13 Shower Curtain Alternatives You Need To Know About

When you step into the shower, you immerse yourself into an environment that should be aesthetically pleasing and offers a transformative experience. Elevate your bath with an alternative to shower curtains. You may be surprised at the available options to upgrade the look and feel of your shower and bathroom.

A vinyl or PVC shower curtain may be the standard for many households, but there is a host of ideas you can use instead of a traditional shower curtain. Consider the following options for your shower and change the way you look at bathing. Many of these listed shower curtain alternatives you can turn into a DIY project.

  1. Glass doors
  2. Open wet room (doorless)
  3. Rolling panel
  4. Repurposed metal
  5. Polished Cotton
  6. Hemp
  7. Linen
  8. Bamboo
  9. Screens
  10. Window curtains
  11. Hanging plants
  12. Vintage window partition
  13. Macrame curtain

Whether you are interested in installing something beyond an ordinary shower curtain, or you desire a more environmentally-friendly or budget-friendly alternative, we have you covered. Keep reading for more details.

White shower curtains rods and a matching white shower curtain inside a modern bathroom. 13 Shower Curtain Alternatives You Need To Know About

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Lavish Yourself in the Shower Beyond the Curtain

Since the popularity of indoor showers, shower curtains and shower curtain liners have been a necessary item in the home. Shower curtains are not solely for aesthetic purposes as they help reduce spills, splashes, keep excess water off of the floor, and provide a modicum of privacy. Choosing the right shower curtain or a shower curtain alternative is beneficial for your home’s decor. A shower is elevated when you have a quality shower curtain or option that provides practical benefits, improves the mood because of its color or pattern, and increases the overall attractiveness of a bathroom.

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Interior of a jade and green themed bathoom with green bathroom tiles and a matching white curtain

You may be interested in a shower curtain alternative to complement your sense of style, reduce contact from harmful elements because of shower curtains containing volatile compounds, or to avoid shower curtains made from PVC. There are lots of ecologically friendly and sustainable shower curtain alternatives that are visually stimulating, easy to maintain, and available in a range of prices. Think outside of the box when it comes to interior decorating because you might be surprised at how an alternative to a shower curtain will enhance your bathroom’s ambiance. We will further delve into more details about the benefits of each shower curtain alternative, so read on.

Alternatives to the Traditional Shower Curtain

Don’t settle for plastic shower curtains as your only option to keep water out of your shower. You might be shocked at how well many shower curtain alternatives will brighten up your showering experience and improve the appearance of your shower. Unlike a plastic shower curtain, which may be prone to tearing or be impossible to throw in the wash, many alternatives are machine washable, inexpensive, and look downright luxurious.

White shower curtains photographed in a narrow bathroom

Glass Doors

Embrace installing shower doors made from tempered glass for a more sophisticated shower. Shower doors are easy to keep clean and don’t need to be replaced, often like shower curtains. Compared to shower curtains, which can be drawn to hide unsightly and unkempt showers, a shower with glass doors will need to be maintained more often.

Shower doors are a nice touch because they are aesthetically pleasing and do not readily buildup with mildew and mold like curtains. Curtains may be easy, but they are capable of letting water escape or drip on the floor much more than doors. Caution should be taken in households with young children to ensure that the doors are not cracked or broken. Replacing shower doors can be a lot more expensive than replacing a shower curtain, especially for high-end custom doors.

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Open Wet Room

Forget having a shower curtain or installing doors altogether, and opt to have a spacious shower and wet room. Take a cue from the Italians and other beautiful cultures, and enjoy taking a shower without a troublesome shower curtain or alternative that needs routine maintenance or replacement. Bask in a spa-like experience and surround your shower and bathroom environment with air-cleaning plants.

Ideally, a shower that is without a curtain, door, or another type of cover benefits most from having a rainfall type of showerhead. Pretend that you are showering under a waterfall and feel entirely free without any kind of barrier to keep water out. Be prepared to clean up any puddles of water after each shower if you choose this method.

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Rolling Panel

Don’t you wish you could make the curtain for your shower disappear? Now you can if you install a modern and convenient rolling panel or blind. You will need to give our rolling panel some time to air dry after a shower to prevent mildew or mold from taking hold. Once a roll-up shower blind is nice and dry, you can easily roll up the cover to expose your shower or bathtub combination. It is essential to check the measurements of the shower or bathtub before selecting a rolling panel because you might not be able to trim the cartridge or curtain.

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Repurposed Metal

Polka dotted shower curtain inside a bathroom

Embrace your inner bohemian and install some repurposed metal in the place of a shower curtain. Think outside of the box and scoop up a treasured find from a yard sale, estate sale, thrift store, or vintage shop. Use an old elevator gate that opens and closes on hinges or consider taking fencing material and using it for your shower. You can place a layer of waterproof material or a shower curtain liner behind the metal. Make sure to treat the metal to prevent rust.

Polished Cotton

Cotton is an accessible and inexpensive fabric that can repel water from a shower if it is polished. You can choose to install a panel of polished cotton with a custom design or a pattern of your choosing. Polished cotton can keep water out because of how it is woven, or if the cotton undergoes the process of calendering.


Move over plastic shower curtains and try throwing a hemp panel in your shower in its place. Hemp has proven a worthy and durable fabric for sailors, is naturally anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and is free from toxins. Although hemp panels can get pretty soaked after a shower, they do dry quickly if your bathroom has adequate ventilation. Maintenance of hemp panels is pretty easy: throw the fabric into the washing machine as needed and press it with an iron if desired.


Give your shower a minimalist and natural treatment with the installation of a linen panel. Linen has been a prized fabric for ages, and it provides a significant amount of privacy, breathability, and lets light pass through. Similar to hemp, canvas, or cotton, a panel made from this material can be thrown in the washing machine for maintenance. Linen is lightweight, absorbs moisture, and dries quickly between uses.


Reinvent the look and feel of your shower when you install a panel or wall of sustainable and ecologically-friendly bamboo. A panel of bamboo is not only attractive visually, but it creates a conversation regarding your interior decor. Ideally, you would want to select bamboo that has been treated to resist rot, water damage, and fungal growth. A panel made from bamboo fibers or a panel created from stalks of bamboo tied together gives your shower a tropical feel.


Entering and exiting your shower does not require having to deal with a curtain that you have to push from side to side. Consider giving a screen a chance to provide you with much-needed privacy in the shower. Many screens are designed to roll up and out of the way when not in use, and they have a clean, modern appearance.

Window Curtains

Give window treatments a second life and install them instead of shower curtains in your bathroom. Depending on the style of the window curtain, you may have to make some adjustments. Curtains with durable grommets at the top or loops work well when placed on a shower curtain rod.

Hanging Plants

Join the green revolution and introduce more plants to your bathroom for an uplifted mood, more oxygen, color, and life. Instead of hanging up a curtain or panel, select plants like ivy, air plants, or spider plants to create a living wall for your shower. You can use macrame hangers for a more earthy vibe for your bathroom, and hang up plants that go well in your bathroom. Don’t stress about making sure your plants get enough water and enjoy the difference your natural friends make in your life and for your shower experience.

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Vintage Window Partition

Give an old window a new lease on life, and consider using a vintage window as a partition for your shower. There are plenty of opportunities to turn this into a DIY project, and you will want to treat the window panel to prevent rot, mold, mildew, and fungus. A repurposed window or series of windows hanging from a shower curtain rod gives off a bohemian and eclectic vibe, let it lots of light and provides plenty of visual interest. Depending on whether you install frosted glass, stained glass, or have clear panels, the level of privacy offered may vary.

Stainless steel shower curtain hooks and rods

Macrame Curtain

Reaching back to popular fashionable ideas of the past have never been more popular. Try your hand at braiding your own macrame curtain, or install some macrame curtains made from hemp or cotton in place of a shower curtain. Give your shower a boost of infectious energy, a sense of playfulness, and have plenty of room to hang plants as a complementing accent.

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Make Shower Magic with an Alternative to Curtains

You don’t have to spend excessive amounts to get the shower of your dreams. You can choose a shower curtain alternative that speaks to your sense of personal style and brings your space together. We hope that you have fun experimenting with different types of natural and human-made options to enhance your shower, keep water out, and allow you to live your best life. Surprise yourself about how you think about interior decorating, release limitations about specific materials, and enjoy transforming your shower.

A modern bathroom with glass shower, bathtub and mirror above brown cabinet with white countertop washbasin, 13 Shower Curtain Alternatives You Need To Know About

13 Shower Curtain Alternatives You Need To Know About
13 Shower Curtain Alternatives You Need To Know About
13 Shower Curtain Alternatives You Need To Know About
13 Shower Curtain Alternatives You Need To Know About
13 Shower Curtain Alternatives You Need To Know About
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  2. Hello I need a shower curtain solution

    1 Pole – held betweeen 2 walls – 75 cm distance. So widthcan be around 120 cm
    Length should be 210-240 (in this range)
    One color

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