes your kitchen like those of others, making you lose a unique, distinguished design. It also limits your design, since you're only using one color. 

This shows that you do not necessarily have to match your range hood with your appliances if those devices do not have the same color or finish anyway. If you want this consistency in your kitchen, you may need to invest a lot of money in color-coordinated tools (including your range hood).

However, if your appliances are already in different tones, and you are not planning on replacing them anytime soon, then all you need to do is to be creative with combing different tones. We will give you some ideas about this, so keep reading.

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Designs You Can Do To Your Range Hood

White kitchen countertop with gas stove and sink

If you still haven't made up your mind on whether you will match your range hood to your other appliances, taking a look at these designs may help you. Of course, for you to come up with a final decision, you will need to figure out what kind of style you have.

What is your interior design vision? Are you on the right track or not? Once you know, it will be easy for you to come up with an answer. 

Match It With Your Appliances

Large vent hood and island in kitchen

As you can see, this is an example of matching your range hood to your appliances. However, they did not only focus on copying the stainless steel look. They mixed a shade lighter inside the outlines to add some more design.

Different Texture, Same Palette

Interior of luxury kitchen in North America

In this picture, the owner did not match the texture or material of the appliances' finish. But in this case, they have the same palette and their colors are near to each other. Also, notice how the vases and the other materials around are in the same hue.

Go With Cabinets

A contemporary kitchen renovation remodeling featuring a center island, hardwood floor and quartz counter.

If you want a cohesive look but do not have the budget to match all your appliances yet, you can opt for having your cabinets designed. It will make the area look like one set of appliances.

Opt For Monochrome

Home interior, new, modern, sparse and luxury kitchen gray furniture with some kitchen utensils, shot in front of the cooking area, hob with range hood, extractor fan.

A lot of people go after a single color for a simple yet sophisticated look. They color their range hood the same as the ceiling, wall, countertop, and cabinets. All white is elegant while black can portray timelessness. 

Make It Different

The brass hood instantly became the star of this kitchen. Setting it in total opposition to your appliances can highlight it. But take note of how it is still blended well with the rest of the fixtures, decorations, and furniture around it. 

Go Wild With Color

Contemporary white and stainless steel new kitchen

Unlike the previous design, the designer made the range hood the focal point by painting it an intense, eye-catching hue of blue. This tone is unexpected in the white-themed kitchen. 

How To Paint Range Hood

By now, you must be inspired by the designs we checked out. If you're considering painting your range hood a new color, whether the same as your appliances or not, we will walk you through the steps you need to do to give this spot in your room a total makeover.

But first thing's first: safety. Before you start painting, you should take note of the prepping tasks. This will ensure your safety during the process. 

  • Ventilate the room. When inhaled, paint fumes can cause you to feel dizzy and nauseous. The fumes can even be extremely harmful to you as well as your pets if you are exposed for a long time. To prevent this from happening, wear a mask, open the windows, and turn a fan on in the room to help circulate the air and push the paint fumes out.
  • Turn off the range hood's power outlet. 
  • Clean the range hood using a clean cloth and a degreaser. Painting it with the dirt still on will prevent the paint from sticking to the hood's surface properly. 

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Step 1 

Get a large piece of plastic or a newspaper. Put multiple layers of either one of the two over the areas around the range hood to protect them from when the paint bleeds. Secure them in place using painter's tape. 

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Step 2

Once the range hood is clean, you can start applying the metal primer. You can choose between spray paint or oil-based paint. If you choosing the latter, paint it in a single direction, from left to right, top to bottom, or vice versa.

Allow the first coat to dry before adding another layer. Repeat the process until the old surface is not visible anymore.

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For spray paint, hold the can 12 to 16 inches away from the hood. You should also wait for it to dry before adding another layer.

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Step 3

Sand the dried, primed hood with 220-grit sandpaper. This step will help the paint you will apply adhere to the surface. 

Step 4

Start applying heat-resistant paint on the outer surface of the range hood. The process is the same as with the primer. You will need to avoid adding too much amount of the enamel to prevent uneven coat marks.

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Step 5

Wait for the paint to dry before removing the plastic or newspaper and using the range hood again.

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Final Thoughts

The answer on whether or not you should match your range hood with the appliances in your kitchen depends on what you want. Painting your hood is a DIY project. It's very easy to do and can be done within a few hours.

There are a variety of existing designs you can follow for your range hood, but keep in mind that these options will cost you some money. 


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