21 Skull-Themed Bathroom Accessories That Will Spook Out Your Guests

Adding skull themes to your home décor is not a subtle move. That doesn’t mean, however, you can’t get away from adding skull accessories outside the Halloween season. Although traditionally associated with all things macabre, you’d be surprised at the wide range of emotions tactfully placed skulls could evoke.

For instance, think of the jubilant colors Mexican artists use when painting sugar skulls for the Día de Muertos. Alternatively, skulls could even be used effectively to create an exciting pirate ship ambiance for any young buccaneers out there.

21 Skull-Themed Bathroom Accessories That Will Spook Out Your Guests

In this post, we’ll explore a wide range of skull-themed ideas you could use when decorating your bathroom.

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Sensational Skull-Themed Bathroom Décor Ideas

Skull-Themed Holders

1. Pirate Chest Skull Holder

Do your boys hate brushing their teeth? Are they into Pirates of the Caribbean? Well then, here’s a simple solution: put their toothbrush gear in this bone-chilling treasure case. Whether you use this treasure chest as a fun accent or as part of a larger pirate design scheme, it’s sure to make tooth-brushing less of a chore.

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2. Girl-Friendly Skull Holder

Finding skull décor that jives with girls might be a bit more of a struggle, but there are a few options out there. Interestingly, this skull holder is designed for makeup utensils, which makes it perfect for any beauty lovers out there. Plus, you could order this skull holder in three different colors including bright pink and purple. Whatever you use it for, this is one skull sure to brighten your bathroom décor.

Check out this multipurpose skull holder on Amazon.

3. Jack Skellington-Themed Holders

Tim Burton’s Jack Skellington has become one of the most recognizable skeletons in modern cinema. Any fans of The Nightmare Before Christmas could easily add references to the great “Pumpkin King” in their home.

The best part about adding Jack Skellington accessories, of course, is that they’re perfect for both Halloween and Christmastime!

Click on this link to find the Jack Skellington toothbrush holder on Amazon.

You could also find this Jack Skellington soap dispenser on Amazon.

Skull-themed Shower Rugs

4. “Punisher” Absorbent Skull Mat

If you’re a comic book fan, then consider adding some “Punisher” panache to your potty. Yes, there are absorbent shower mats that sport the “Punisher’s” iconic skull logo online.

Check out this microfiber “Punisher” mat now available on Amazon.

5. Sugar Skull Bath Mats

For those who want to add some color to their bathroom, consider adding a few sugar skull mats on your floor. Each of these colorfully detailed mats will add a festive flourish to your bathroom floor. Made with memory foam and polyurethane, both of these mats are also guaranteed to be slip-proof and absorbent.

Check out these Day of the Dead sugar skull bath mats on Amazon.

Skull-themed Shower Curtains

6. Parisian Skull-Pattern Shower Curtain

Is it possible for a skull to be sophisticated? Well, manufacturers certainly tried their best with this Parisian-style polyester bath curtain.

Of course, the dominant image in this curtain is the skull outline, but you’ll also find complimentary flower designs all around. Add in a stained parchment background and some fancy French writing and you have an ideal curtain for romantic types.

You can purchase this skull curtain by following this link to Amazon.

7. Sugar Skull Shower Curtain

If you’re thinking about adding some Mexican flair to your bath area, take a peek at this inspired sugar skull curtain.

Based on the traditional “Day of the Dead” artistry, this huge skull design is fantastic for those looking to make a joyful statement in their bathroom design. The bright colors of the sugar skull really stand out against the curtain’s black backdrop.

You can see this sugar skull curtain for yourself on this Amazon link.

8. Nightmare Before Christmas “Moonlight Madness” Curtain

Yes, we’ve already mentioned the Pumpkin King, but we simply couldn’t ignore this incredibly popular Jack Skellington shower curtain. Entitled “Midnight Madness,” this polyester curtain is ideal for anyone who wants to give their room a fun Nightmare Before Christmas makeover.

Check out this Jack Skellington shower curtain now on Amazon.

Skull-Themed Shower Curtain Rings

9. Silver Sugar Skull Shower Curtain Hooks

For a subtle spooky effect, consider using these silver skull-themed shower curtain rings in your home. Very easy to assemble, these sugar skulls have a rather cute design that will perfectly compliment a Día de los Muertos design.

For more details on these sugar skull shower rings, please check this Amazon link.

10. Nautical Shower Curtain Rings

Anyone going for the whole “pirate-themed bathroom,” check out these incredible nautical-themed shower curtain rings.

On top of the famous skull with crossed swords, this set includes anchors and steering wheels. Placing these rings around your shower curtain will certainly add swashbuckling sublimity to your bathroom décor.

Be sure to take a closer look at these nautical shower curtain rings on Amazon.

Skull-Themed Toilet Paper Holders

11. Spooky Skeleton Toilet Paper Holder

No matter how scary a skeleton looks, you really can’t take anything that holds toilet paper all that seriously. So, even if you’re only putting this skeleton toilet paper holder up for Halloween, it’s more likely to cause screams of laughter than of terror.

You can take a closer look at this skeleton paper holder’s design on Amazon.

12. “Day Of The Dead” Toilet Paper Holder

Customers interested in a more playful bathroom accessory will fall in love with this “Day of the Dead” toilet paper holder.

Modeled on traditional Mexican sugar skulls, this cartoony skeleton has meticulous hand-painted floral designs all across its face and torso. Even squeamish folks are sure to smile once they land eyes on this charming accessory.

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Skull-Themed Towel Hooks

13. Skull & Crossbones Towel Hook

Blistering barnacles! Check out this pirate-themed skull & crossbones towel hooks.

As the name suggests, these hooks all bear the dreaded pirate insignia known around the world as the “Jolly Roger.” Just note, these hooks are colored black, so it’s best to place them on a white wall for excellent contrast.

Check out this link to find out more about these skull & crossbones towel hooks on Amazon.

14. Harley Davidson Skull Towel Hook

Any bikers out there will appreciate this next décor idea: a heavy-duty Harley Davidson towel hook complete with a skull. Now every time you pick up your towel you can show off free-wheeling spirit to guests!

You can take a closer peek at this Harley Davidson towel hook on this Amazon link.

Skull-Themed Bathroom Towels

15. Three-Set Of Funny Halloween Towels

One of the easiest ways to add some skull-themed spice to your décor is to place a few fancy towels in your bathroom. Hey, we have to dry our hands anyway, so why not add a thematic accent while we’re at it?

Below, you’ll find a very popular set of Halloween towels, all three of which have humorous skull images.

As you can see, each of these towels has mostly black-and-white patterns and an eye-catching skull-related centerpiece. These towels are a simple way to add humorous Halloween accents to your bathroom without drawing too much attention.

To purchase these Halloween towels, you can find them here on Amazon.

16. Chic Skull Ornamental Pattern Towel

Those in the market for an artsy skull design might like this ornamental skull pattern towel.

Designed specifically for folks with large hands, this microfiber towel features a dark background with multiple white skulls elaborately inter-connected. This towel is best for those who are interested in adding artistic flair to their restroom.

Find out more about this artistic skull towel by following this link to Amazon.

17. Skull Cotton Flour Sack Dish Towel

Anyone looking for a more minimalist towel design should look into this cotton flour sack towel with two skulls.

As you could see, most of this towel is white except for the intricately detailed skull outlines on the bottom. Depending on how you view it, this towel could be either deeply meditative or downright creepy. See for yourself whether you could make this towel work.

The skull cotton flour sack dishtowel can now be found here on Amazon.

Miscellaneous Fun Skull-Themed Items

18. Funny Hipster Skull & Bones Wall Art Décor

Here’s an easy way to “tickle your funny bone” in the bathroom: order these Skeleton Bathroom Prints.

As you’ll see, each of these four images features a laugh-out-loud photo of a skeleton in the restroom. From checking his iPhone on the loo to relaxing in the tub, these prints are sure to add some comedy to your bathroom décor.

Take a closer look at these bohemian skull & bones prints on Amazon.

19. Skeleton Toilet Brush Holder

Hey, we all have to clean the can every now and then. So, why not add a bit of dark humor to this everyday drudgery? That’s right, there really is such a thing as a skeleton toilet brush and holder.

If skulls aren’t your thing, then maybe you’d prefer other ghoulish designs like zombies, the grim reaper, or even a T-Rex. Whatever you go with, you’re bound to add some spice to your bathroom cleaning routine with these blood-curdling brushes.

Be sure to look into this skeleton toilet brush holder on Amazon.

20. Tribal Design Bull Skull Wall Hanging

Anyone who’s got a country western theme going on must take a look at this white bull skull wall hanging. Expertly designed and easy to hang, this bull skull will definitely add some wild country flair to your bathroom setting.

Find out more about this rustic bull skull wall hanging on Amazon.

21. Flameless Skull Candles

Lastly, consider sprinkling a few of these super-safe battery-powered skull candles around your home during the Halloween season.

Each pack of these festive candles contains 12 differently colored skull designs you could easily incorporate all over your home decor. Plus, since these candles are flameless, you don’t have to worry about any hell-raising accidents during your party.

For more details, check out this Amazon link for these flameless skull candles.

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