Should You Tip Pool Table Installers?

In the modern world, it seems as though we see tip jars everywhere we go. Some might argue that there are a lot of jobs that rely on customers tipping for the worker to make a living wage, while others point out that it should be on the employer to pay enough for a person to live comfortably.

But where is the line for tipping drawn? Suppose you are getting a pool table delivered and installed. Does this mean a tip is customary? We consulted some experts so you'll know for sure.

Though it is not customary to tip a pool table installer, it is worthy of your consideration. If your installer does this job with care and precision, some gratuity will be appreciated.

Now that we know that it would be a great courtesy to tip a pool table installer for a job well done, we'll take a look at what these workers might make and how tipping would impact their income. You might also be wondering how much it costs to move a pool table and set it up or if you can tip a pool table on its side. For the answers to these questions and more, read on and see what our research has uncovered.

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How Tipping Might Impact A Pool Table Installer's Income

The rate a pool table installer makes will vary from region to region. Many of these delivery drivers make an average of $20 to $25 per hour. But the labor services that the   nd courteous installer with a healthy tip will be greatly appreciated. After all, you might have spent more than $10,000 on your new pool table. Taking care of the folks that got it to you and made it possible for you to enjoy it is worth considering.

How Much Does It Cost To Move And Install A Pool Table?

Pool tables are bulky and heavy objects to have moved. There is no set amount that this service will cost you. The money you will pay is based on the distance they will travel, how heavy the table is, and if you need any additional services from the installer.

The Shorter The Distance, The Lower The Cost

In-town delivery will be the least expensive. This will run an average of $100-$300 for the delivery. The installation cost is usually not included in this amount. That cost varies from company to company, but expect to pay an average of $75 an hour.

Cross-Country Delivery Is The Most Expensive

If you need to have a table delivered outside of town, the company you choose will typically assess a per-mile charge in addition to their base rate. Cross-country moves, of course, will be the most expensive in this case. Experts maintain that this can cost upwards of $1,000.

Consider Other Services Once The Table Has Been Installed

Once the table has been delivered and installed, a professional pool table installer might have other services you will want to consider.

This will come at an additional fee. Many owners will want to take this time to have new felt put on their table or other maintenance done. Depending on what you want, this could cost another $100 to $300.

Can I Tip A Pool Table On Its Side?

If you need to make temporary room in the area where your pool table is located, you might be considering tipping it on its side. Before you decide to do that, there are several things to consider.

It will not harm the table to tip it on its side. But it can be dangerous to do so if you are not careful. These tables are quite heavy and will need at least two people to perform this maneuver. So if you are going to tip it, be sure to have help on hand to assist you.

Once a pool table is on its side, it can be a hazard. If it is not secured, there will be a risk of it tipping back over damaging your floor and possibly your floor joists. If anyone is in the way, it can crush them. So take proper precautions if you are planning on storing your pool table in this fashion.

How Much Does A Seven-Foot Pool Table Weigh?

Pool tables can be quite heavy, especially if they are slate. This should be taken into consideration, as it could rule out certain locations for the table that you had planned. A typical seven-foot slate table will weigh 700 pounds but can be heavier depending on the thickness of the slate.

An eight-foot table will be heavier, of course. These average 850 pounds. Some slate tables will tip the scales at 1,000 pounds or more. Remember that the weight of the pool table will impact the price of delivery and installation! 

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Will A Slate Pool Table Warp?

You might have played on a pool table that has warped over the years. Changes in humidity, accidental beverage spills on the table, and aging can all make a tabletop warp. Though this isn't uncommon with wooden tables, you'll be happy to know that this will not happen with slate.

Slate is comprised of several minerals that are combined to form a smooth, rock-like surface. The slate is non-porous and will not absorb water. The elements will not make the slate warp in any way.

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Why Are Pool Tables So Heavy?

Pool tables can weigh as much as 1,000 pounds or more. How much they weigh will depend on the tabletop material, the size of the table itself, and how thick the top is (slate only).

Tables that have a wooden top under the felt will weigh the least. They are easier to transport, faster to install, and can be moved from room to room with less effort. But these tables can also warp over time.

Slate tables are the heaviest. The slate will come available in different thicknesses, which will impact the overall weight of the table. 

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Is It Okay To Put A Pool Table In The Garage?

If you have a climate-controlled garage that is big enough, it could be a great place to play the game. A slate table will not warp, so it could be used in a garage that isn't climate controlled. A wood-top pool table will slowly warp over time if there are significant changes in the humidity, so take some caution here.

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Final Thoughts

Snooker game, billiard table, pool game

Pool table installers that do a professional job should be considered for gratuity. These gaming tables are quite heavy, and they take some experience and precision to accurately assemble, set up, and level.

Giving your installers a tip can greatly impact their income and might get you a bit more for your dollar if you ever need them again.

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