Should The Garage Door Be The Same Color As The House?

Are you looking to give your garage door a fresh paint job but can't decide on the color? The first step should be choosing whether it will be the same color as your house or a different hue. We did the research and came up with a comprehensive guide to garage door dos and don'ts. 

While there is no steadfast answer, we prefer a garage door that does not match the rest of your house entirely. Whether you decide on a complementary neutral tone or a bold accent color for your garage door, a little contrast goes a long way and provides a much more interesting appearance. 

We know it can be overwhelming to make a style decision as big as this. After all, your garage door is right in the front of your house for everyone to see. But don't worry, we're here to help! Keep reading for some great ideas on how to choose the perfect color for your garage door. 

View at the modern upscale California suburb home with garage, Should The Garage Door Be The Same Color As The House?

Should You Paint Your Garage Door?

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A suburban USA neighborhood at dusk.

If your garage door is suffering from rust, chipped paint, or discoloration, it may be time to give it a fresh coat of paint. If you know what you're doing, re-painting your garage door will be a breeze. This is way easier than it seems, so no need to stress.

Figure out if your door is wood or aluminum – that will determine what type of paint you need. If the old paint is incredibly flaky, you may need to strip or sand it down, but you're home free after that. Consult your local paint store for more specifics on how to get the job done. All you need to worry about is the fun part: choosing the right color. 

Monochromatic Is Boring

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House exnterior with garage. View from driveway

No offense to anyone out there with a garage door that matches their house's color, but it's not our style. The look is just a little unimaginative. If it's time to freshen up the paint on your garage door, this is the perfect opportunity to breathe some life into your home's exterior. 

Stone paver driveway and grass front lawn

Step #1: stay away from a boring single-color layout. White-on-white, in particular, gives off a sterile, uninviting vibe. Even if it's just a slightly different color, we always suggest mixing it up and opting out of the matchy-matchy aesthetic.

Play It Safe With Complementary Neutral Tones

Front exterior view close- up of 3 car garage. One two car garage and one single car garage.

The easiest way to add dimension to your home's exterior design is to choose a garage door shade in the same family as the house's color but a little lighter or darker. The slate-colored house pictured above dons a garage door with similar blue-gray tones in a slightly lighter shade. This trick will make your home look more stylish without being too bold. 

Check out this exterior latex paint in taupe on Amazon. 

Try A White Garage Door On A Beige Home

Double garage of modern home on sunny, clear day. A double garage and driveway of a modern home on a sunny, clear day.

If your house's color is in the beige or off-white family, a stark white garage door is a classic choice. This combination is neutral, stylish, and soft without any of the boredom of plain white-on-white. 

Check out this white exterior paint on Amazon. 

Stand Out Without Looking Kooky

Two yellow arched garage doors with plants all around

If you want to go a little more bold with your garage door but still want to keep it professional, try looking for colors often found in nature. Soft yellows and mossy greens are different enough to get noticed but elegant enough that they will stand the tests of time. 

View at the modern upscale California suburb home with garage, Should The Garage Door Be The Same Color As The House?

In particular, deep greens are nice because they play off the colors in your lawn and surrounding foliage. We love how this house pictured above ties in the garage door shutters to create a cohesive color story. 

Check out this Glidden exterior paint + primer in green/mountain forest on Amazon. 

Have Fun With Jewel Tones And Primary Colors

Elegant house with blue garage

For those who want to turn heads, jewel tones and bright, primary colors are the way to go. These colors are classic, bold, and gracefully handle wear and tear. Pastels, on the other hand, will showcase dirt and grime that builds up over the years. Keep it fresh by choosing a deeper shade. 

Check out this Rustoleum latex paint in gloss blue on Amazon.

Stained Wood Is Rustic (And Awesome)

Traditional two car wooden garage

This design is harder to achieve if you're only planning on a paint job, but if you're in the market to completely replace your garage doors, we highly suggest looking into natural wood options. The result is striking, elegant, and all-around beautiful. 

Stained wood custom garage doors for large southern home with curb appeal

Plus, wood garage doors look great on any color house! Remember to consider undertones and the value of the wood (value means how light or dark it is), but there are so many options out there that one is bound to complement your home perfectly. 

Check out this exterior waterproofing wood stain on Amazon. 

Do Front Doors And Garage Doors Have To Match?

New England House with Beige Clapboard Exterior, Grey Shingle Roof, Gravel Driveway, Garage, Red Door, American Flag and Landscaped front yard with green grass, bushes and flowers.

While it can tie the whole house together, this is by no means a necessity. If your front door is a bold color, like the red pictured above, it may be in your best interest to keep the garage door a more neutral shade. This will keep the front door the focal point of the house.

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Should All Exterior Doors Be The Same Color?

A high resolution composite image of six door entrances to multiple apartment properties

Likewise, exterior doors do not all have to be the same color for your home to look put together. Painting the front door a fun, bold color while leaving other exterior doors neutral is one of our favorite design tricks. It provides a warm, inviting feel without being too overwhelming. An accent color should only be an accent, after all. 

Should A Detached Garage Be The Same Color As The House?

Detached garages are a whole other ballgame, but we have some opinions nonetheless. 

Detached garage and its driveway

If your detached garage is visible from the street, it really should be the same color as your house. This will tell passersby that the two fixtures are parts of the same unit. A detached garage that follows an entirely different color palette from your house will look disjointed.

If you want to make a statement, there is an exception to this rule. If your house is monochromatic and neutral, you can get away with a detached garage in a bold, bright color. Think of it as the accent color that the rest of your house is missing. For example, the tomato-red garage pictured below stands out against the taupe house without clashing because it is such a stark contrast. 

Beautiful curb appeal of the house on a hill. Roof top deck over

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Now Get Painting!

With all these new ideas up your sleeve, it's time to get out there and get painting. Whether you choose a soft neutral or bright accent color, your home's exterior has never looked better. Just remember: monochromatic white-on-white can look a little stuffy, so try painting your garage door a different color than your house to create dimension. 

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