Should Your Bedroom Nightstands Match?

When most of us think about bedroom furniture, a matching set complete with two identical nightstands on either side of the bed comes to mind. But if you are tired of the same old same old in your bedroom and you want a look that’s more unique, maybe you should consider mixing things up a bit. Now, you might be asking yourself if there is a design rule that says your bedroom nightstands should match? Not to worry, because we have found the answer to that question so that you can decorate your bedroom with confidence and achieve the perfect look.

The nightstands in your bedroom do not need to match. Mismatched nightstands can add an original vibe to your bedroom, and even though some experts suggest that you choose nightstands that are the same colors and made from the same material, there are very few rules–if any–to follow if you go this creative route.

Your bedroom is your sanctuary, and it should reflect your tastes. So if you want to create a bedroom that’s original and interesting, we have all of the tips you need to do just that. Keep reading, and get decorating!

Luxury modern bedroom interior at night., Should Your Bedroom Nightstands Match?

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Mismatched Magic

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If you browse the sale catalogs each week and look through the furniture ads, you will be hard-pressed to see any bedroom sets that don’t perfectly match. But experts all agree that you don’t need to have cookie-cutter furniture in your bedroom to achieve a look of sophistication and style. 

If you are the type of person who likes to go against the grain when decorating, you might not want a matching bedroom set. Instead, you have the option to choose two different nightstands to shake things up.

Although you are free to do whatever you like in your bedroom, you can follow a few simple guidelines that we’ve outlined below to make things look more symmetrical and cohesive.

Stay With The Same Style

If you want a bit of organization in your bedroom, you could start with matching styles. If your bedroom has a nautical theme, you can choose two nightstands that have a nautical feel. Even if they don’t look alike in the least, they will both give off the same vibe.

Color Coordinated

If you must have something matchy in your bedroom, you could always choose the same color or wood for your nightstands. Even if they aren’t really the same style, having two pieces that are similar in color can give your room the appearance of harmony.  

Size Right

The size of the nightstands can also be a consideration. You won’t want one nightstand to tower above the bed and the other nightstand to be several inches shorter. The height difference will create a look of unevenness in the bedroom, so it’s not a bad idea to chose nightstands that are similar in height.

How Far Should A Nightstand Be From The Bed?

Your nightstand is the place in your bedroom where you will likely keep your phone, maybe a book you’re reading, and probably a bottle of water –so it only makes sense that you will want to have your nightstand within arm’s length of the bed for easy access. There isn’t really a rule as to how close the nightstand should be to the bed, but it’s practical to keep it close enough so that you can reach everything on it without too much effort.

Is It OK To Have Mismatched Bedroom Furniture? 

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Like everything else in your bedroom, mismatched furniture really comes down to personal preference. If you want to display different styles and pieces of furniture, then it’s perfectly fine to let your creative juices flow and decorate your bedroom like a bohemian dream.

However, if you want to find some common ground in your bedroom decor, you can adhere to a few of the following rules:

Furniture Style

If you are looking to do something a little out of the ordinary in your bedroom but you’d like to maintain some semblance of unity, you can always try to match the style using different pieces of furniture. For example, if you have several modern pieces, it’s probably not the best idea to pair them with a colonial dresser. Keep your styles similar.

Color Choices

The choice of color is another way to bring things together in your bedroom. If you have all sorts of styles going on, you might want to match the colors of a few pieces of furniture. Perhaps if you have a red nightstand, you could add a red chair. Do the same with other furniture in the room so that you only have two or three color schemes going on.

Should I Paint All My Bedroom Furniture The Same Color?

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You absolutely do not need to paint all of the furniture the same color. Although a bedroom with a monochromatic look is attractive, it isn’t the only way to go. Different colors in a room give it vibrance and character, and you can easily achieve a look that you will love with different colors.

Same Style, Different Color

If you like the look of different colors in your bedroom, you can still achieve some consistency by keeping the furniture all the same style. There will still be a lot of visual variety in the bedroom, but by sticking with one style, you can avoid a bedroom that looks like a decorating free for all. 

Can You Mix Different Woods In A Bedroom?

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Much like everything else we’ve talked about, no rule says everything has to match in your bedroom, and that includes the wood. You can have several different types and colors of wood in your bedroom if you choose.

Accent Colors

You can bring different woods together with complimenting accent colors. Adding throw pillows or wall paintings that pick up the colors of the different woods is one way of achieving some symmetry in the room. A multi-colored comforter on the bed or a rug with lighter and darker shades of browns similar to the wood colors in the bedroom is another way to tie everything together.

Dominant Shade

Many style experts suggest that your room has a dominant wood that all of the other woods revolves around. In your bedroom, the bed is the most prominent piece of furniture, so that could be your dominant wood. Chose other wood furniture pieces that pick up the undertones in the dominant wood and complement it.

Repetition of Wood

Another style tip for using different wood is repetition. If you like the idea of a room that’s not matchy, but you don’t want it getting out of control, you can stick to two or three different types of wood depending on how many pieces of furniture you have. For instance, your bed and one nightstand could be oak, while your dresser and the other nightstand might be walnut.

Do Lamps on Nightstands Have To Match?

Luxury modern bedroom interior at night., Should Your Bedroom Nightstands Match?We’ve talked about nightstands, but what about the lamps on them? Much like your nightstands not needing to match, your lamps don’t have to be perfectly paired either. Lamps can certainly differ–whether it’s the base, the shade, or both.

If you want to keep some symmetry in the room, it is suggested that you make sure your lamps are about the same size. You can also choose the same color, but different styles, or the same style and different colors. It’s also recommended that the lamps function the same–meaning, they should be equally bright.

But what if the lamps you choose are completely different in every way? Well, that’s ok too. Originality doesn’t have to follow any rules, and if the look you’re going for is unconventional, then feel free to get a little wild and crazy. The result might just be stunning.

Final Thoughts About Nightstands

Decorating a bedroom with mismatched nightstands is a bold style, and there aren’t really many rules when it comes right down to it. You can choose nightstands that are similar in design or material, or you can opt for two different nightstands entirely. So go ahead and pick out some interesting pieces that you adore, put it all together, and you’ll have a bedroom you love and is 100% original. 

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