Should the Bathrooms in a House Match?

We receive many housing design queries, and one question several people have asked us is, should the bathrooms in a house match? We scoured the design web in search of the best answer just for you! This article will address whether the bathrooms in your house should match and touch on a few related subjects along the way to help you decide how to decorate best.

Collage of bathroom fixtures/accessories, Should the Bathrooms in The House Match?

When it comes to whether or not the bathrooms in a home should match, the consensus is that they should match the overall style of the house; however, there are no hard and fast rules to abide by. When decorating bathrooms, it is imperative to consider the cohesiveness of the following:

Overall Decor Tile Fixtures

If you ensure the above three are in a coordinated theme when decorating the bathrooms, it's sure to be a smash hit. Read below for some tips and advice to help you decide how to decorate your bathrooms

Overall Home Decor

When you are deciding on how to match the bathroom and bedroom or the bathroom and kitchen, you should consider a theme. It's essential to determine a unified look before starting your decorating project. We recommend looking through design guides and comparing those to the ideas already in place in your home.

Depending on the photos that draw you in and the items in your home already, you can determine which theme you like. Try to determine an overall theme or cohesiveness to bring the style together. This could be something as simple as a color palette to accent walls. It doesn't need to be complicated. The decor needs to suit you.

For instance, a coastal theme is beachy and nautical. If you like colors such as blues and grays, this may be a natural fit for you. A rustic theme utilizes natural materials such as woods, metals, stones, and leans towards beige and white colors.

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Tiles are a permanent and prominent feature in the bathroom, so we recommend taking your time when making your choice. Many retailers will provide tile samples for you to take home and compare colors and styles against current paint colors and furniture in place.

Should You Use the Same Tile Across Bathrooms?

What matters in this instance is the look of the tile in question. By utilizing the same tile across the bathrooms in a home, it is a surefire way to create a cohesive and uniformed look. Keep in mind; it is not an absolute necessity should you choose not to. While some love the look, others have said they find matching tile across the home too uniform, and some have even said they found it boring.

Should you choose to utilize different tiles across the home, while it could pique excitement from room to room, it may look too busy. Thoughtful planning will ensure the tiles are within a consistent look across the board. One way to achieve this look would be by utilizing tiles of different styles but the same color.

Should You Use the Same Tile Throughout the House?

If you found a color and style of tile you love, there is no reason you can't use it throughout your home. Not only will it lend to a complete and stylish look, buying in bulk might give you more bang for your buck. Depending on the tile you choose, the monocratic look may help draw attention to other aspects of the home already on display.

Alternatively, if you use the same tile throughout your home, you may find it challenging to differentiate energies and looks across the different rooms. Color matching paint and accessories could be a struggle as well as you could run out of color scheme options.

If you are interested in keeping the same tile throughout the home, an option may be trying different layout patterns in each room. Another option is to use the same tile and same layout but choosing different color grout. Either are a great way to switch things up without incurring a steep cost.


Thanks to many new online retailers, there is an unlimited array of bathroom fixtures available. It can seem like a daunting task, determining if some of the most prominent ones should match or if they can stand alone in style. Check out a couple of popular questions we received about matching bathroom fixtures.

Should the Bathroom Vanities Match in the Same Bathroom?

We recommend that the bathroom vanities should coordinate in some way. For instance, if they are not the same style, you could paint the vanities the same color. Or, if the vanities are the same in design and color, then feel free to play with mismatched fixture styles and finishes. Another option is to opt for mismatched designs but similar countertops to bring it all together.

Does the Toilet Have to Match the Tub?

The toilet and the tub, along with the sink, do not need to match. It's entirely up to you! Most companies that manufacture one of the above will generally produce all three items. This ensures shopping for coordinating pieces that you like easy to find. Also, the one-stop shops remove the guesswork so you can be sure that coordinate with each other.

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If you prefer the toilet and bathtub aren't too matchy-matchy, try playing with different colors of the same style. This will allow some versatility without throwing off the energy of the room.

Should the Bathroom and Kitchen Match?

Much aligned with the above, a bathroom and kitchen do not need to match. For a cohesive look, there should be a coordinated style. The overall idea and theme of a home should be within the same vein. If you choose a modern theme in the kitchen, then you would select the same in the bathroom. Ideally, all rooms within the house should be within the same theme. We don't often see a modern kitchen alongside a living room with victorian decor.

It doesn't matter if you're beginning your designing journey or you're a seasoned home-style expect. We want to ensure you enjoy decorating your home. Whatever you decide, it's your home and your choice! So enjoy this fact and let creativity reign.

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  1. If the master bathroom has grey floor and wall tile and white patterned quartz countertop and white vanity should the guest bath stay within that same color theme or can the guest bathroom have a beige tile floor and beige tile walls , and espresso color vanity and beige patterned quartz?
    Confused as to which way to go.

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