Should A Roof Be Darker Than Siding?

Figuring out what color palette you should use for your home can be a difficult task. Do you want to choose a new roof color but don't know whether it needs to be darker or lighter than your house's siding? Well, we've done some digging and have the answer for you.

Although your roof doesn't have to be darker than your home's siding, it should contrast it. Whether you want to choose a lighter, more neutral roof and deeper colored siding or vice versa, it's best to have one darker than the other.

As we begin, we will cover all things roofing and siding and discuss how to choose the right colors for your house. Whether you want to remodel or build your dream home, we're here to help. With that said, let's dive right into this topic!

A huge luxurious modern dream house with huge windows, gorgeous landscaping and shingled roofing, Should A Roof Be Darker Than Siding?

How Do I Choose A Roof Color?

Generally, you want to choose a roof that compliments your home's exterior color and design. Like we mentioned above, your roof doesn't necessarily need to be darker than your home's siding, but it should contrast it.

Asphalt shingle roofing of a luxurious dream house

Darker roofs seem to be the standard, although it's better for homes with deeper-colored siding to choose lighter roofing. So if your house has a dark exterior color, it would be a better idea to select a lighter roof design.

Should Siding Match Roof?

Matching your siding and roof is not necessary, although this does make for an interesting final design. For modern homes, choosing the same color for your roof and siding could be a good move. This choice will give your house a mono-color, sleek look, but it isn't necessary.

With that said, even choosing a slightly lighter/darker shade for your roof than your home's siding is an easy way to keep things uniform while also adding some contrast.

What Color Roof Is Best For My House?

Depending on your style, home's design, and location, this can vary. Usually, it's a good idea to have your roof be bold enough to grab people's attention, but not so much it becomes distracting.

For example, if you have white or beige siding, try choosing a brown, grey, blue, or even black roof color. If your house's siding is more vibrant, we recommend a neutral roof option like brown, white, or grey.

White/Beige Siding Example

[PIN id="178595941463090703" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

Here you can see how a house with lighter siding can benefit from a darker, more dramatic roof design. We especially like how the grey roofing doesn't feel overpowering but does add some contrast to this home.

Colorful Siding Example

[PIN id="33143747249986991" description="hide" size="large"] [/PIN]

If your home's siding is a bit more colorful, we recommend a light, neutral brown roof like this example. Even choosing a deeper shade of brown can work here and give your house a classy, well-designed final look.

What Color Roof Lasts The Longest?

Generally, lighter roofing will keep its color longer than darker options will. Between light and dark roofs, one won't last longer than the other based solely on color. The most significant factor in longevity is actually the quality of their material.

According to Compass Roofing Systems, both light and darker-colored roofs can last a long time. But this is only true as long as you maintain them well, so upkeep is essential. They also cover how the only tested benefit of lighter roofing is that it keeps a home cooler in hot weather. So, having a dark roof won't affect how long it lasts.

What Color Roof Is Most Energy Efficient?

Lighter colored roofs like white, grey, and brown will be the most energy-efficient. Regardless of the actual hue your roof's design has, if it has a lighter shade, it will be better at conserving energy during hotter months.

Like we mentioned above, light roofs do a better job at keeping your home's temperature down in the heat. This is because they reflect light rather than absorb it. Darker roofing does the opposite as it absorbs warmth from the sun. So light roofing is great for colder climates but not ideal for hotter ones.

Does It Matter What Color Your Roof Is?

Choosing the color of your roof will mainly be for aesthetics, so no, it isn't extremely critical. Generally, roof color isn't as important as its actual material, so don't worry about getting things perfectly right. 

That said, if you want to conserve energy in the heat, light roofing is the better idea. On the other hand, darker roof colors work well in colder places. So at the end of the day, roof color isn't going to be more impactful than any other exterior color choice you make. The important thing is to pick colors that make you happy.

What Is The Best Roof Material?

We recommend asphalt/wood shingles, metal, clay tile, and slate roofing options for a home. Durability-wise, metal roofs will last you the longest but might not have the same charm as other options.

According to Sheffield Metals, metal roofing will last around 60 years, while shingles only hold out for 15 to 20. Metal roofing is also highly durable and doesn't require much upkeep, which is a plus.

Does A Dark Roof Make A House Look Smaller?

Classic country home with cream painted walls, asphalt roofing and brick walling

Typically, using darker roofing shouldn't make your home look too much smaller, but this depends. Especially for single-story properties, using dark roof colors like black or deep grey can create the illusion your home is smaller than it is. 

Lighter roofing makes a home appear bigger while darker colors can do the opposite. Of course, this depends on a house's layout. But, overall, you might want to avoid deeper hues if you're worried about your home's size.

Does A Dark Roof Make A House Hotter?

Like we covered earlier, yes, having a darker roof can make it hotter in your house during warmer seasons. Dark colors, in general, absorb and trap heat from the sun, which can make for an uncomfortable and expensive summer. 

That said, if you live somewhere with moderate temperatures and prefer the look of a dark roof, you shouldn't run into any significant interior climate issues.

Does Siding Color Matter?

Like a home's roof, you don't need to stress over the color of your siding. Most times, you want to choose a siding color that is easy to decorate with and one that will increase your home's resale value.

Depending on where you live, bright siding might be the best decision, while neutral colors will be better for places with lower-profile homes. Of course, this comes down to your needs, but we would say that overall, sticking with easy-to-match colors for a house's exterior is the best idea.

Is It Better To Have Dark Or Light Siding?

Although opinions vary, we would say that lighter siding will give your home the best appearance. Typically, using light, neutral colors for a home's exterior helps give it a modern and spacious look, which is key for resale.

On top of that, choosing a lighter-colored siding design might even make your home look bigger, which is never a bad thing. That said, if you want to use deeper tones for your house's siding, that is fine, as long as you incorporate some lighter design elements too.

Should Exterior Trim Match Roof?

Exterior of a luxurious modern dream contemporary house with asphalt roofing, huge windows and a huge driveway

Generally, it is a good idea to match your exterior trim to either your roof or gutters. For example, if your siding is white/beige and your roof is grey, matching your trim is an easy way to create a theme for your space.

The same goes for darker siding and lighter roofing, so this works for any color palette.

Should Your Roof And Garage Door Match?

It's a great idea to match your garage door and roof. Although it isn't necessary, keeping your garage door the same color as your roof/trim will help tie it into your home.

Especially if you have lighter or neutral siding, having your garage door be bold grey or black to match the roof is a sure way to grab people's attention.

To Wrap It Up

Whether you plan to remodel or build your dream home, figuring out an exterior color palette can be tricky. From what we found, your home's roof doesn't need to be darker than its siding, but it should contrast it. 

When it comes to finding a good roof color, consider your house's aesthetic. Then, choose something that will grab people's attention. For anyone wanting to save energy, we recommend choosing a lighter roof color to reflect the sun and keep your home cooler during hotter months.

Regardless, remember to find a color palette that works for you. And make sure to choose a high-quality roof material that will last you years to come.

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