13 Cute Small Window Curtain Ideas

Every house is bound to have at least one window that’s relatively small. You might think that smaller windows are inherently less appealing and are thus more difficult to dress up, but this couldn’t be further from the truth. 

In reality, small windows can be decorated in a variety of ways to match the aesthetic and vibe of practically any space. From regal elegance to rural farmhouse and everything in between, there is a small window curtain style for everyone. 

With that said, it can be difficult to figure out where to start; as mentioned, there are numerous options when it comes to small window curtains, so the process can certainly be daunting. 

But don’t fret, because we created a guide to simplify the curtain selection process. Without further ado, take a look at these 13 small window curtain ideas!

13 Cute Small Window Curtain Ideas

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1. Elegant Tieback Curtains

This dainty yet elegant curtain choice is great for small windows. Depending on the curtain ties, you can dress the look up or down to your liking. These particular curtains are goldish brown and feature a unique chevron pattern. They’re elements that work harmoniously to create a look that exudes luxury without being too loud. 

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Window with view of summer backyard

Pair these tiebacks with a set of elegant curtains to achieve a similar luxurious look.

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2. Tieback Curtains With Overhead Rod

White frame windows with brown curtain

If you need to dress up a window that’s somewhat tall and skinny, consider mimicking this look. This window is adorned with a gorgeous set of gold curtains that are both tied back and suspended from a prominent overhead curtain rod.

The contrast between the dark curtain rod and the regal gold curtains is certainly spectacular. With a similar setup, you can easily give any small window an elegant aesthetic. 

3. Dainty, Airy Curtains

Open window overlooking the lake and the forest

If you want to dress up a small window with an aesthetic that isn’t too common, consider going for a similar look. This window is wrapped in a set of breezy sheer curtains that boast a gorgeous floral pattern; you can practically feel and smell the breeze, right? This approach is fairly minimalistic, but the visual effect is certainly profound.

4. Farmhouse Aesthetic

Inside of a rustic wooden hut or cabin

There’s no better way to immediately give your home a rural farmhouse vibe than with a similar set of curtains. These curtains have a ton of farmhouse personality thanks to the dainty white and the floral pattern. To really pull this look off, let the curtains fall naturally, ensuring that they don’t look too perfect and orderly. 

5. Light Aesthetic For The Kitchen

Modern white kitchen

If you want to achieve a light and airy ambiance in your kitchen, consider dressing up a small kitchen window like so. This window features a set of light patterned curtains that almost seem vintage. If you opt for this look, consider closing the curtains halfway; doing so allows natural light to enter while still providing a great view of the unique curtain design.

6. Layered Tieback Curtains

Green scenery to show from the window of the house

A surefire way to make a smaller window look amazing is to dress them up with layered tieback curtains. This window is flanked by light sheer-style tieback curtains underneath thicker regal tieback curtains. This arrangement adds not only texture but dimension and elegance to the room. For maximum visual effect, taper the bottom layer of curtains while allowing the outer layer to fall more vertically. 

7. Striped Roman Shades

Bright window with blinds and red flowers

Roman shades are never a bad choice when it comes to decorating a smaller window. They are easy to operate, providing maximum customization in regard to light filtration. This Roman shade features a unique striped pattern that really makes this window pop. Coordinate the color or pattern with nearby decor (like flowers in this case) for an incredible look. 

8. Translucent Sheer Curtains

Transparent curtain with small window

To achieve a moody look, consider mimicking this small window treatment. This window is covered by a mere sheer curtain that filters the sunlight in the perfect way to create a unique mood. What’s more, this setup is unique because it utilizes one single curtain covering the entire window rather than two separate pieces. This setup makes it a bit more of a permanent fixture.

9. Cute Pink Curtain Arrangement

Child room in pink color curtain

What better way to give a room some feminine flair than with this kind of curtain arrangement? This airy pink-and-white curtain flows gracefully from the curtain rod and flanks the window, framing it nicely. Such a setup doesn’t provide light filtration, but it offers a timeless aesthetic that everyone is sure to appreciate.

If you need a touch of elegance on your windows, look no further than a dainty window scarf like this one. 

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10. Understated Elegance

Look through the window at the green tree.

This small window curtain setup exudes intentionally understated elegance. This small set of curtains features an elegant pattern, but it isn’t loud or bold. Thus, curtains like these would make an exceptional addition to virtually any home. 

11. Dainty Purple Statement Valance

Purple carpet floor with purple color curtains

This purple valance, though small and dainty, certainly make a bold visual statement. Though it’s situated at the very top of the window, it commands attention due to the color and texture. Consider a similar curtain arrangement to make a strong aesthetic statement. 

12. Roman Shades With A Contemporary Aesthetic

Cozy tiny bedroom

This window features a Roman shade with a contemporary look. The color and pattern of the shade is perfectly coordinated with the other elements in the bedroom, resulting in a balanced, cohesive look. And again, these shades are easy to use and can be adjusted to the desired position. 

This beautiful striped Roman shade adds just the right amount of warmth and pattern to any window.

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13. Cool Neutral Color With Layering

Bedroom with curtain opened

This window treatment approach is fairly simple, but it doesn’t lack in visual appeal. The small window is covered by a single sheer curtain and flanked by two blue-gray curtains. The combination of a soft white base layer and a neutral outer layer makes for a captivating setup.

In Closing

Picture of a cozy tiny bedroom with small windows and curtains, 13 Cute Small Window Curtain Ideas

We hope this guide has given you the creative inspiration you need to dress up that small window. Before you go, be sure to take a look at these other great guides that might be of interest to you:

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