11 Sofa And Two Chairs Living Room Layouts

Living rooms are built around conversation and relaxation. This is the room that everyone goes to hang out, relax, and spend time with one another. It's no wonder that it takes extra time and consideration to ensure that the layout of the room is built for those things. The layout and decorating style are two things that can help elevate a room's aesthetic and make it extra comfortable and inviting.

A sofa and two chairs are a classic furniture combination in the living room. There are seemingly countless ways to arrange these furniture pieces in the room along with other items. As you plan the layout, it's important to ensure that the pieces work together and create a natural flow in the room. 

In order to help you with designing the layout of your living room, we created a guide of 11 living room layouts for a sofa and two chairs. Keep reading to discover some wonderful layout options! 

A small living room with a nice furniture placement and a small fire place as the centerpiece, 11 Sofa and Two Chairs Living Room Layouts

1. Room Maximization 

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A small living room with a living room set and stairs on the background

This living room features a sofa with two accent chairs nestled across from it with a coffee table between the three furniture items. Since this room is right inside the front door and across from a staircase, it's important to keep an appropriate distance between the furniture. Using smaller accent chairs maximizes the space in the room.

The room has a well-balanced look that optimizes maneuverability. Since the room features wide, narrow windows, it makes it possible to hang artwork above the couch. 

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2. Arrangement Focused On TV

A small living room with a nice furniture placement and a small fireplace as the centerpiece

Create a space that is centered around a focal point in the room. For this room, the TV and fireplace serve as the focal point, so the furniture is placed in relation to that. The sofa has one accent chair on each side of it, a coffee table in the middle, and an area rug underneath. The coffee table grounds the rest of the furniture and pulls the room together. 

The ample seating provides lots of room for people to gather in this room, socialize, or watch something on TV. The layout makes it so that the furniture won't have to be rearranged to focus on the TV and fireplace.

3. Living And Dining Combination

Boho living room with two accent chairs and a long sofa with pillows and blanket on it

In a large room with an open concept, there's usually enough room for a combined living and dining room. Because there's no wall separation, the room has a vast space for entertaining. The open concept also helps the room look airy and inviting. 

The large room makes it possible to have the furniture spread out further than if it was in a more confined area. An area rug sits in the middle of the room with a coffee table on top of it. On one side of the rug is a 3-cushioned couch and on the other side is a pair of the same, light-colored accent chairs. The immense windows welcome a wealth of natural light into the room.

Tufted Slipper Chair

4. Angled Seating 

Modern living room with accent chairs, white sofa, and a zigzag patterned rug

In this room layout, the couch is along the back wall and the accent chair on each side of the couch is angled outward. This type of layout opens up the room and prevents it from looking too closed off. The patterned area rug adds a nice pop of color and is visually stimulating. 

The long sheer curtains covering the floor-to-ceiling windows create vertical interest and soften the features of the room.

5. Balanced Arrangement

Room with yellow colored walls and two accent chairs with long yellow sofa

This living room layout features a balanced approach. While there is enough space to walk into the room, furniture pieces cover the entire room. There's at least one piece of furniture or decor for each section of the room.

All the colors used in the design create cohesion and visual interest in the room. The 2 chairs are situated next to the couch in a manner that allows the furniture to slightly face one another. The location of these furniture items also makes it possible to face the TV without moving them around.

6. Close Quarters Furniture

White walled living room with living room set and a cool pattern rug on the floor

Even in a smaller room, you can fit a couch and two chairs. In order to do this, the furniture has to have close quarters. With one chair on each side of the couch, make sure one arm of the chair nearly touches the arm of the couch. Easily fit a small table into the corner created by the couch and a chair. A coffee table will fit just fine in the middle of the furniture. 

7.  Loveseat And Oversized Chairs

A modern living room with a brown and white color scheme, and a huge window on the side

This room layout includes unique oversized furniture. Since this space has an open concept, the larger furniture creates a natural barrier between the living and dining/kitchen areas. The loveseat is situated in between 2 oversized chairs. The chairs are angled outward slightly, which opens up the area in the middle of the 3 pieces.

The furniture and even the rug share the same gray hue, which creates a beautiful monochromatic color scheme. Any accent color used certainly pops. 

Gray Shag Rug

8. Long And Narrow

A modern living room with wooden flooring, black sofa set and a scenic view of a lake

Long, narrow rooms may at first seem daunting. However, you can easily make the space work for you. Using the same color of dark leather furniture helps promote harmony in the room and creates a nice contrast with the light-colored features in the room.

Add in 2 ottomans to partner with the leather chairs to fill the room even more and make use of the space you have available.

9. Open Room With Corner Study

Yellow walled living room with wooden flooring and a dark blue colored sofa on a patterned rug

This room optimizes space well. The living area features a couch and two leather chairs situated directly across from it. The fireplace is located on the wall between all the furniture pieces. The fireplace serves as the focal point in the room, and the furniture is placed around it. 

The small study area with a desk and chair is located around the corner, just out of the way of the main living area. The separation allows for a focused workspace.

10. Conversational Arrangement

Colonial themed bedroom with black accent chairs and a long light brown colored sofa

Never miss out on a conversation with a layout like this one. This layout is built with conversation in mind; the couch directly faces two chairs that are positioned next to each other. The chairs are kept off the wall to make room for walking behind them.

Since the room is rather large, centering a coffee table and rug between the furniture helps pull the space together and makes it seem cozier. 

Leather Accent Chair

11. Minimal Furniture 

A modern living room with a brick pattern wall behind a beige colored sofa and a chairs

Even in a large room, you can utilize a minimal amount of furniture. This allows the architectural features of the room to take precedence and capture attention. The exposed wooden beams and stone accent wall steal the show here.

The couch and two chairs are positioned around a large, square coffee table that pulls the furniture in. This furniture layout seems like it's nearly in the spotlight because of its central location in the room.

Let us know in the comment section below which layout you use in your living room! Make sure to check out these other amazing home decor guides before you go:

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