9 Small Living Room Layouts With TV

Your living room is, as the name states, one of the most active and lived-in spaces in your home. If it's small or awkwardly shaped, it can be hard to figure out a design that is flattering, functional, and stylish. But don't be stumped by the size - even a small living room can be a fabulous space with a little ingenuity.

There are lots of great ideas to make a small living space seem larger than it really is. Light or white walls make the room seem big and bright. If white is too dull, concentrate bold splashes of color and texture in the decor and accents. Floating features such as desks, tables, or shelves keep floor space open. Sectional sofas maximize seating for the space they use.

We compiled 9 great inspirational photos featuring examples of how to make the most of a tiny dwelling. You can take your room from a cramped corner to an expansive abode with just a few key elements!

Small modern living room with white painted walls, two front facing gray sofas, and a TV with a long cabinet near the wall, 9 Small Living Room Layouts With TV

1. Cozy Corner

An Egyptian themed living room with a decorative accent wall with a TV on it, two sleeper couches with a coffee table on the middle

For a room where conversation and company is the primary goal, this cozy setting is ideal. Even though the space is small, the chairs are positioned perfectly for intimate late-night chats. Notice that the chairs do not face the television, but rather, each other.

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2. High-Traffic Room

A narrow rustic themed living room leading to the patio

In a lot of homes, the living room is sandwiched between more than one room. This means that you have to leave adequate open floor space for movement. This is a great example of just how to do that in a small space. By using a small area rug and wall-mounted TV, a pathway for walking stays clear and obvious.

3. Invisible Walls

A small living room with wooden laminated flooring, huge windows with drapes, light blue colored sectional couches, and a flat screen TV

In open floor plans, the living room is typically just one area in a larger space. To define and separate the living room, you can use furniture. For example, this sectional could just as easily have been placed against the wall. Instead, by placing the seat out in the open, it creates a border and clearly sections off the space. The seatbacks rest up against the wall, maximizing seats while taking up as little space as possible.

Sectionals, used wisely, are one of the best space-saving tips for furnishing a small living room. Want one for your space? First, learn the different parts of a sectional to find out what pieces you'll need in your layout.

If you love the coffee table, then try this space-saving version. The tables nest together when you need more room, and then they can be pulled apart for extra surface area.

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4. Spacious Shelving

A gorgeous narrow marble walled living room with a white couch and a small white mantel fireplace with a mural painting on top

This is a pretty traditional set up for a room that only needs to seat a few people. The couch clearly focuses on the TV, making it the primary centerpiece of the room. However, a few shelves tucked away in convenient spaces leave reading as an option as well. The shelves also provide some space for extra decor.

If you like this look, then you can find a fireplace with similar built-in shelves like this one:

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5. Utilitarian Utopia

A contemporary living room with a television hanged on a white wall gray couch and a white rug on a gray wooden laminated flooring

It's hard to believe that this room could fit in so many workspaces, yet there they are. Two separate desks make this room a practical and convenient place. There's plenty of space and storage to focus on vital tasks and work efficiently. When it's time to relax, just slide over to the couch and unwind in front of the TV. 

Finally, the full-length curtains make the ceiling appear higher, opening up the tight quarters. Want high curtains? Learn how to hang curtains from the ceiling.  

For a similar look at home, try this desk:

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Then, pair it with another wall-mounted convertible desk like this one:

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6. Subliminal Storage

A contemporary living room with a laminated flooring, gray couches, an entertainment area, and a ceiling high bookshelf

While minimalism is the new trend, most of us aren't quite there yet. Instead, we're stuck always trying to find room to stash all the things we want to keep in a way that's discreet and neat. What better solution than using wall storage with shelves installed in that usually wasted space near the ceiling? A nifty and convenient plan that makes the most of a small living room, it's only better thanks to even more storage along the length of the wall. Truly, this space maximizes storage potential in every way.

For your own stylish storage, try this wall-mounted option:

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7. Fundamental Furnishings

Small modern living room with white painted walls, two front facing gray sofas, and a TV with a long cabinet near the wall

In a small room, overcrowding is a serious risk. Too much packed into one area leaves you feeling claustrophobic and overwhelmed. This room avoids heavy furnishings, creating a space that feels light, airy, and bigger than it actually is. The glass table and light-colored chairs are barely noticeable behind the couch. The long storage cabinet along the wall makes the room seem deeper and helps keep clutter down.

8. Modest But Marvelous

Small living room with wooden laminated flooring, small white couch with a green rug, and a TV on the side

Big, open windows and light furnishings keep the room looking simple and bright. The green rug and flowers offer a hint of nature. The table is a functional choice that doesn't burden the center of the room by being too heavy or bulky.

9. Gathering Place

Luxurious modern living room with wooden flooring, white sleeper couches, and TV on the background

If you like big groups and entertaining, then this is the living room for you. Lots of seating, all facing in gives off an intimate and casual vibe. Whether the gang gathers around the table to share snacks, play a game, or watch a movie, you'll never have to say "Sorry, no more room."

To Summarize

While a small living room may not be ideal, there are lots of tips and tricks to make sure the layout is pleasing and functional. By having white (or light-colored walls), the room seems to be bigger and brighter. For this reason, light-colored furnishings are also preferable. Dark colors tend to make the room seem cramped and heavy. Creative storage options such as floating shelves or high overhead storage can maximize the available space.

Sectionals make the best furniture when space is tight but lots of seats are needed. If only a few chairs are necessary, a love seat or a small sofa may be adequate. Also consider wall-mounted options such as desks and televisions, as this frees up floor space.

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