Should You Have Ceiling Fan In Your Bedroom?

Are you searching for a ceiling fan for your bedroom? Or questioning whether or not you should install one at all? You’ve come to the right place. Here, we'll discuss our findings on the advantages and some disadvantages of having a ceiling fan.

Whether to put a ceiling fan in your bedroom depends on several factors, such as where you are located, the cost, and the amount of space you have available. Some people find ceiling fans aesthetically pleasing, additionally. A ceiling fan is beneficial for several reasons in your bedroom, namely:

  • Air circulation and cooling
  • It cools the room
  • Considered to be stylish
  • Energy-efficient; reduce utility bills
  • Provides tranquil lighting

Are you wondering if ceiling fans are for you? Keep reading to help you make an informed decision.

Ceiling fan and awning linear window above the bed, Should You Have Ceiling Fan In Your Bedroom?

The Right Ceiling Fan

When choosing the right ceiling fan for you, consider the strength of the motor and the pitch of the blades. Think of this in regards to the ability of the particular ceiling fan to be used to cool your room rather than question how many blades it has or its overall size. Noise is another aspect to contemplate due to some people being light sleepers who prefer not to have distracting noises in the bedroom.

Some people prefer ceiling fans without additional lighting. However, if you prefer overhead lighting as well, consider a fan with a light fixture. Used as the primary source of light within the room, various fixture types are incorporated into the fans' styling.

Silk bedcover on antique bed with ceiling fan

The Benefits of Having a Ceiling Fan in Your Bedroom

Air Circulation 

Throughout the warmer months of the year, you want to have your fan spinning counter-clockwise to help cool the room. When it is colder out, it is best to have your fan spinning clockwise so that it will help move the warm air around since warm air rises faster than cool air.

Cool the room

The cooling benefit for you may depend on where you are located. This is especially helpful when the days are not hot enough to turn on your air conditioning but are too warm to not have any air moving.


Style is a personal preference; some people see ceiling fans as bulky while others like the look. The way it looks might be considered a disadvantage if ceiling fans are intrusive to you. Outdated ceiling fans are not as visually appealing as the modern examples.

Energy-efficient; reduce utility bills

Possibly the most important benefit is decreasing your spending on utilities. Because ceiling fans are energy-efficient, the difference in cost in comparison to air conditioning is huge.  You may want to save energy for the sake of the environment or for your own spending. Either way, who doesn't like to save money?

Tranquil Lighting

Whether you choose to use dimming lights or an opaque light cover, you can achieve the right amount of lighting for you. Some modern ceiling fans even come with a remote control to make your life that much easier.

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Where should a ceiling fan be placed in a bedroom?

Most people prefer for their ceiling fan to be placed in the middle of their bedroom. This is because ceiling fans are often used for circulating air. If your ceiling fan is installed in the middle of your ceiling, you will have the most even distribution of air. Because ceiling fans are also used to force down cool air, placing your ceiling fan in the middle of the room makes the most sense.

What size ceiling fan do I need for a 12x12 room?

Awning windows above bed with unique ceiling fan and bright walls

You want the size of your ceiling fan to be proportionate to whichever room that it is located in. In this case, we are speaking of bedrooms, on average 219 square feet, which works out to be slightly larger than 14 feet by 15 feet. In general, the size of your ceiling fan should be compared to the longest wall. For a 12x12 room, a ceiling fan from 49" to 56" is suggested.

How do I choose a ceiling fan for my bedroom?

Base your choice of a ceiling fan for your bedroom on its size, style, lighting, and cost. First, consider the size of your bedroom. If the bedroom in question is the smallest in the home, such as a 10x12, you will most likely choose a smaller ceiling fan to accommodate the area.

Next, think about the style you would prefer. Think about whether you want the ceiling fan to blend in with the ceiling or to stand out. If you don't necessarily like the look of a ceiling fan, but do appreciate its purpose, then consider the color when making your decision. For those who prefer contrast, you may want to choose one with darker-colored blades.

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If you want your ceiling fan to blend in with your ceiling and not be too noticeable, and you have a white ceiling, go with a lighter option such as one with white blades.

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Consider these factors when choosing a ceiling fan for your bedroom, and think about if you will make use of the light fixture attached to your ceiling fan as well. Installing lights that dim is an option when considering whether or not overhead lights are something you want or need in your bedroom. Fortunately, most ceiling fans are cost-effective. Choose one within your budget.

What is the best size ceiling fan for a bedroom?

The most popular size ceiling fan for a bedroom is 60" although there is quite a wide variety of options. Ceiling fans typically range from about 24" to 99". Larger ceiling fans are necessary for more spacious bedrooms so that you can feel the air cooling the whole room. Regardless of the size of your bedroom, when you choose a smaller size ceiling fan, understand it may not circulate the air as well as larger options.

What is the quietest ceiling fan for a bedroom?

There are thousands of options when looking for a quiet ceiling fan. Referred to as noiseless, the top results for quietest ceiling fans are:

The Sofucor Wood Ceiling Fan

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The Reiga 52-in Ceiling Fan

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The Ovlaim 52 inch Ceiling Fan

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In Closing

Ceiling fan and awning linear window above the bed, Should You Have Ceiling Fan In Your Bedroom?

Overall, adding a ceiling fan in your bedroom has many benefits beyond air circulation, such as energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. There are thousands of options to choose from between color, blade pitch, and lighting. If you simply like the look and feel of modern-day ceiling fans, keeping your bedroom cool or warm, and having tranquil lighting, then ceiling fans are a good choice for you.

Before you go, you may want to learn more about setting up your bedroom to best suit you.

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