Sink Cracked All The Way Through – What To Do?

The sink is one of the most essential pieces of any kitchen or bathroom, and we can easily forget how vital they are to the overall home. Any signs of trouble with your sink can cause great amounts of distress, such as when you have a clogged sink. One of the worst issues that you might come face to face within your home is a sink that is cracked all the way through. What can you do if you see a sink that is entirely cracked?

There are various options for treating a cracked sink. The first is to initiate simple repairs to your sink if it is a small crack. The second is to replace the sink entirely. When this is not possible, it's best to consider a kitchen or bathroom upgrade and replace the entire vanity.

Old and dusty sink with cracked, Sink Cracked All The Way Through - What To Do?

Why is My Sink Broken?

There are various reasons your sink might not be broken and have a visible crack in it. It's best to avoid having a broken sink altogether instead of focusing on how to fix it later on. Some of the most popular reasons for a broken sink include:

Dropping a heavy object: If you drop a heavy object into your porcelain sink, this can easily create a crack by damaging the outer layer of the sink. Heavy objects can include things such as construction materials during a renovation project, heavy dishes, and even heavy fruits and vegetables. This is especially true if your porcelain sink is older and more fragile. Avoid dropping anything heavy into your porcelain sink, and treat it with care.

Damage on the old white sink in the bathroom

Hot water is also known to create cracks within your porcelain sink. This is because porcelain is a ceramic material that is prone to stress fractures. Much like placing boiling water and then cold water into a glass will cause it to shatter, extreme temperature changes can do the same for your sink. Always use warm or room temperature water and avoid any extremes.

Wear and tear. Nothing lasts forever, including sinks. Even stainless stink sinks that are designed to last for quite a while are not immune to tears, cracks, and holes. Porcelain and ceramic sinks typically have a lifespan of around 30 years on average. If your home is older than this age, and you are now noticing cracks in your sink, it's best to consider replacing your sink rather than repairing it.

Types of Sink Materials

There are certain types of sink materials that can crack and become damaged. These include:

  • Porcelain, which will also be made of stainless steel that gives it the ability to withstand certain amounts of pressure.
  • Composite sinks, which are made to mimic the look of natural stone.
  • Granite and marble sinks, which can be incredibly expensive and must be properly maintenanced.
  • Stainless steel sinks, which are designed to be durable and are used mostly in the kitchen. However, you can find these in modern bathrooms.

Double kitchen sink

Can I Fix My Sink On My Own?

You can easily fix a crack on your own if your sink is cracked all the way through, but the crack is fairly small. In order to do so, it's best to buy a kit made specifically to repair these types of issues.

Check out this repair kit designed for tubs, tile, and porcelain cracks here.

These kits will have instructions for you to follow written on the back of the kit. However, typically there are several steps you should take, including:

Woman cleaning the washbasin with microfiber cloth and glove

1. Clean your sink so it is free of debris and completely dry. Placing the epoxy or other resin on your sink while it is dirty might not allow it to completely cover the crack or dry.

2. Use a sanding tool to sand around the crack. This will make it easier to place the resin over it and repair the damage.

3. Never use water or use your sink for at least 24 hours after placing the material on top of the damage. The kit you use will have specific instructions regarding this issue.

Replacing vs. Repairing

You can repair your sink using a simple repair kit such as the one above. However, if your sink is damaged to the point where it is leaking water into your cabinet, if the damage is too extensive (such as multiple pieces of porcelain coming off it), or if your sink is older than 30 years old, it's best to consider replacing it completely.

Some sinks, such as above-counter farmhouse style sinks, can be replaced easily by simply buying a new one and fitting it into your existing faucet and drain.

Check out this counter-top style sink here.

Other sinks, known as undermount sinks, need to be fitted to your vanity. Undermount sinks are the most popular types of sinks, and replacing them can cost up to $600. Although this is quite costly, it's better to outfit your undermount sink into your new bathroom or kitchen vanity rather than have to purchase a new one.  

Considering a New Vanity

New modern master bathroom staged with grey towels and nice plant with off white counter tops and grey cabinets and lights under cabinets

In the worst case scenario, your sink and your vanity might need to be entirely replaced. Fortunately, you can purchase a vanity online or at any other hardware store.

Check out this vanity and sink combination here.

If you do consider purchasing a new vanity and sink, make sure you get professional help to install it and outfit it into your existing plumbing system. You might also have to take specific measurements in order to fit it into your existing bathroom or kitchen.

Final Thoughts

If your sink is cracked all the way through, there's no need to panic. You can fix it yourself using a DIY repair kit, simply replace the entire sink, or replace it with a new vanity. All of these options can be done with the help of a professional contractor or by following the instructions on a repair kit.

In any case, you should never leave cracks unrepaired and fix them as soon as possible to prevent further damage. 

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