What Color Siding Goes With A Copper Roof?

Let's say you put off getting your roof remodeled for a long time but can't wait any longer. You decide on a copper roof, and you love it. The problem is that your current siding no longer matches. You want to upgrade that too, but what color siding looks best with a copper roof?

You can select from various siding colors for a copper roof, including cream, white, tan, brown, black, blue, or red. All will bring out different elements of the copper color, such as its undertones or warmth.

If you want to learn more about which color to select for your new siding when you have a copper roof, make sure you keep reading. Ahead, we’ll explain why the above colors are so complimentary to copper, so read on!

Up close photo of copper roofing, What Color Siding Goes With A Copper Roof?

Which Siding Colors Go Best With A Copper Roof?

First, let’s examine in more detail the colors you could choose for your siding that will look great with a copper roof.


Up close photo of white wooden siding

Copper will naturally oxidize the longer it’s around, which means that the bronze-brown will take on a green patina like the color you see on the Statue of Liberty.

Some homeowners might detest the color change, while others will be willing to embrace it. If you’re in the latter camp, then choose cream siding. It will naturally showcase the depth of the green that’s already developed across your copper roof.


White painted wooden siding

If your roof is on the browner side of copper, then white siding is an excellent choice. The contrasting colors will look phenomenal, and you’ll enjoy how much brighter your home’s exterior is.

Of course, we should note that when it comes to cream and white siding, you will be in for much more maintenance than a homeowner who chooses a darker siding color.

White and cream hide no sins. From streaks of dirt to grass and other grime, you’ll have to make it a point to keep the siding in pristine condition.

According to ProClean, a power-washing service, the average homeowner can wait two and three years to power-wash. You won’t be able to wait that long with white siding!


A double hung window with white painted window trims and guard rails

The next color you might consider for your home’s siding to match your copper roof is tan. We’d again recommend tan if your copper roof is browner than greener and has deep, rich tones.

Tan is light enough that the contrast between the darker copper and the lighter siding will look nice. This hue will produce a less jarring effect between the roof and the siding than white or cream-colored siding.

Additionally, you can wait the average time to power-wash tan siding. It’s more forgiving than white and can hide dirt rather well!


A two story man with wooden siding, brown painted vinyl siding and white painted tirms

Sometimes, you want uniformity between your siding and your roof. If your roof is indeed a darker copper color, then any shade of brown darker than tan ought to create the effort you’re going for.

Even more so than the other colors we’ve discussed, the brown siding will look fresh and clean for quite a while.

You might be able to wait upwards of three years to power-wash your siding because it’s possibly the most forgiving hue yet!


A lone black siding house with white trims and white window frames

Against a warmer, lighter copper roof, the black siding looks exceptional. Black matches pretty much anything, so this is one color where you truly can’t go wrong.

If you were considering other types of metal roofs for your home besides copper, black would look exceptional with a silver-colored metal.

Does black hide dirt and messes as well as brown? That depends on what the mess is.

Dirt might be well-hidden, but bird poop? That’s going to stand out like a sore thumb! Thus, you might have to dedicate more time to siding maintenance if you choose black.

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Blue painted siding with white painted trims

Although this seems strange, blue siding looks incredibly charming with a copper roof.

We recommend pairing the siding with white window trim and white details like a wraparound porch or a patio.

The shade of blue you should choose is a nice mid-blue. Blue-gray also looks fantastic. This siding color isn’t too in-your-face but isn’t so muted that it’s ineffective.


A two story mansion with red painted wooden siding matched with white trims and white frames on the windows

What if you want to embrace the warmth of copper for all its worth? In that case, then select red siding.

The warmth of the copper combined with the warmth of red will surely make your house feel nice, cozy, and inviting. Red siding, even if you choose a darker shade akin to brick red, is still going to be very loud.

You have to be okay with being the attention-grabber on your street because your home will grab the most attention.

Keeping red siding clean doesn’t require more effort than usual, which is certainly an upside!

Should A Roof Be Lighter Or Darker Than The Siding?

We just gave you a great selection of colors ranging from bright, purifying whites to dark browns and black. With such a spectrum of shades, you might have another question.

Should your roof be darker than your new siding, lighter, or about the same shade?

Ultimately, it’s your choice what your roof and siding colors will be.

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You ideally want the color of your home’s siding to contrast the roof color. That means one hue should be darker, and the other should be lighter.

As discussed in the last section, copper can be very light in hue or darker.

If your copper roof is on the lighter side, you should select a darker roof color. Gray-blue would be an excellent pick, as would red or brown.

Black might be a little too dark, but don’t be afraid to take home a black siding swatch from your local home improvement store to see if it looks good against a copper roof.

The colors you would want to avoid with a light copper roof are tan (it might look too matchy-matchy), white, and cream.

If your copper roof is on the darker side of the spectrum, then your siding should be lighter. Once again, you can opt for blue-gray and tan, white, or cream.

This time, you would want to forego siding in colors such as black, brown, or red.

What Color Roof Is Best For Resale?

Every homeowner or would-be homeowner is concerned about the resale value of their property. It’s not that they necessarily intend to sell.

Instead, it’s about the peace of mind and financial security that comes from owning a home with a high curb appeal. On that note, which roof color will most improve your home’s resale value?

Hues such as gray, black, brown, cream, and tan are classic colors that remain in vogue.

According to West Coast Roofing & Painting, more so than color, what matters the most to homebuyers is the cohesiveness between the roof and the shingles.

Since cohesion can be created or disrupted depending on the colors you select for both home features, we’d recommend the guidance in this article for choosing a complementary siding color that matches your copper roof!

To Finish

Up close photo of copper roofing

Copper roofs are appealing and durable, lasting between 60 and 100 years. You’ve invested in your roof, and you now want a siding color that looks good.

You have many options, from lighter creams to bright hues like red or blue to darker browns and black. The key is to contrast the roof color and the siding.

For darker copper roofs, choose lighter siding, and for lighter copper roofs, a darker siding color will look great. This is one of the best options for increasing your home’s curb appeal!

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