What Size Rug To Place Under A King Bed?

One of the best ways to freshen up a bedroom is to add some area rugs. But with a large piece of furniture like a king-size bed, you may be unsure of the best way to place it. Or more importantly, what size rugs should you use under or around your king-size bed?

You can use a few sizes of rug under a king-size bed:

  • 9'x12'
  • 8'x10'
  • 2-3' x 5' rugs
  • 2-Sheepskin irregular rugs

So let's dive in and look at some of these rug configurations to see which works best for your bedroom.

Ways To Place A Rug Under A King Bed

Below we'll discuss several different ways to place a rug under a king bed.

Place A Rug Horizontally

Use an 8' x 10 rug horizontally under your bed. The rug will extend about a foot on either side of your king-size mattress and out from the footboard about the same distance. Be sure it sits well in front of your sideboards so you have plenty of space to open your drawers.

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This Unique Loom shag rug in 8'x10' size is a perfect way to get the look seen above. This inch-thick rug is mold and mildew resistant, stain-resistant, and does not shed. It's great for a kid's bedroom or even for your favorite pooch to curl up next to you when you're sleeping. It comes in about ten different colors so you can find the right one for any decor.

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Here's another example of a horizontal placement of your area rug beneath your king-size bed. This natural rug is a perfect complement to the hardwood floor and gives your feet some nice texture to stand on when you wake up in the morning.

This chunky jute rug can give you the same great look as the bedroom above. It's a totally natural fiber with a braided texture that gives a real sense of sophistication to your space. It's good for a whole host of decor choices and the neutral color will blend in well with most color schemes. Plus it feels great on the feet.

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Place A Rug Vertically

Interior of a white and modern bedroom with a wooden framed bed

With a larger rug, like a 9x12 size, you might try turning the bed in a vertical direction. This gives you a nice border on either side of the bed for your landing pad, but also a longer portion of the rug to extend out beyond the bed. It's a nice place for a bench or some throw pillows for your kids to lounge and watch TV from the foot of your bed.

This gorgeous wool-tufted rug has spectacular colors for a calming bedroom space. It's 9'x10' and made out of natural wool fibers. Totally hand-crafted in India, this is a real show-stopper of an area rug. It has .37" pile which is soft on the foot and super long-lasting.

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Side Rugs For Your King Size Bedroom

Another option for your bedroom is rather than having a rug that extends beneath the bed, have two rugs on either side (or one if your bed is pushed up against a wall on one side). You can opt for a regular shape like a 3' x 5' rug or go for some of the irregular but super comfy sheepskin rugs. We've got a few ideas below on rugs that may look great in your room.

These contemporary rugs in 3' x 5' size, reminiscent of a watercolor painting, would look absolutely flawless in a contemporary space. Can you imagine these next to your platform bed? Utter perfection. The color palette of greys, blues, beiges, even a bit of yellow and orange give you lots of choices for direction with bedding and accessories. This rug is made of faux wool fibers and has a non-slip backing for security on any type of flooring.

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This amazing natural sheepskin rug is approximately 3.5' x 6'. As it's a natural pelt, sizes may vary slightly. The fur is a plush two to three inches in length and is one hundred percent New Zealand wool. It's naturally dyed with no chemicals or carcinogens present. This rug is also available in black, light brown, and an ivory whitish color. Your feet will totally thank you for putting these on either side of your bed. It's super luxurious and so worth the splurge!

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How Do You Place A Rug Under A King Size Bed?

Typically when you place a rug under a king-size bed that is placed against a wall, you want it to extend on the two sides and the foot of the bed by at least twelve inches. If your king-size bed is in the center of the room, then you'll want a larger rug that extends on all four sides of the bed.

Wooden floating type king sized bed

Also, pay attention to where your bedside tables are and if you can open the drawers. Eight inches in front of the bedside tables from the headboard wall is a good guideline.

Will An 8 x 10 Rug Fit Under a King Size Bed?

King-sized beds are generally around 76" wide (6'4") and 80" long (6'8"), so if you add two feet to the width, you've got 8'4" and a foot to the length, you've got 7'8", so, therefore, an 8'x10' rug is going to be cutting it pretty close dimension-wise.

Interior of a white walled bedroom with wooden flooring matched with a blue rug and a blue king sized bed, What Size Rug To Place Under A King Bed?

Put the 10' length across the bed and the 8' length from down the bed. It's generally recommended that a 9' x 12' rug will work best if you want more rug sticking out at the bottom. In this case, have the 12' length go out the bottom and the 9' length go side to side.

How Far Should A Rug Go Under a Bed?

When placing a rug under a bed, assuming that the bed has the headboard side backed up to a wall, you want to keep the rug at least 8" in front of your nightstands. The rug extends completely beneath the bed and under the footboard end but does not go all the way to the wall on the headboard side.

White rug underneath a king sized bed

How Big Should My Rug Be To Fit Under My King-Size Bed?

You want your rug to extend out from three sides of your bed. The two long sides and the foot side. The only way that might be different is if your bed floats in the center of your room. In this case, you might want it even larger to extend on all four sides of the bed, being sure to leave a perimeter of space between the wall and the rug on all four sides. We recommend at least 8 inches at a minimum.

Now that you've looked at your options, hopefully you have a clear idea of how to set up your king-size bed and rug combination. Whether you're going vertically, horizontally, or choose to do side rugs will dictate the rugs you purchase for your bedroom. All of them are correct, so now it's simply down to a matter of personal taste. Happy decorating!

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