9 Small Front Entry Decorating Ideas

The entryway of a home is extremely important when it comes to decor. After all, the entryway is the first thing guests see when they enter your home and the last thing they see before they leave.

As such, it's a good idea to make the most of this important space. The best part is that entryway decor can vary, so you can certainly find a style to suit your home. And, what's better, there are still countless design options even for a small front entry. 

But the sheer number of decorative possibilities can make it difficult to decide which approach to take. And if you have a small entryway, it can be challenging to pinpoint the best decorative style for the space.

But don't worry, because we created a guide that will steer you in the right direction. Without further ado, check out these small front entry decorating ideas!

Modern hallway with glass door, 9 Small Front Entry Decorating Ideas

1. Small Mirror With A Houseplant

Contemporary home entry hall with polished concrete floors

This smell entryway features only two pieces of decor—a small circular mirror and an elevated houseplant. But these small pieces are definitely enough to make the small space seem full and welcoming. When it comes to decorating a small entryway, consider using a pair of complementary pieces of decor.

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2. Unique Coat Rack With Hanging Lights

Simple entryway with gray walls, wooden door and shoe bench

This entryway features an assortment of modern decor that truly lights up the space. A string of lights hangs from a simple expandable coat rack for a unique look. A small houseplant, mirror, and small bench complete the aesthetic. The result is a small entryway that doesn't lack aesthetic value.

The small bench also serves as the perfect spot to sit down and take your shoes on and off as you come and go. Wondering just how big of an entryway bench you should have? We have the info you need to know here: How Tall And Wide Should An Entryway Bench Be?

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3. Simple Coat Rack With Light Fixture

Large foyer with nice wood detail

This entryway decor scheme consists of a simple side coatrack with an overhead light fixture. The combination of these is all things classy and elegant. For an added creative touch, hang a hat or some other accessory from the coat rack to add some character. The bench portion of the entryway rack can also double as storage. 

4. Eclectic Antique Decor

Suite entrance and clothes hanger

This small entryway consists of a short wooden bench and a unique piece of vintage decor. There is also a coat rack and a small padded bench in the corner. Together, this decor makes for a vintage, eclectic look. Consider incorporating vintage pieces in your small entryway to make it warm and welcoming.

5. Welcome Rug And Storage Area

Home hallway with wooden door

Sometimes simplicity is best when it comes to dressing up an area, and a small entryway is no exception. A simple shoe cubby sits in a recessed part of the wall. This small entryway also features a simple rug that sets a welcoming tone for the house. This rug coordinates well with the rest of the interior color scheme.

Need more guidance on finding the right size rug for this space? Read this article: How Big Should A Foyer Rug Be?

6. Rug With An Entryway Table

Modern hallway with glass door

This long narrow entryway is adorned with an area rug, an entryway table, and some hanging mirrors. The entryway table is a great place to add supplemental decor, and the area rug ties the space together. The entry table is just large enough to add value to the area without looking cumbersome. 

The entryway also features a built-in shelf near the ceiling, allowing you to fill it with even more decor. 

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7. Wooden Bench

Elegant front door with welcome mat

This small entryway only boasts one piece of furniture—a small bench. The art above the bench ensures that the wall doesn't look too boring or bland. What keeps this space from looking empty is the stone wall opposite the bench; this decorative choice adds texture and depth, tying the entryway's aesthetic together.

8. Unique Coat Rack With Decorated Entry Table

Front door entrance to house

A coat rack is a timeless choice for entryway decor, and it's an especially smart choice for small entryways. The coat rack in this entryway features a unique design, serving as the decorative focal point of the entryway. This area is also adorned with a small table, unique wall paneling, and a circular mirror.

9. Charming Wall Decor

Entryway with hardwood floors, couch, lamp and several windows

Sometimes a single piece of wall decor is just enough when it comes to dressing up a small entryway. In this home, there isn't much of an entryway; the entryway flows right into the living room. Thus, a small charming piece of wall decor does the trick. In particular, this small entryway features hanging diamond-shaped mirrors. 

In Closing

We hope this guide has given you some inspiration to make the most of your entryway. With the right touch, even the smallest of entryways can make a significant visual impact. Don't be shy to try out a few different looks to find what looks best. Before you go, be sure to check out these other guides that might be of interest to you:

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