Should You Tip Furniture Delivery Drivers?

These days, we seem to see tip jars and tip lines on receipts everywhere we go. It's also common for many industries to expect tips when they deliver products to your door. You've almost certainly had a pizza delivered and then tipped the driver. But what about other products that are brought to your home, like furniture? We did the research to bring you the answer.

While most furniture delivery drivers are paid above minimum wage, the work they perform should be rewarded with a tip. This is important to remember, especially if your furniture is being delivered by the retailer for free. The amount you should tip is based on the amount of work the drivers are performing but should generally range between $5 and $20 per driver.

Now that we know that furniture delivery drivers should be tipped, we'll break down the factors that span the range of tip amounts for these workers. You might also be wondering how much it costs to have furniture delivered and how long it takes to get to your home. Just keep reading to learn more.

Young male movers unloading furniture and cardboard boxes from truck on street, Should You Tip Furniture Delivery Drivers?

Factors That Impact Your Tipping

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No doubt, delivering furniture is a grueling vocation. The men and women that do it have to be strong, patient, and sometimes very creative in how they maneuver your furniture through tight spots in your home. Below we've listed some things that might make you want to tip these folks on the higher end of the tipping range we listed above.


If your home is level and without a single step, disregard this part. But if you live in a home or apartment building that will require your drivers to climb a flight of stairs (or two, or three) with your new furniture on their backs, consider tipping a little better.

Tight doorways

Often times, a delivery driver won't be able to fit your new furniture into your home without removing several doors. This takes time out of their day, as they also have to reinstall them when they're finished. Should your drivers need to do this on delivery, they deserve a higher than normal tip.

Packaging Removal

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Most companies won't remove the packaging on delivery. But you might get a driver that offers to do this for you. This courtesy is surely worthy of tipping a bit more than normal. After all, they're saving you a ton of room for your trash can.

The Weather

It's not always sunny and seventy-five degrees. These drivers work in the blazing heat, the freezing cold, and everything in between. If you're getting your goods brought into your home during temperatures that you wouldn't want to be lifting in, we'd say that's worth more of a tip.

How Much Does It Cost To Have Furniture Delivered?

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If you have no way of getting the furniture from the retailer to your home, you'll have to arrange for the pieces to be delivered by a third party. How much will this cost?

The amount of money you'll have to pay will depend on where you get the furniture and the total price of the furniture you've purchased. In general, furniture delivery costs can range from $80 to as much as $400 depending on the amount of work involved.

For instance, some retailers promote free delivery for their products within a radius of "X" miles. Others will waive any delivery fee altogether if you are spending "X" amount of dollars in their store. And you might be purchasing from some companies that won't deliver anything at all.

Buying furniture online is much the same. Certain companies will charge a delivery fee based on the zip code they are shipping the furniture to. But there are many retailers that use Amazon as their sales vessel, and a lot of them will offer free delivery to those customers that have the Amazon Prime membership.

How Long Does It Take Furniture To Get Delivered?

Now that you've paid for your furniture, you're all ready to have it delivered to your home or office. But how long will you have to wait before it arrives?

Unfortunately, same-day delivery isn't usually an option. We've found that most big box retail stores will deliver within 48-96 hours, but some will expedite this service for a fee.

Take the time you've been granted to prepare the room for your new pieces of furniture so that you aren't rushed the day of the delivery.

Does Furniture Delivery Include Assembly?

Self assembling furniture at home, woman housewife putting together assemble bed frame, using hand tools.

There are many furniture pieces that you could purchase that will require some assembly. Are you on your own here, or will it be assembled for you?

As with delivery fees, assembly options will vary from retailer to retailer. Some will deliver and assemble for free, and even remove your old pieces. Others will just do a drop delivery on your doorstep. 

If you're uncomfortable assembling your furniture, check online directories for furniture assemblers in your area. Most areas will have at least one company that will come to your home and put your piece together for a fee.

Does Ashley Furniture Charge For Delivery?

 Ashely Furniture offers two options for the delivery of their products. Let's take a look at each of them.

No-Hassle Delivery And Assembly

This is the service that Ashley offers that has all the frills. Ashley will have their drivers deliver your furniture and professionally assemble it. They'll remove all of the packaging materials so that you can save room in your garbage can. The price for this service varies by product as well as your zip code. 

Threshold Delivery

This is the most basic delivery service that Ashley offers. The company will deliver your items to your front door on an assigned day. The product will be in its original packaging. Assembly, removal of your old furniture, and discarding the packing material will be on you.

The cost of this type of delivery is free if you live in the continental United States and ranges from $14.95 to $310 if you have it delivered to Alaska or Hawaii.

Does Wayfair Deliver And Assemble Furniture?

If you're considering purchasing furniture from Wayfair, you'll be pleased to know that this company offers delivery and assembly of their furniture products.

Wayfair will deliver anything to your door for free if it costs a minimum of $49. The free delivery will include the drivers carrying your new furniture and setting it inside your doorway.

Should you need the furniture assembled, Wayfair will have their drivers do this for a fee. The amount you pay for assembly will depend on the product.

In Closing

Young male movers unloading furniture and cardboard boxes from truck on street, Should You Tip Furniture Delivery Drivers?

Delivering furniture is hard work, and the men and women who do this job will often times go the extra mile for their customers. Tipping them appropriately is expected, especially when they go above and beyond. While some retailers will offer delivery and assembly for free, many charge a fee for this service. If you aren't wanting the hassle of doing these things on your own, there are private companies for hire that will do it for you.

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