Should You Close Bedroom Doors At Night? [And Should You Lock Them?]

According to popular surveys, many people choose to sleep with their bedroom doors open. But are there reasons you should close bedroom doors at night? What about locking them? We've investigated these questions and have several interesting answers for you!

It is highly recommended to shut all bedroom entries each night while sleeping. Closed doors slow the spread of flames and smoke in case of fire. They also help block noises that can inhibit a good night's sleep. In addition, it allows for faster reaction times to possible intruders in the home. While the choice to lock your door is a personal preference, closing it could potentially save your life.

So, why should you always close the door before sleeping? Should you shut your child's bedroom door at night? Is it weird to lock yourself in while zonking out? Keep reading for some handy tips to help you feel more secure in your slumbers!

Smoke and light is visible through a slightly open bedroom door, Should You Close Bedroom Doors At Night? [And Should You Lock Them?]

Why you should always close the door before going to bed

Close-up of white door with handle

There are numerous reasons why the act of shutting bedroom doors before sleeping is beneficial. Let's jump into the most significant ones!

Fire safety

Smoke and light from a fire pour through a cracked bedroom door

On average, you have two minutes or less to escape a house fire before the structure is engulfed in flames. That's from the time of alert! Fire is overwhelmingly fast, and every second is crucial. 

Closed doors act as a fire barrier. They assist in cutting its airflow as the flames feed off oxygen. This slows the progress of the inferno, allowing you those extra seconds to get out a window.

Keeping doors shut also maintains cleaner air in the room during a fire. It accomplishes this by reducing the amount of smoke present. More deaths in fires are due to smoke inhalation than burns, so preserving oxygen is a vital benefit.


Burglar before burglary into the house

Some people sleeping in an open bedroom do so to hear a possible break-in. This is is a fair point, and we don't necessarily disagree. However, there is always a flip side.

An already secured entryway hinders an intruder from being able to enter the room. It offers you a safe haven while making a call for help. This is especially true if you were alerted in advance by a home security alarm, loud crash, or barking pet. Many of us are light enough sleepers to pick up on abnormal noises even through a closed door.

You don't even have to be a fan of locked doors. Simply having them shut will still alert you to another's presence when they come in. This can, at minimum, give you a bit of reaction time.

Noise reduction

Noisy neighbors or loud party next door late in the middle of the night

Quality sleep is a necessity to maintain both physical and mental health. So, if your roommate plays their music at all hours or your spouse stays up late watching movies, it can affect your life.

Shutting the bedroom door helps dilute and muffle external noises. It's a great initial sound barrier. Super-sensitive sleepers may still need to add earplugs, depending on the situation. Yet, just doing this can make a big difference in filtering out annoying commotions for the average sleeper.

Is it weird to lock your bedroom door at night?

Hand holding door knob of a white door

The decision to lock your bedroom door before crashing is a personal choice. We certainly don't consider it weird to do so because everyone's circumstances are different. You should go with whichever option helps you sleep most soundly. Let's go over the pros and cons of the locked vs. unlocked debate.


  • Provides privacy from roommates/family.
  • Adds a deeper sense of security and safety while sleeping.
  • Offers extra warning in case of intruders.


  • An obstructed door can slow your exit in an emergency.
  • Children may not be able to get through to you if they need something at night.
  • Locked inner doors can hinder emergency personnel during a rescue.

How do you secure a bedroom door without a lock?

Doorknob on solid knotty alder wood door

Should you find yourself needing to secure a bedroom door that doesn't have a lock (or you don't want one for some reason), there are options. Let's take a glance at some effective methods!

Door wedge

Do you remember those little triangular wedges used to prop open store and office doors? Although designed to keep a door open, they're also quite efficient at keeping them closed. Wedge it under the door (on your side), and it shouldn't open if the fit is tight. Best of all, it's cheap and doesn't require any hardware modifications. They even come in fun designs!

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A simple, practical way to secure an entryway missing a lock is by using a barricade. This often comes in many forms. Heavy furniture like a desk, bookcase, or mattress placed in front of the door can effectively prevent it from opening. Another option is propping a chair under the doorknob.

Alternatively, for something semi-permanent, a security bar could be installed. They're typically constructed from aluminum and can withstand heavy kicking and ramming. Installation is simple and easy to uninstall if needed.

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Remove a portion of doorknob

Carpenter fixes door knob with lock and latch on new door

Regardless of whether it has a lock or not, removing the outer part of the doorknob prevents it from being opened from that side. The handle is literally gone! It's an uncomplicated process, and you only need a screwdriver.

However, there are a couple of things to remember. First, this method won't do much against a forceful entry. Also, it's easy to lock yourself out if you forget and close your door when you leave the room.

Portable locks

Portable locks are convenient, especially for use in traveling. They add another level of security without needing installations that can damage the door or surrounding frame and wall. This makes them fantastic for those of us with landlords!

The biggest drawback here is that the lock and door must be compatible. For example, if you're traveling, this can be problematic because it's impossible to know the exact design of a door you haven't seen. Shop around for a model that fits your lifestyle, as there are tons of variations.

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Adoric safety locks

For those of you with double-door bedroom entries, an adoric safety lock is one of your best options. You've most likely seen them before, as they're often used on cabinets to keep toddlers and pets out of low cabinets. They're also portable, quite cheap, and don't require any installation. Super easy, but they work!

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Should parents lock their bedroom door?

Red heart on a white door

Locks are always a personal preference. That being said, parents or guardians often choose not to sleep behind a locked door in case of being needed.

However, it is recommended that parents at least employ locking their door during intimate activities. Not only can this prevent an embarrassing walk-in, but it offers you and your partner peace of mind as a result. Think of it as an update to your privacy policy!

Also, closed and locked doors are a helpful tool in teaching children to respect boundaries. Sometimes, especially with young kids, you may want to lock it to keep the room off-limits to inquisitive hands during the day.

Should you shut your child's bedroom door at night?

Little girl opens the door to the light in darkness

For simple fire safety alone, it's advisable to close the bedroom door(s) of any children in the home. This is vital in protecting them from smoke and flames in the event of a house fire. It's also beneficial in minimizing normal household noise for the younger ones with really early bedtimes. We bet you already do this when tiptoeing around snoozing newborns and toddlers!

If you're afraid you might not hear your child crying for you with the door closed, add a baby monitor or cam. For parents of kids that are uneasy about it, do your best to work with them until they can adapt. Merely closing a door is such a valuable tool in potentially increasing their safety level at night.

In Closing

Hopefully, this post opened up a lot of doors in your mind!

Although the unlocked vs. locked controversy rages on, we've established that closing bedroom doors at night is deeply beneficial. It offers noise reduction, assists in safety in the event of intruders, and can keep you alive long enough to escape a house fire. Now shut your door and hit the sack!

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