10 Best Sloped Ceiling Recessed Lighting Fixtures

If you have a sloped or vaulted ceiling, you are presented with a unique opportunity to install lighting that emphasizes and complements this feature. Are you unsure of where to start when looking for recessed lighting fixtures for a ceiling? We researched the best lighting fixtures that provide ample illumination, are aesthetically pleasing, and are high-quality to enjoy for years.

Check out the following recessed lighting fixtures to brighten a room with sloped ceilings.

  1. 4-inch LED Retrofit Adjustable Gimbal Downlight by OSTWIN
  2. 24" x 48" LED Panel by Hamilton Hills
  3. 12 pk 6-inch Ultra-thin Energy Star LED recessed lights by Amico
  4. 4-inch Dimmable Square Wafer Light by ANC
  5. 4-inch Smart Multicolor Recessed Ceiling Light by INDARUN
  6. 4-inch Recessed Remote Control Color Changing Lights by Esbaybulbs
  7. 6-inch 4000KCool Recessed Ultra-thin Lighting by Ensenior
  8. 6-inch LED 5000K Baffle Trim Recessed Lighting by Bbounder
  9. 6-inch Low Profile LED Light by TORCHSTAR
  10. 6-inch Canless 15W 5000K Daylight Recessed Light by TORCHSTAR

When you need lights for a vaulted or sloped ceiling, you'll want to consider the brightness of the lighting and features like dimming. Read on to learn more about our curated list of quality, modern recessed lighting.

Modern designed kitchen with elegant inspired architecture, wooden tiled flooring, and granite counter breakfast bar, 10 Best Sloped Ceiling Recessed Lighting Fixtures

Illuminate A Sloped Ceiling

If you have a vaulted or sloped ceiling, installing recessed lighting is ideal. Using recessed lighting, you can highlight specific room areas or create a more evenly lit room. Due to the embrace of more energy-efficient building codes, installing LED recessed lighting is beneficial to the environment and your energy bill. Albeit recessed lighting looks sleek when fitted snuggly against the ceiling, instead of protruding or hanging down like other styles of light fixtures, there are some drawbacks.

When you want to install recessed lighting, you have to cut holes into your ceiling, which may encourage drafts or loss of heat or cooling in a home. Light fixtures that are recessed provide better light distribution but are not easily moved, may encounter problems with moisture, and may fail to be energy-efficient if installed incorrectly. If needed, do consult a professional electrician or contractor to assist you with light fixture installation in your home.

1. 4-inch LED Retrofit Adjustable Gimbal Downlight by OSTWIN

Consider installing a set of fully adjustable and dimmable LED downlights with universal E26 or TP24 connectors and pre-installed spring clips. You can select lights with a color temperature between 3000K and 5000K and enjoy lighting conventional and damp areas of your home. The light's lifespan is 50,000 hours and comes with a 5-year warranty.

Check out this dimmable LED light on Amazon.

2. 24" x 48" LED Panel by Hamilton Hills

Discover the beauty of installing these chic, modern LED lights on your sloped ceiling. Feel confident using this dual installation energy-efficient light in a ceiling because it includes hurricane and earthquake clips. The thin mount and trim that doesn't distract the eye and provides 50,000 hours of use.

Check out this bright recessed panel light on Amazon.

3. 12 pk 6-inch Ultra-thin Energy Star LED recessed lights by Amico

Select lighting with an ultra-thin, chic and modern profile that offers a range of lumens between 2700K and 5000K with a thermally insulated junction box. Choose between dimming the lights or turning it directly on using 120 volts. A 5-year warranty is included on this Amico brand fixture.

Check out this Energy Star Ultra-thin light on Amazon.

4. 4-inch Dimmable Square Wafer Light by ANC

Make a bold statement with square, wafer-style dimmable recessed lights. Fit these lights into a ceiling space of 4.23 inches long and 2 inches in depth easily and safely. These fixtures' design makes it seamless to install in new construction, retrofit, or remodel projects.

Check out this dimmable square wafer light on Amazon.

5. 4-inch Smart Multicolor Recessed Ceiling Light by INDARUN

Step into the 22nd century with smart lighting that changes color and easily connects to Alexa or Google. Brighten or dim the lights in your ceiling using voice control with a range of 2700K to 6500K. Entertain yourself and wow guests using modes like set to music, color change, or timing functions.

Check out this smart recessed light on Amazon.

6. 4-inch Recessed Remote Control Color Changing Lights by Esbaybulbs

Be ready to always set the right mood in your home with these remote-controlled changing lights with 16 color options. Enjoy turning up the brightness of your lights or dimming them as needed. The fixtures last up to 50,000 hours and have a quality aluminum casing.

Check out this remote-controlled recessed lighting on Amazon.

7. 6-inch 4000K Cool Recessed Ultra-thin Lighting by Ensenior

Brighten up your ceiling and room using Energy Star and ETL certified modern lighting with a thin profile and new generation LED chips. The 6-inch lights provide a cool white light of 4000K, offer smooth dimming, and cut energy costs.

Check out this thin profile cool recessed light on Amazon.

8. 6-inch LED 5000K Baffle Trim Recessed Lighting by Bbounder

Install these lights with a can that uses C-clips and is five or six inches. House these lights in an insulated area without fear of fire, enjoy an airtight structure and resist corrosion.

Check out this retrofit baffle trim light on Amazon.

9. 6-inch Low Profile LED Light by TORCHSTAR

Easily dim these lights from 100% brightness to 5% and save up to 88% on your average energy costs. Thanks to the thin profile, these lights can fit into a 2-inch clearance and only use 12W.

Check out this low profile light on Amazon.

10. 6-inch Canless 15W 5000K Daylight Recessed Light by TORCHSTAR

Enjoy up to 1125 lumens of bright and even light with these high-quality 15W recessed lights. Light up a room without glare or dim lights from 100% to 10% using LED chips. 

Check out this dimmable recessed light on Amazon.

Why Use Recessed Lighting?

There are many benefits to having recessed lighting in your home, especially if you have a ceiling that is vaulted or sloped.  Using this type of lighting allows you to uniformly illuminate an area without taking up a lot of space and makes a room feel more open. This type of lighting can also highlight special focal points in a room without visual dissonance like hanging or protruding lights because it lies flush to the ceiling.

How Do You Install Recessed Lighting On A Sloped Ceiling?

When installing recessed lighting on a sloped ceiling, you need to think about how the lighting will strike the floor and surrounding walls to reflect light. Typically, lights should be spaced between 40 to 80 inches apart.

Consider the ceiling height, whether the lights are adjustable and pivot, the beam angle, and the room's dimensions. Note that 4-inch lights are better for smaller areas with light or designated uses in specific areas of a room. Choose 6-inch light in an area where heavy-duty use is required but be prepared to take up a bit more space.

Depending on your sense of aesthetics, choose a light bulb and can setup, or a modern, recessed LED light that is all-in-one. The housing size does impact the type of light used and how it will be installed in a ceiling. Many homeowners like using LED lights with little to no trim and a thinner profile that fits flush because it meets code standards.

Should I Use 4-inch or 6-inch Recessed Lights?

When you have a small area to light, 4-inch lights are a better choice. They don't need a lot of space, are energy-efficient, and are great for highlighting a room's edges.

If you have a significantly larger area to cover, you should use 6-inch lights. Six-inch lights typically have more trim design options, remote control capability, and more effectively lights an area.

Can You Have Too Many Recessed Lights?

The beauty of recessed lighting is that you can space out your lights to create an even and balanced illumination and ambiance in a room. It is possible to create a visual distraction and overwhelm the senses by having too many recessed lights in a room. Make sure to calculate how much space you have to work with when installing recessed lights, so you don't have too many or too few fixtures.

In Closing

We hope you feel more confident and informed about using recessed lighting to create a beautiful and brighter home. Do consider your room's dimensions, existing ceiling, and lighting needs when choosing light fixtures to create a balanced, well-lit space.

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