What Is A Slipper Chair? [Inc. 13 Examples]

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One of the most common home decor items you’ve likely seen is a slipper chair. You might even have one or two in your own home already! But what exactly are they?
Slipper chairs are medium to large upholstered accent chairs that have no arms and sit low to the ground. Although it’s primarily used as an accent piece, it makes for excellent additional seating when needed. The article can be plain and simple or dressed up and intricately adorned. You’ll find many different styles.
Slipper chairs can be used in any room of your home for different purposes. Place one in your bedroom for a supplemental aesthetic and as a convenient place to put your shoes on. They can serve as accent pieces in the corner of your living room and transform into additional seating when needed. Try them out in your entryway, office, or foyer. Their size allows them to fit into places where a full-sized chair may not otherwise work.
Keep reading for a more in-depth discussion of slipper chairs.

Why Is It Called A Slipper Chair?

The original purpose of the slipper chair dates back to 18th century Europe. The ladies, donned in large voluminous skirts, could easily slide onto this low and armless chair, allowing the maids to slip their shoes (“slippers”) on for them. With all the layers that the ladies wore, it was quite a task to merely put on one’s shoes.

All it took was one designer to bring the chair out of the boudoir and incorporate it into the rest of the home. Though it originated as a useful piece of furniture, it has become quite the aesthetic piece in the contemporary home.


Are Slipper Chairs Comfortable?

Like any other piece of furniture, slipper chairs vary in their level of comfort — some could be sat in all day with no issues while others are downright uncomfortable. That being the case, you’ll have to shop around to find the one that fits what you’re looking for.

The good news is that there are many options when it comes to the comfort level of any given slipper chair — the size of the seat cushion, the fabric from which it’s made, and how low it sits to the ground.

What Is An Armless Sofa?

On the topic of armless seating pieces, you may have seen armless sofas. These furniture pieces have become increasingly common in modern homes. Put, armless sofas are just that — sofas without armrests!
Aside from their apparent purpose, some armless sofas also function as sofa beds, making them a particularly popular furniture item.
Overall, armless sofas are a great way to create a contemporary aesthetic in your home.

Let’s Get Shopping for slipper chairs!

Adorn your home with one of these gorgeous slipper chairs!

Kendal Grey Fabric Accent Chair

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This slipper chair is constructed from a gorgeous grey fabric that’s 100% polyester. The chair has a thick, deep cushion for additional comfort and aesthetic. The color of the material and chair legs will complement virtually any design style.

Customers who have bought this product report that it’s perfect for filling space in the corners of the room. It’s easy to assemble and can be done quickly.

Lummi Modern Armless Slipper Accent Chair

Pick from four different colors: chianti, denim, shell, storm grey. These four-color options blend well with a variety of colors of furniture. The soft, brushed fabric is comfortable, aesthetically pleasing, and easy to clean. It has a modern flair but can blend in any style. The cushion is firm and sits on a sturdy beechwood frame.

Armless Curved Slipper Chair

The gorgeous curve of this slipper chair is romantic and elegant. The contour of it adds comfort and style wrapped in one piece of furniture. It softens lines in the room. The tufted upholstery looks like linen and can be found in three colors: oatmeal, dark grey, and mossy green.

Pinstriped Cream and Blue Slipper Chair

The perfect companion to your farmhouse style home would be this cream and blue pinstriped slipper chair. The fabric and the rustic wooden legs would match perfectly with a rustic style. The fabric on furniture can make such a significant impact on the style of your home.

Kendal Light Blue Fabric Accent Chair

Light blue and oh so cheery. The soft hue of this slipper chair adds just the right amount of color while keeping the design classy. The chair stands 32 inches high, and the seat depth is 18 inches. The dark wooden legs stand out against the blue fabric with a gorgeous contrast.

Blended Leather Tufted Accent Chair with Oversized Seating

With an oversized seat cushion, comfort will come easily. The tufted style accent chair enhances the otherwise simple style of this chair. Pick from various colors of faux leather: ivory, black, brown, grey, red, and textured black.

DuSoleil Velvet Teal Mid Century Modern Armless Hair Pin Leg Chair

Jewel tones are all the rage. Add in the velvet, tufted fabric, and iron hairpin legs, and you get a dreamy piece of furniture! Stick this piece in your room as a gorgeous accent. Customers have said that it’s a sturdy chair that’s both comfortable and beautiful.

Christopher Knight Home Cow Print Chair

Let this slipper chair speak for itself with its bold cow print. With this chair, you can add a ranch and country flair to any style of home. It’s incredible how this print can fit in with a variety of decorating styles. In some, it will stand out while with others, it may blend in. You won’t regret adding this fun chair to your space.

Finch Elmhurst Tufted Blush Slipper Chair

This slipper chair is reminiscent of France with its posh, romantic glamor. The seatback is slightly curved, and both the back and cushion are tufted. The front chair legs have rolling casters for added versatility. Pick from two colors: cream or blush. Both colors are light and dainty.

Studio Designs Green Upholstered Home Cornice Slipper

If you’re looking for a clean and simple design that’s gorgeous, nonetheless,  this may be the slipper chair for you. The colors you can choose from are brown pumice, teal green, and cornflower blue. The bottom of each chair leg features plastic floor glides to prevent scratches on the floor.

ModHaus Living Contemporary Floral Print Armless Accent Chair

Enjoy a splash of modern with the addition of this slipper chair to your home. The birchwood legs have an espresso color finish and complement the contemporary watercolor printed fabric. The curved, tufted seat back looks sleek and softens its appeal.

Sidewinder Faux Leather Accent Chair

Big and bold, the oversized faux leather seat cushions exude comfort. The scissor base chair legs add a unique design element to the chair. Wow, your guests with the gorgeous look of this faux leather slipper chair.

Toscano Mademoiselle Cezanne’s French Slipper Chair

Have you ever seen anything so majestic? This delicate slipper chair is a replica of 18th century French antique. The wood has been hand-carved and is finished with a faux gold leaf. This piece will be a showstopper wherever it’s placed.

Botticelli English Letter Print Upholstered Slipper Chair

Bring in a conversation piece to your room with the fanciful script fabric of this slipper chair. The frame is constructed from sturdy wood and will last for years to come. The espresso finish on the legs looks elegant and classic. Get both comfort and great design with this chair.

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