Should The Backsplash Match The Countertop Or Floor?

The kitchen can be a busy place, so it might be easy for a backsplash to go unnoticed. But a busy kitchen also means that you’ll be spending more time around the backsplash than you think. A proper backsplash can protect and define your kitchen. If you’re remodeling or just moving in, it’s both important and fun to install a backsplash. We’ve thoroughly researched how to choose the best backsplash and what it should match.

It is best to match a kitchen backsplash with the countertop instead of the floor. This is because the backsplash is naturally an extension of your counters. Matching a backsplash with the floor can easily make the backsplash stick out like a sore thumb. A backsplash is simply too far from the flooring and doesn’t occupy enough area of its own. Worst of all, matching with the floors can sometimes appear boring.

Fortunately, there are always fun trends to follow for inspiration. Once you decide that the backsplash would best match your countertop, countless decisions open up! Backsplashes are available in endless styles and materials, as opposed to the actual countertop. Keep reading to learn about the best colors, sizes, and materials for your backsplash.

A contemporary home kitchen with stainless steel appliances and painted white cabinets, Should The Backsplash Match The Countertop Or Floor?

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What’s The Purpose Of A Backsplash?

There are probably plenty of commonplace objects in the house that you recognize, though the name remains a mystery. There’s nothing wrong with being unsure about the name or purpose of the backsplash. Before you purchase a new backsplash, you should definitely understand its nature.

The kitchen is most likely a messy place when you’re cooking. You may even be in a hurry to get your meals prepped. Further, the kitchen often demands sharp tools and loads of equipment or gadgets. Altogether, this means that the walls in your kitchen are especially vulnerable to damage.

Fortunately, a backsplash can help defend your walls from accidents. A backsplash is a material between your countertop and the cabinets above. The backsplash generally spans the entire length of your counter.

This extra layer helps to protect your walls from sharp utensils and, as the name implies, water damage. The backsplash will guard your walls against unwanted splashes of water. This is why backsplashes are also common in the bathroom. You can also read this post for 101 bathroom backsplash ideas. Now, you may be exceedingly tidy to begin with. But it can be much easier to cook without needing to worry about collateral damage, anyway. 

Should backsplash be lighter or darker than countertop?

Like anything else in interior design, exact color matches can often feel overwhelming or even dull. So, it is best that your backsplash complements the countertop rather than mirror it. This means that you’ll have to decide how to balance the backsplash and countertop together.

Your backsplash is actually free to be either lighter or darker than the countertop. Still, you should always install your countertop first since the countertop is more challenging to replace. If you already have the countertop you want, then let that guide your color scheme.

Since the countertop will determine your backsplash, you only need to choose between matching or contrasting. If you want to contrast with your countertops, then the backsplash will become the dazzling star of the kitchen. If you choose to match with your countertops, then the backsplash will create a cozy, balanced blend.

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For a light countertop, you’ll want a lighter backsplash to match or a darker backsplash to contrast. If the countertop is veined or otherwise includes multiple colors, your backsplash can match with those too. Remember to consider the material of your countertop, as well. You may be able to get away with more colors on your backsplash if it’s made from a similar material. You can check out this article to learn more about the thirteen best backsplash materials.

What’s trending in kitchen backsplashes?

Like any trends, interior design styles are fickle from one year to the next. If you want to avoid the dizzying changes altogether, you might simply choose neutral colors for your backsplash. Still, some current trends may help inspire you towards something a little bit more.

Minimalist Backsplashes

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Kitchens with a minimalist style are particularly trending in new homes. A minimalist style will emphasize simplicity, openness, and neutral colors. If you’re interested in jumping on board that train, then your backsplash is likely to end up as a one-piece slab. Materials with veins or patterns would feel out of place.

Countertops in a minimalist kitchen will also be very bright or very dark. This will also affect your backsplash, which may require bolder colors. Natural materials won’t always meet those demands. Meanwhile, something like smooth and crystalline marble can become a perfect fit.

Personalized Backsplashes

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Fortunately, boldness seems to be popular these days. That means you can indulge risky creativity as long as you fully commit to a scene.

It can be more difficult to choose a loud backsplash because it is more likely to naturally contrast with your countertops. However, you can also choose patterns and materials that give your kitchen an exciting personal touch. The backsplash may become flowery or European. It may even consist of multiple colors.

If you’re feeling especially confident, you may actually try your hand at a DIY backsplash. You can install a stone or ceramic backsplash, which possibly covers even more area than usual. You might even choose to simply paint your own backsplash, which can have a charming aura of arts and crafts. Stencils can help you create all kinds of designs. As long as the mood fits, then your backsplash will shine.

Budget Backsplashes

Click here to find this white vinyl backsplash wallpaper on Amazon.

For those who are working with a tighter budget, there are also inexpensive wallpapers for your backsplash. The affordable cost is very appealing and will allow you to change your backsplash on a whim. If you like to frequently change your interior style, this can be very handy. If you change your mind later or make a mistake, a wallpaper backsplash is also an easy fix.

Wallpaper may sound vulnerable, but backsplash wallpaper is specifically designed for the kitchen. And homemade designs can always be protected by something like plexiglass. Fortunately, backsplash wallpaper is anything but tacky. The right selection will fit nicely, and some wallpaper can even imitate tiles. Still, the more simplistic wallpapers can really blend in.

Click here to see these peel-and-stick backsplash tiles on Amazon.

Alternatively, there are actual tiles, which are similarly designed to be peeled and stuck to the wall.

Mosaic Backsplashes

Click here to find these mosaic backsplash tiles on Amazon.

As the name suggests, mosaic backsplashes are vibrant, colorful, and bold. These designs have a limitless range for your style. They can include traditional squares, rectangles, and simple oceanic colors. But mosaic backsplashes can also flaunt elaborate images and patterns, using all forms of geometry and detailed scenes.

Mosaic backsplashes aren’t just flexible but also quite dazzling. This brilliant shine will be a good fit these days because glossy kitchens are also a current trend. As such, backsplashes with a high-shine finish are definitely in. But simple glass and mirror backsplashes won’t add the bold personality so many are seeking lately.


A contemporary home kitchen with stainless steel appliances and painted white cabinets, Should The Backsplash Match The Countertop Or Floor?

The backsplash in your kitchen may often be overlooked, but it can easily become the room’s beautiful centerpiece. Either way, the backsplash will always serve a very practical function. So, now that you know how to choose the best backsplash, it may be time to look into a new one! Everyone feels like a fresh start these days, and there are plenty of fun trends to leap into.

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