49 Small Primary Bedroom Design Ideas [Picture Post]

The primary bedroom is perhaps the most personal room in the house. It’s the room that’s meant to be just for you and make you feel safe, surrounded by all of the things that bring you joy.

This is why decorating such a room can often be hard and, when done wrong, can feel so much more lackluster than a mistake in decorating any other room.

The difficulty mounts when your primary bedroom is a little… petite. How are you supposed to fit anything in such a small space?

You may feel ready to rip your hair out just staring at the lack of space, but don’t worry, don’t stress, because a small master bedroom is just as good as those huge ones you see on television, you just have to know how to maximize your space.


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Are you ready to take your master bedroom to a whole new level? Then let’s jump right into it.

49 Small Master Bedroom Ideas

1. Rustic Blue

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Bedroom with wooden cabinet and window

This room is beautiful and perfect for the little part of you that loves rooms with an old–but not outdated–feel. With a  gorgeous choice of wallpaper and a perfect combination of colors and old, reused or refurbished furniture, this room is perfect for anyone, especially if you love thrifting as much as we do. But don’t feel limited by the blue and white theme! This theme would look just as nice with yellows, pinks, and even grays!

2. Hotel Chic

Wood panelled bedroom

Ever looked at a hotel room and thought that you would just love that luxury, service-with-a-smile feel? This room embodies that and more with a lovely minimalist style. with throw pillows and 1000-thread-count sheets galore, this room is sure to wait on you hand and foot.

3. The Tall-Hearted Minimalist

White bedroom with parquet flooring and wardrobe

Love the look of clean and tidy? Maybe a white, minimalist bedroom is what you’re looking for. This room may be small, but it sure looks a lot bigger. The curtains over the door and the tall wardrobe make the room feel much bigger than it actually is and you’d be amazed at how easy it is to recreate. You can also use mirrors on the walls to add to it! But don’t be afraid to add a splash of color as seen above, because total white-out may not be for everyone.

4. The Enlarged Dorm

Simple hotel bedroom with wooden interior

This room hasn’t quite moved out of its college years and still utilizes the simplicity and functionality of a college dorm room–just with a little bit extra space.

5. Pretty in Vintage Pink

Pink bedroom for girl

If you want your bedroom to feel like it’s full of age-old wonders and vintage secrets, this style of room decor may be for you. The key element here is the old wardrobe with the kind of lock you always yearned to have after watching all those movies with wonderous things hiding behind locks that are just like that.

In addition, the woven chair adds a handmade element to the room that makes it feel more rustic. And don’t get us started on the color theme. With beautiful pinks and gray, this room is perfect for any lover of pink that yearns for a soft color spread with short break-ups. But don’t worry if pink isn’t your style. Yellow and gray, white and gray, and even green and gray would also make a fantastic color scheme.

6. The Autumn Tone

Oriental inspired bedroom design

Can’t get enough of fall? Neither can we. It can be difficult to bring in earthy tones to your bedroom but this example pulls it together beautifully. This room is reminiscent of a Japanese hotel room with beautiful cherry blossoms hanging outside of the window. With uniform wood tones with browns, gray, and a minimum of black, even if the sparseness of the room isn’t to your taste, the color scheme is something to live for.

7. The Business Side of Things

Monochromatic white bedroom

White and busy, this room is perfect for any on-the-go. If you’re a busy person, you want your master bedroom to not only be comfortable and livable, but functional. And we know that all the things you need day-to-day won’t match as nicely as this black-and-white room does, but the great thing is that a white room with white furniture and white bedding will allow you the space you need to let your colorful and messy side out while keeping it classy.

8. Warm and Clean

Modern white hotel bedroom with closet

The key to this room isn’t the white like it may be in others, but the lighting. a mixture of bright whites and warm yellow undertones gives this room the contrast it needs to feel clean and warm. The light wood mixed with white and gray match the lights perfectly and if you’re looking for comfort that’s a bit closer to the minimalist rooms you see elsewhere, this style may be a good idea.

9. The Functional Space

Modern white bedroom with make up table

It’s amazing how much you can fit into a small space while preventing it from looking messy. This room manages to fit a vanity, a desk, and television inside of it! Of course, the size of these things suffer and so priority must be taken and, generally, the size of the bed suffers. But this shows that you can definitely have all of the functionality of an office and a bedroom if you’re willing to sacrifice the king-sized bed.

10. The Land-Lover

Modern neutral bedroom furniture

Scattered with plants and warm yellow-brown colors, this room is the perfect mix of functionality and warmth for any lover of nature.

11. The Dark Dancer

Modern minimalist bedroom with sliding glass wardrobe

Mirrors spread across an entire wall are not for the faint-hearted, but perfect for those who don’t want to have to search for a mirror in their home in the morning.

12. The Expensive Student

Modern master bedroom with flat screen tv

This room is a perfect inspiration for those with small masters with tall walls. Optimize this space with longer ceiling lights and larger decorations to keep the room from feeling too empty.

13. Bed-Focused

Modern loft bedroom with window

If your room is a bit too small for excess decoration or furniture, make sure your bed is the perfect space-filler and make it functional. Observe the drawers built into the bed above.

14. The Tri-Color Wood-Lover

Modern house bedroom with nice view

Putting the bed in the middle of the room can be risky, but if your master is longer than it is wide like this one, you can use it to your benefit without everything feeling overcrowded.

15. The Mix-Match

Modern hotel bedroom with wardrobe

You may think you’re unable to have the black and white color scheme you want when your master is overrun with wood tones, but that’s definitely not true. Observe the gorgeous coordination of the grayscale bed surrounded by an evenly-toned wood.

16. The Fashionista

Modern grey bedroom with walk-in closet

If you chose your master for the closet and not the spaciousness, the photo above can totally relate. Notice how well this photo maximizes space using msaller hanging lights and a thin mirror.

17. Color-Cozy

Modern cream color bedroom

Take inspiration from this room to integrate throw pillows into your white-based room. Notice how the hydrangeas offer a subtle hint of color and how some off-set tones of beige and gray add a softness to the overall tone.

18. The Homey Professional

Modern cozy white bedroom with balcony

This room combines the ever-so-beloved grayscale with perfect pops of greenery in clear vases. Notice how furniture and decor are placed in relation to having three doors taking up space in the room.

19. The Night-Time Cuddler

Modern brown bedroom with wardrobe

This room has the perfect move night-in vibe. With tones of beige and brown and dimmer lighting and the television in perfect view of the bed, this is perfect for a nice Saturday in with some popcorn.

20. The Organized Student

Modern bedroom with wooden wardrobe

Perfect for the student show needs to keep their bedroom as clean and organized as their headspace. Notice how the stool at the desk slides underneath it so it can be pushed back after use–a definite must-have.

21. The Skyline Literate

Modern bedroom with wardrobe and window

This room is perfect for those who love reading in bed. With perfect lighting and movable lights right above the bed, any late-night bookworm is sure to love it. Also take notice of how the nightstand is dual-purposed, acting as both a bedside table and a bookcase.

22. The Lovable Single

Modern bedroom with office table and window

If you’ve only got the room for a single bed and a desk and love the clean white and gray theme, this room is right up your alley. Notice how this room makes the most out of the wall space and has storage all the way up to the ceiling to prevent the need for excess furniture that would clutter up the room.

23. The Dark Horse

Modern bedroom with mirrored wardrobe

If late nights and darkness are your aesthetic, this room should totally be your inspiration. Notice how much the texture added sequin pillow brings into the otherwise flat room.

24. Gray and Wooly

Modern bedroom with grey bed and wardrobe

This room screams a warm city vibe. Perfect theme and decor or those who love their bedspreads but might work a bit too hard to enjoy it as much as they’d like. This is also a great set up for those who absolutely can’t wake up without sunlight shining in their face in the mornings.

25. Clean and Fuzzy

Modern bedroom with carpet flooring

This room has a very modern cabin vibe. Wood tones with built-in lighting and an overall clean build make this a room perfect for those who love luxury. Also take notice of the thick, furry carpet that adds another splash of camp-fire warmth to the room.

26. The Funky City-Lover

Modern bedroom with artistic interior

For the more adventurous decorator. Yellows and Blues can be a bit scary to get into, but this room offers a perfect example of how well these colors can fit together. Another great addition is the bed frame which is reminiscent of a pull-out bed without all of the discomforts of a pull-out bed.

27. The Crescent Moon

Modern bedroom interior with empty wardrobe

For those of you with a room like this one that’s a shaped a bit like a flattened crescent moon and have no idea how to handle it. Notice where the furniture is placed and how the angle of the bed offers a bit of privacy.

28. The Date Night Sleeper

Modern bachelor bedroom with dark green carpet

If you like to have your master bedroom be the center of more intimate gatherings, this is the inspiration for you. Notice how half of the counter space is used to keep drink glasses as part of a minibar.

29. The Bright-Light White

Luxury white bedroom with tv

For those who prefer hyper-modern and teched-out bedrooms, this is for you. Notice how the furniture takes up almost no space but the room is still completely functional with built-in dressers and television stands.

30. Rich on a Budget

Luxury hotel bedroom with yellow bed and wardrobe

Here’s another bed-centric room with the lovely addition of a comfy window seat. Also, notice how the yellow bedspread draws even more attention to the bed.

31. The Short and Sweet

Luxury hotel bedroom with grey carpet and wardrobe

Once more we observe a room that downsizes the bed in order to maximize the space of the room overall. In this case, all furniture is moved to one side of the wall which is a move that can either be very risky or very beneficial.

32. Messy in Yellow

Luxury condominium bedroom

The daring color combo here is very interesting. Take notice of the unique wallpaper choice matched to the bedspread and how the plants add an oddly satisfying pop of green.

33. The Teenager At Heart

Luxury bachelor bedroom with chandelier

This example definitely has the dream teenage bedroom vibe. Muted gray tones with pops of bright color and a beautifully spread-out and organized closet.

34. The Fashion Life-Stylist

Fashionable bedroom with walk-in wardrobe

The perfect inspiration for the designers of the decorating world. You can make your passion the center focus of your room without everything looking anything but fashionably messy.

35. The Morning Bird

Cozy white bedroom with grey wall and wardrobe

For those of you who like to roll out of bed and get straight to work, this is the bedroom set up for you. Have everything you need first thing without the hassle of searching and stumbling around. Also notice the rotating wall light, a useful addition that takes nothing away from the beauty of the room.

36. Grandma’s House

Cozy attic bedroom with wardrobe

Here we have another room with an oddly-shaped roofing situation. This room goes less for a modern or functional vibe and was definitely built for comfort. Warm comfy, just like grandma’s house.

37. Simple Ombre

Contemporary bedroom interior

Notice how the mirror makes this room seem just a bit spacier than it actually is. The bedspread here is the shining star. This is here to remind you that not everything has to match perfectly for it to be a beautiful combination. Also, take note of the black wardrobe doors which also work to make the room seem bigger.

38. The Pattern-Lover

Comfort modern grey bedroom with wardrobe

For those who love modern decor with a hint of patterned galore but don’t want ti to be the centerpiece to the room.

39. The Princess

Classic white bedroom interior with wardrobe

For those who love to feel like a pampered princess and soft touches of yellows and pinks. Notice the furniture and how it’s styled to look like a newly-refurbished older model.

40. The Golden Room

Classic hotel bedroom interior

Here we have another that is reminiscent of a hotel room but utilizes much deeper, richer colors and beautiful mirror set-up. Notice the light and deep golds in the sheets and wallpaper and how the brown accentuates them.

41. The Sharp Room

Black and white modern bedroom with wardrobe

Another way to place the bed in the center of the room while maintaining functionality and preventing it from feeling too cramped. An interesting note about this room is how the sheets are black rather than white, making the bed contrast in a gorgeous way.

42. The Raised Status

Beige bedroom with mirror wardrobe

This room utilizes rugs to create the impression of the bed being raised up without it being raised at all. Also, take note of the beautiful petaled chandeliers hanging in the center of the room.

43. The Quiet Single

Bedroom with parquet and window with view

For those who make their bed every morning but like it to be simple. A simple room for a simple kind of lifestyle.

44. Dotted in Blue

Bedroom with mirror wardrobe and treasure chest

For the taller people out there. Notice the elongated bed, making use of the longer-than-wide room. Also, take notice of how the pillows and bedspread match with a pattern but the rest of the room doesn’t have to for it to look pulled-together

45. Techy-Spaced Minimalist

Bedroom in contemporary style

This room uses solid shapes as decor and in doing so brings in a very uniform, minimalist space.

46. The Cubed Romantic

Beautifully fitted wardrobes

Use this room as an example of using patterns as a theme throughout the room–view the curtains, bedspread, picture frames, and chandelier–without looking tacky or overdone.

47. Royal in Purple

Beautiful bed in purple

Though purple doesn’t have to be your color of choice, as mentioned before, white goes great with a pop of color. In addition, the patterns you see throughout the room are subtle but definitely stylish.

48. The Do-Gooder

Attic bedroom interior with vaulted ceiling and hardwood floor

Sometimes you have to make do with your space. Take inspiration from this room to match your awkwardly-slanted roof. Beware of headspace!

49. The Child at Heart Hidey-Place

Almost empty closet of a rental house

This is another example of a room that may be a little bit awkwardly shaped. Here, we have a completely divided room and, if you have a room similar to this, we suggest you may special attention to the distribution of functionality.

We hope this gave you some ideas to kickstart your adventure into decorating your master bedroom!

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