Why Are Shower Curtain Rods Curved?

When redecorating your bathroom, the littlest of details will suddenly be driven to the front of your mind, like what kind of shower curtain rod to use. Straight shower curtain rods are perfectly fine, but there are some serious upsides of choosing a curved shower rod instead. These shower curtain rods jut out and away from the wall of the shower to expand the space you have inside of the shower. But are they something that's really worth installing in your own bathroom? Continue reading to learn why our answer is "yes!"

There are several reasons to consider getting a curved shower curtain rod as an alternative to a traditionally straight one. These semi-circular rods:

  • Provide a luxurious and modern look in the bathroom
  • Increase the amount of space you have in the shower
  • Keep the shower curtain further away from your body while you shower

Why are shower curtain rods curved? Curved shower curtain rods are a great addition to any bathroom, big and small. In this guide to curved shower curtain rods, we'll discuss the measurement, installation, and removal of these rods. We'll also show you how you can get a curved shower rod to complement even the smallest bathroom space.

What are the Pros and Cons of Curved Shower Rods?

Like every other design element that goes into your bathroom, there are pros and cons to consider before moving forward with the installation of a curved shower curtain rod. It helps to understand both sides before you commit to this room-transforming decor choice.

More Space in the Shower

By replacing your straight shower curtain rod with a curved one, you can suddenly have as much as 33% more space in the shower. And despite the added space and the outward curvature of the shower curtain as a result of the rod, the design will still keep the water inside of your shower, rather than pooling on your bathroom floor!

Luxury Aesthetic

Who doesn't love having a bathroom that is a bastion of comfortable luxury? It's remarkable how such a subtle design change, such as converting from a straight curtain rod to a curved one, can impact the overall visual impact of a space.

Here is an example of a beautiful bathroom that features a straight shower curtain rod. It certainly does nothing to take away from the aesthetic of the space, but let's compare the look of this bathroom to one with a curved shower rod.

See? This one, simple change makes a surprisingly dramatic difference. The result of installing a curved shower rod is a heightened level of elegance and luxury. Whether you prefer this look or not, however, is entirely up to your individual preference.

Prevent Bodily Harm and Property Damage

For some people, there is a substantial risk of getting caught up in or accidentally tearing down your shower curtain. If this does happen, the person can become easily injured and the shower wall can be damaged from the rod and/or shower curtain rings from coming down. When the shower curtain is further away from the person using the shower, this risk is greatly diminished.

Small Bathrooms Need Extra Consideration

The only real, potential downside to using a curved shower curtain rod is the presence that they can take up in a smaller bathroom. When the shower curtain is jutting out in a semi-circle from the shower wall, this means that it is going to take up added space in the area outside of the shower. If your bathroom is very small, this could make your space feel cramped.

Fortunately, you don't have to skip out on the upscale look of a curved shower curtain rod just because your bathroom is on the small side. Rotator Rod sells shower curtain rods that allow you to turn the rod so that it only curves outward when you want it to. The rest of the time? The curtain rod can be inverted, which turns your curved shower curtain rod into a space saver! Click here to buy the Rotator Rod curved shower curtain rod on Amazon.

Do I Need a Special Shower Curtain for a Curved Shower Curtain Rod?

Short answer: Nope!

Long answer: There is absolutely no need to buy a special shower curtain to accommodate your curved shower curtain rod. You may choose to purchase an extra-wide shower curtain if you want, but that is entirely up to you.

Just like with straight shower curtain rods, you may need to purchase an extra-long shower curtain if you hang the rod very high up on the wall, closer to the ceiling. If this isn't the case, then there are no extra considerations you need to make regarding the dimensions of your chosen shower curtain.

How Do You Measure a Curved Shower Rod?

A curved shower curtain rod will look great in your bathroom, but that is only the case if the shower curtain rod actually fits in your shower. You need to make sure that the rod you choose will fit the space between the two parallel walls adjacent to your shower. Here's a quick step-by-step to measuring your shower for a curved shower curtain rod of the proper size.

Step 1: Measure Upward

On both walls, use a measuring tape to measure up the walls to the desired height of the shower curtain rod. This should be as long as your chosen shower curtains. Mark the exact spot with a line of a pencil to avoid permanently marking the walls. It doesn't matter where you start your measurements - from the floor or from the top of the tub - as long as the marks are at the exact same height.

Step 2: Measure Across

After measuring the desired height of your shower curtain rod's placement, it's time to measure across the shower space.  Measure the length of the shower enclosure and then take note of the measurement on a piece of paper.

Step 3: Measure Your Existing Curtain Rod

Lay your current, straight shower curtain rod on the floor. Extend the measuring tape across, from one end to the other, at the length that you measured in step 2. The result so far should bear some resemblance to a bow, with the measuring tape having a bit of slack much like a bow's drawstring. Now, extend the rod so that the gap between both ends and the walls are the same.

Where Should a Curved Shower Rod be Placed?

Any shower curtain rod should be placed high enough that it will keep water from getting out of your shower through the top, yet low enough that the curtain adequately covers the entire shower enclosure. You also don't want the shower curtain to touch the floor, ideally.

The average shower curtain is 72 inches (or 138 centimeters) in length so in most circumstances you will want to install the curved shower curtain rod with at least two inches of clearance from the floor - 74 inches. If this isn't possible to do because of the height of your space not accommodating 74 inches, you can purchase a shorter shower curtain.

Click here to check out this 66-inch shower curtain/curtain liner from Mrs. Awesome on Amazon.

Alternatively, you may have space and the desire to install your curved shower curtain rod higher up on the wall. If this is the case, you can certainly install the curtain rod higher than 74 inches. But if you do, you will need to have a longer shower curtain to make sure that the shower has adequate coverage to prevent water from making a slippery mess on your floor.

Click here to buy this 72'' W x 84''L shower curtain on Amazon.

To recap, you will need to keep these thoughts in mind when placing your new, curved shower curtain rod:

  • The height of your shower enclosure.
  • The height of the tallest person in your home. You don't want them bumping their heads when they get into the shower.
  • The length of your chosen shower curtain.

How Do You Remove a Curved Shower Rod?

Taking down a curved shower curtain rod is very much the same procedure as removing a straight shower curtain rod. Here's a quick step-by-step guide to taking down your shower curtain rod when you've decided that it's outlived its purpose or you're renovating your bathroom.

Step 1: Remove the Shower Curtain

First, you will need to take the shower curtain off the rod. Gather all of the material on one side to make this easier for yourself. Depending on the rings you've used for your shower curtain, you might have to unclasp the rings. Some other rings simply lift out of place.

Step 2: Remove the 1st Mounting Bracket

Take off the circular covers on the mounting brackets to expose them for removal. Remove the screws from the first mounting bracket using a drill. Push the rod and bracket upward until they are both free from the wall.

Step 3: Remove the Rod

With the rod free from one side, you can remove the entirety of the rod from the shower enclosure. Now you can remove the second mounting bracket using only a screwdriver.

Step 4: Remove the Drywall Anchors

Using a flathead screwdriver, remove the drywall anchors from both sides of the shower enclosure. Put the tip of the screwdriver behind the exposed, flat portion of the drywall anchor and pry the anchors free this way.

Step 5: Cover Up the Damage

Obviously this is going to leave some distinct damage on the walls, so you should properly cover the damage to restore the look of the wall. Spread some joint compound over the holes with a putty knife until the holes are completely covered. Allow the compound to dry. Once it is fully dry, use fine-grit sandpaper to file the dried compound down. Touch it up with paint that matches your walls, and you're finished!

Curved Shower Curtain Rods are an Elegant Fixture for Any Bathroom

It is never a bad idea to install a curved shower curtain rod in your bathroom, regardless of the dimensions of the bathroom itself! Everyone can stand to benefit from the upscale appearance, shower enclosure-expanding and safety benefits of a curved shower curtain rod. And when you make this change to your bathroom, you'll be amazed at how big a difference such a subtle change can make!


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