Should You Put Shutters On A Picture Window?

Shutters serve several purposes, so it is good to understand why you should or shouldn't add them around the windows of your home. More specifically, you might be thinking about whether or not you should put shutters on a picture window. You have come to the right place. We have done all of the research needed to answer this question and more for you.

It is not the best idea to add shutters to a picture window because picture windows are large. Regular shutters will not cover a picture window even if they are functional. Shutters that are meant for visual purposes do not necessarily look good beside a picture window, but it is ultimately a personal choice.

There is a lot more to learn when it comes to shutters. Perhaps you would like to know if plantation shutters work for picture windows, if houses look better with or without shutters, whether or not they are still in style in 2022, or when and why people use shutters. If you want to learn these things and more, keep reading this post.

Luxury white indoor plantation shutters in bedroom - selective focus - Should You Put Shutters On A Picture Window

Can You Put Plantation Shutters On A Picture Window?

Yes, you can put plantation shutters on a picture window. They are helpful because you can adjust the lighting. And picture windows are large, so that is beneficial. Not only are plantation shutters stylish but they are also fully functioning and practical as well.

Plantation shutters are great for larger windows. They are adjustable which definitely helps with the situation. The best part about plantation shutters is that you can control how much light comes in by tilting them to whatever angle you prefer.

At certain times during the day, it is nice to have the slats of plantation shutters open or angled the way you like to see the sun shining in. 

Shutters were initially created so that they could better protect the home. A home stays warmer when the windows are covered if it is cold outside. An alternative to shutters is to use window coverings to at least control how much natural light is let in and when.

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Do Houses Look Better Without Shutters?

Some houses definitely look better without shutters. The true answer to this question is based on personal preference though. Some people really like the way shutters look while others would rather avoid them altogether.

Not every house or window looks good with shutters. Shutters that are the same height as the window are much more visually appealing than those that are not. If they are too tall, they won't close, and if they are too small, they won't protect the window.

Shutters are not only for controlling light but they also give you a sense of privacy if they are fully functional. They protect against harsh weather also. Fake shutters don't do this though; ones that are not functional are only for aesthetic purposes.

The color of your shutters can make a world of difference when it comes to curb appeal. If you choose to place dark or navy blue shutters onto cream-colored siding, it looks really beautiful. Teal shutters on a white house look nice if you are into brighter colors.

Panorama Deck of a house with sliding glass windows and open wall lamps. Exterior of a house with glass picture windows and a deck with wood planks flooring and metal railing.

Regardless, whatever color you choose for your shutters should not blend in with the color of your house. What we mean by this is do not put dark shutters on an already dark house unless you do not want them to be noticeable. Complementary colors work best when choosing shutters for your home.

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Are Shutters Still In Style In 2022?

Yes, shutters are still very much in style currently. They are used to accent a home, and some people will never change their minds or love for shutters. Houses with shutters get more viewings and sometimes sell more quickly than houses without.

Although shutters are still in style in 2022, plantation shutters are more specifically the preferred type these days. They are trending in 2022, as they are being purchased more often than any other type of shutter. Plantation shutters look good on any style of house.

When buying a new home in 2022, the type of shutters it may have depends on when it was built as well as when it was last updated. You will come across false shutters much more often than fully functional ones.

Interior photography of a stylish den home bar area with dining table and tan leather chairs, pendant lighting, bar fridge and wine rack

The reason plantation shutters are preferred is that they serve more than one purpose. They take the place of blinds. Plantation shutters are also considered to be modern and chic.

Since some types of blinds can be damaged easily, installing plantation shutters will save you money in the long run. They go well with a retro look as well. Plantation shutters are the most common and most popular choice in 2022 when it comes to shutters for your home.

Do Shutters Increase Home Value?

Usually, shutters do increase the value of a home. This depends on a few factors. If they are high-quality shutters, then they are more likely to add value to your home. 

Plantation shutters do increase the appraised value. It is said shutters that cover each window are worth at least $175. Higher quality shutters are more expensive than that.

White plantation style wood Shutters for luxury Interior Design in condo.

Whether or not the shutters on your home add value, houses with shutters seem to sell faster. That is, as long as they've been placed correctly. False shutters are fixed in an open position attached to the siding of a home.

When buying a home, if it matters to you whether or not the shutters work, ask your realtor whether or not the shutters on the home you are considering buying are fully functional. You can either ask or look for yourself. Shutters that close to protect the window have hinges. False shutters are stationary.

Should You Put Shutters On Every Window?

In most cases, shutters are not necessary on every window. The answer to this question completely depends on the purpose of the shutters. Are they for aesthetic purposes, or do you want them to be functioning shutters?

Some people like to have shutters only on the front of their homes. That is because they have them up for the purpose of being visually appealing.

It does not make very much sense to put shutters on the outside of a picture window, double window, or triple window. The main purpose of shutters is to protect the windows which means they will not work for large windows. Windows that look best with shutters are single windows.

People who install shutters that actually function usually put them around all of the exterior windows.

Places that are windy or have harsh or extreme temperatures are the types of areas you'd need to install shutters all the way around. Factor in where you live and its weather patterns before making a final decision about this.

Which Windows Should Have Shutters?

Luxury white indoor plantation shutters in bedroom - selective focus

The main point in having shutters is the privacy that they provide, protection from the weather, and that they add aesthetic value. They do not function properly if the window is taller or wider than they are. Some shutters are false for visual purposes.

Even though a picture window isn't the best suited for shutters, others certainly are under the right circumstances. The best answer is for which windows should have shutters on both sides of windows that stand alone. These are known as single windows.

For one, you have to start by considering the size of the window. If shutters are not intended to be functional, you can put them beside whatever window you choose. Whether or not you will like the way they look by a bigger window is questionable though.

Shutters do not look good beside a round window. Or, if the window is wider than it is tall, shutters aren't the best idea. Windows that can be covered by regular shutters or plantation shutters are the best windows for shutters.

A lot of people like to add shutters around the windows of their homes that are false. If this is the case for you, you can add them to any square window that you want.

In Closing

A set of open white plantation shutters in a light butter yellow room

While you can technically add shutters to a picture window, it isn't really recommended. That's because picture windows are large, and functioning shutters won't be big enough to cover the whole window. Some people add shutters for aesthetic reasons, but they don't look great beside a picture window.

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